Monday, July 9, 2018

Hansadutta has Kidnapped Krishna (update)

PADA: As we have reported a number of times here on PADA, back in the early 1980s Hansadutta sent a pack of his vicious goondas to take (hijack / kidnap / steal?) very large marble Radha and Krishna deities when he closed a temple. Of course, this left the hapless devotees who were serving these deities crying due to missing their worshiped Lord. 

"Crybabies" is what Hansadutta's people called their victims. Pretty much what the Muslim invaders told people in India when they took their deities away? 

Anyway, these deities ended up being stationed at Hansadutta's then Hopland farm, where he was drinking alcohol and apparently partying with a number of lady disciples. Later, when that was closed, these deities ended up living in a teeny shack on a trailer park (owned by Hansadutta's father in law). As we witnessed ourselves, the conditions inside the shack were very disheveled, disorganized and not exactly the suddha sattva program Srila Prabhupada wanted for these deities. (See photos below). OK, it looked like Krishna had been moved from Vaikuntha to the ghetto? 

Never mind Srila Prabhupada said Radha Krishna deities require a temple with at least 50 full time brahmanas, and there was just Hansadutta to "care" for them, when he could barely care for himself. And he was in a very deteriorated messed up state, including that he had a tendency towards (alcohol etc.) intoxication, reading karmi books, watching karmi movies -- and as we witnessed ourselves, having his dirty clothing strewn about the room that he shared with the deity. 

OK he had again become a mouse, as Srila Prabhupada says will happen to people who envy their guru. Should a "not so clean" mouse be in charge of such deities? Probably, NOPE! 

Then, these deities were supposedly transferred to Hansadutta's (now ex) wife's carport near Ukiah. Then, she apparently moved and has them stored, well who knows where at present? The last report we had on the whereabouts of the missing Krishna is that Gadhadhara das and Nakula das helped move the hijacked deities from living under the carport in Ukiah to Hansadutta's ex's new place, supposedly in Clear Lake California. The deity's kidnapper still has accomplices? Or what?

And Hansadutta has allegedly said we devotees can have these deities back, ok when we give him a million dollars. He owns Krishna?

Now some devotees have asked me to comment on this AGAIN, since the Purujit / BLISS / Makahanchora program has recently openly declared that they are now operating under the authority of the deity kidnapping Hansadutta. Various devotees have also asked me why would Purujit take all sorts of time to hang out with Hansadutta, make videos with Hansadutta, and meanwhile totally avoid associating with the PADA editor when he visited Berkeley. This was done despite Purujit's party knowing of Hansadutta's many troubles?, Including -- that Hansadutta is a deity kidnapper, because we reported on all that a number of times ages ago? 

Then again there was a recent incident where Hansadutta stole an item from the local temple and he had to be banned for some time, because he apparently still thinks what belongs to Krishna belongs to him? This would indicate he still has not even learned, he is not the proprietor? Then we have these folks:
"I just want to say that it is not productive in the above link by Puranjana Das to keep on castigating Hansadutta Das, by such name calling for past mistakes, over and over and over again. Hansadutta Prabhu has already made his apologies known (with regards the bogus guru saga) and has tried to save the situation with regards to Srila Prabhupada’s original books. We should ‘forgive but not forget’.

PADA: OK so how are we NOT going to "forget" issues -- if we erase the history of what happened? If people do not even know what happened, they won't be able to forget, because they will not even know there are stolen deities in existence etc.? This guy wants us to re-write history, or even erase it. That is what Hansadutta likes to do? And notice, he is in favor of the Krishna kidnapping programs? And he is going to advise us? 

At the same time, this same complaint person said we should not work with the Bangalore folks. Yet, they are the best bet we have for taking PROPER care of these deities, assuming we can convince the kidnappers to return them? The Bangalore local program running in Sunnyvale is where these deities should possibly go? They have first class pooja going on, or maybe to their new farm in Milpitas? Or something? They are also branching out into New Jersey and Boston and other places, at least they have some programs with potential to support these deities. This guy says we should not get the deity fixed into proper worship in their situation, ok does he have a better program here, there or anywhere? None that we know of?

At least bring them here and put them in storage locally where we can try to find a proper situation for them. Kidnapping the deity and hiding Him is simply proof these people have no clue who is Krishna nor how to treat Him.

Why is it that we should simply put Krishna in a shed, or under a carport, or who knows what? Why shouldn't these deities be kept in a nice temple environment where people can see them and care for them? As for Purujit, yes good question, why is he always in league with these guys and he avoids us? That is a good question. And some have answered, birds of a feather are attracted together. 

Purujit even says we should not call ourselves "Prabhupadanugas," hmmm, same thing Hansadutta says? Hansadutta likes to do illegal things, Purujit likes to print without a license, yep there is a pattern here. Yes, we are not going to be the "Prabhupada-anugas," we are going to be the "Hansadutta-anugas."  Here is a guy who likes to read about Hitler, and who started the Hitler-anugas deviation as well as many other deviations. We should call ourselves followers of the leader of this odious process?

Anyway, the devotees who had these deities stolen from them were crying to see them put into such wretched situations. And if we have even a teeny pinhead sized dot of attachment to Krishna, we'd be crying too at this mess ourselves. This has been a trend for the GBC all along, remove the devotees, dwindle or close the temples, and put Krishna into a ghetto situation. Very sinful in our opinion. 

Anyway, then there are people who say, oh PADA is a liar, none of this ever happened! You are simply making up stuff about Hansadutta and his pals. Really? Why is this argument always the first rattle out of the box for some folks? Anyway, here (see photos below) is the situation that was going on when they were in the shed. I do not know what the current situation is, but its nothing like where they really belong. 

And if any of these people had any idea who is Krishna they would never be in cahoots with, and in the party of, folks that steal Krishna's deity and makes His devotees cry. Anyone connected to this process will have a bumpy ride in their future lives, guaranteed. As Sulochana used to say, go ahead and rob a bank, or steal from your job, or steal your neighbor's wife away from him with a secret love affair, but never, never, never, ever, and I do mean NOT EVER, steal from Krishna. You will live to regret that, big time!

ys pd  

WHERE IS KRISHNA! Good question! 



  1. RSD: People who steal Krishna and make His devotees cry will be made to suffer later on. They will be forced to do a lot of crying in their future life. Why are some people still supporting this?

    PADA: Thanks prabhu, a sentiment shared by many. ys pd

  2. Thanks prabhu, well it would be a very odd argument to say that Purujit did not know what he was getting into by making Hansadutta his BLISS society ritvik acharya and authority? Purujit already knows VERY WELL that we know a lot of the history of all this stuff. And then Purujit comes all the way to Berkeley, and he does not even call me to talk for two minutes. Yes, I would say Purujit already knows -- we know the history of the Berkeley devotee community better than most, and Hansadutta's role in all this imbroglio here, but Purujit avoids hearing our side of the issue, because he already knows we are not going to endorse his plan to make Hansadutta the new authority of the ritviks. And he already knows Hansadutta has not completely reformed because he still clings to various illusions of grandeur that he has had all along, although he has made a partial recovery. A recovery -- mainly because he was forced to do so by all the pressure of the media, PADA, the police and etc. Hansadutta is like a patient that had to be dragged into the hospital kicking and screaming that he did not want to go in. And that is why he STILL thinks he can take stuff from the temple and steal deities and so on, because he is still a crook at heart. One devotee said that Hansadutta keeps a deity hidden because he has some crazy idea that he can control Krishna, and so he hides Krishna thinking this is proof how much power he has. Its a control freak problem. And then people say, this is why Purujit is attracted to this program. Anyway, yes Hansadutta gets some credit for helping us with the original books, but if he had helped us in 1978 sue the GBC for making deviants into acharyas, changing the books and so on, maybe we never would have needed a BBTI lawsuit, we could have nipped all this at the start. But Hansadutta had his head down so low licking Tamal's jack boots at the time, he could not think for himself, he had become a surrendered soul to Judas. And so he let the house burn almost to the ground, and later he helped us save a few pieces, ok good, but no where near what he should have done the whole time. And now Makhanchora says the BBT deal Hansadutta made means Hansadutta is working with the GBC demons, and he is thus compromised. Meanwhile, they are making Hansadutta their authority? Basically, they are just tossing manure at this point hoping it will stick somewhere. They are actually arguing with themselves at this point, which is what GBC's mental patients do with us all the time. I think all this is good however, its forcing people to think about all this and maybe eventually we can get these Krishna kidnapper folks to change heart and hand Krishna back so we can get Him to a place where He belongs. ys pd

  3. Makhancora dasa says: “Its good that all this discussion has been raised however, since there will be efforts to make new editions later on…” JUST SEE, SOMEONE WANTS TO MAKE NEW EDITIONS! ISN'T THIS FUN???

    [PADA: Nothing new here at all. Making "new" edits to Srila Prabhupada's books is what the GBC does. Kicking out devotees and removing deities is also what the GBC does. Hiding deities is what the Muslim invaders did for centuries.

    You BLISS folks saying that Hansadutta is bogus for making a BBT licence with the "pedophile GBC"; then saying he is your new leader is maybe: hypocrisy, foolishness, or just plain blind following the blind, who can say? Perhaps you did not notice, but you are attacking yourselves herein? You are fighting your own shadow. Hansadutta is a foolish compromiser, therefore, he is our leader?

    You forgot to mention it came to this BBTI compromise process because Hansadutta let the situation deteriorate for so long, that we have had to take emergency action on the books, the molesting, and so many other issues.

    Anyway, the good news is, almost all of the e-mails, phone calls and other comments we are getting are agreeing that this deity thievery process is a horrible deviation. Srila Prabhupada said that he was concerned that his leaders would consider the deity and temple program he made to be "a great burden" after he left physically. And the leaders would not be happy that their guru gave them this giant burden. Hansadutta is at the top of the list of the people Srila Prabhupada was talking about here. If you want to declare him as your new authority, fine, you just inherited all his baggage and history, and frankly you can have it, its all yours. All of this would have been avoided if you had just sat down and discussed this with us beforehand. You are now cooking in your own self-made soup. Hee hee! ys pd

  4. Agreed prabhu, this is really bad timing. The BLISS society is trying to "revive Hansadutta" as their ritvik authority, just at the SAME EXACT time almost everyone is about fed up with his antics. Agreed. Its introducing a bad idea at a bad time, doubly bad timing. That is what happens when people speculate on their own without consulting the other vaishnavas.

    This is ALSO the same exact problem we have had with the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Dayalu Nita HKC Jaipur folks. Just at the SAME EXACT time Radhanath is at the lowest level of credibility in history, these guys are all sending links to have us listen to their new shiksha guru Bhakta das, a huge cheer leader of the Radhanath program, telling us to surrender to that process. OK that is the same issue, introducing the worst idea at the worst time.

    Same problem, not consulting, we could have told them supporting the GBC's biggest cheer leaders is a bad idea. Then Prahlad's pal Peter tells me, well its not a big deal if people are promoting the GBC and their cheer leaders. Its not a big problem if we worship the Judas process and / or his accomplices? Yep, lets worship the assistants of Judas, its not a big problem? Not a big problem ... unless you are one of their victims? Or you are Sulochana? Then these same people are upset we are saving the children victims of their process?

    Anyway, not too worried, none of these type people ever gets much actually flying off the ground. Lots of noise, lots of taxiing around with vociferous flapping of wings, but actually flying? Not so much. Hee hee! Its like the chickens by the local farm store here, they make a lot of flapping, but flying -- not too much.

    Reviving Hansadutta is not going to happen, that's all there is to it. He should give us those deities, let us put them in storage here for now or figure out some better plan to help them out, and let us find them a proper home, which we will do for sure if we have the chance to. And he should quit being a constant childish jerk about these type things for his whole adult life, and the BLISS people should not make these types of people their new authority. You guys are sailing your ship back onto the rocks by selecting as your captain, the boat on the rocks program's leader. Its never going to go far, guaranteed. Anyway, birds of a feather flop together, as Sulochana was saying all the time ... ys pd

  5. Now Makhanchora says his BLISS group represents the young people with life. Nope, following Hansadutta as your authority is following a totally dried out prune. Your changing the books is following another dried out prune -- Jayadvaita. That makes you guys dried prunes as well? Sorry, none of us see "new life" in this dried out prunes siddhanta, never has, never will. It also does not matter if you have a few more followers here and there, so does Jayadvaita? Big deal! ys pd

  6. Thanks prabhu. Yes, the BLISS people are now gloating they made one new guy in Mexico. And that proves they are preaching and no one else is. Preaching what? Preaching that dried out prunes Hansadutta is their new authority? Preaching that dried out prunes Jayadvaita is right, we need to re-write the books because Srila Prabhupada made a mistake printing and using the books he had printed? Preaching that all the other Prabhupadanugas are fools because they are not kissing Hansadutta's feet? And agreeing with Jayadvaita about re-writing the books, following in the footsteps of the GBC? Preaching is great, but we have to preach the right thing, or its another teeny personality cult. We at PADA also convince one new guy here and there all the time, maybe a new guy in Mexico or whatever it is, great, but its not enough for us to start us saying, we are the only ones preaching? They are not team players, and neither are the GBC's alleged mega-preachers, its that simple. ys pd


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