Saturday, July 7, 2018

Apurva and Kamalini: Have No Vehicle?

[PADA: Yep there are always millions on hand to sue the Prabhupada worshiping devotees,, but the peons are struggling to get a vehicle together? Told ya this was an economic war against the devotees a long time ago. Now some are contending some of the ISKCON UK devotee leaders have millions of pounds in hidden property investments. Who knows?, but for sure they are never in want of a vehicle. ys pd]

DD: Sometimes Apurva and Kamalini have dinners at their house and invite devotees to come and partake. They just ask for donations to raise money (laxmi) for their household. Tonight’s dinner was to help them to towards getting a vehicle, since their old one broke down, and they have no way to get to the temple, because they live 3 1/2 miles away.

They are both dedicated Prabhupada disciples. Apurva used to be temple President in Denver, Colorado I believe. He is renowned as one of the best cooks in the Hare Krishna movement. And his good wife Kamalini has been distributing Srila Prabhupada books for over 46 years. 

I would not be surprised if they were both pure devotees, as there always rendering some devotional service every time I see them, and especially Kamalini has a genuine attachment to devouring Srila Prabhupada transcendental literatures. She’s always talking about our reading one of his books. She is very learned, and gives wonderful classes. She has taught many of our children Krishna consciousness through the years. Their son is Amala Purāṇa, a wonderful kirtaneer who is expert at Kīrtana and bhajanas. And her daughter teaches traditional Indian dance, bharatanatyam.

[PADA: Yep, there is generally no funds for the peons. Of course! ys pd]

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  1. "They should get a job and not rely on the GBC. This is their karma for participating in the GBC program." P Dasa

    [PADA: Well thanks for that prabhu, but the fact is, they and many others were trying to do service and they were not being given facility. Yes, they should have seen the writing on the wall and left, and got a job etc. a long time ago, ok fine. However they are victims and the GBC are the aggressors, that is the main point.

    This does not excuse that the GBC folks have generally vast sums for their opulent lifestyles and the peons have troubles getting a tooth fixed and so on, of course the way the GBC as a group deprived the gurukula children of resources while the saffron mafia lived like princes is horrific. So yes, at some point a victim is no longer a victim, he is simply surrendered to the wrong process, I agree with that as well. However the main wrong party are the GBC. ys pd]


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