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Hanuman Das (Croatia) Worships -- A Dead Guru?

Lets Make Tamal's Poodle Great Again!

Hanuman das:

My letter to Navayogendra SwamiDate: Fri, 6 Jul 2018 08:57:14 +0200 

Subject: female assistant 

From: Hanuman das To:

Dear Navayogendra Swami,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

My name is Hanuman das, I am disciple of Sridhar Swami (ACBSP), I am independent investigator and I run website where I advise devotees about deviations in our movement. I especially focus on sannyasis with female assistants.

[PADA: Hanuman says we cannot have Srila Prabhupada as our guru, we need to have a living guru, but his own "living" guru has died already? We need to worship a dead conditioned soul as the path back to God? We need to worship a person who has been "voted in" to the GBC's "sex with taxi driver's guru parampara," in order to attain Krishna? Sorry, worship of sex with taxi driver's guru lineages takes one to the planet of such worship? You attain what you worship. 

Did I forget to mention the Sridhara swami guru parampara was sued for $400,000,000 for mass child abuse, all going on under the "watchful managing" of these GBC's guys, like Sridhara swami and co.? And when Sridhara swami was here, he had all sorts of "bad health" issues which his followers would sometimes say is -- because he has "accepted our sins." Well duh! 

Sridhara swami and ALL OF US were told by SRILA PRABHUPADA that us neophytes cannot be diksha gurus and absorb sins, because we then will have to suffer -- because we cannot absorb said sins. Yet Sridhara foolishly went ahead and took so many disciples and their sins, and then he was suffering. And then, his foolish followers thought this suffering was due to some sort of divine leela program, when it is suffering from DISOBEYING the order of his guru. This happens all the time, well sure prabhu -- they are falling down, getting sick and dying -- left, right and center. Its all wonderful leela! Nope, its the result of deviation.

Yep, Sridhara is taking sins, he is like Jesus! Any questions?

This is rather amazing, because Hanuman is one of the people who ALSO gave a boat load of his own sins to Sridhara swami, causing his "guru" all sorts of suffering and grief. And this is the good process? Nope! This process is making these GBC gurus fall down, get sick, suffer and DIE, just as Srila Prabhupada said would happen if they absorbed sins. And all these folks think: that is wonderful leela? Getting sick, falling down, and dying prematurely is -- wonderful leela? (Hee hee!)

Of couse Sridhara was ALSO a big supporting fan club member of the Tamal, Indradyumna, Satsvarupa, Sacinandana, Hrdayananda, Jayadvaita, Trivrikrama, Jayapataka et al. party -- and their debauchee's guru program -- yep same pack of bogus guru people -- that Hanuman always attacks! Sridhara has no sense to understand these people are guru imitations and not actual gurus. He thinks conditioned souls can absorb sins, but he is suffering and dying from taking these sins himself?

Happy as a clam because: 
Children are worshiping their sex with taxi driver's guru sampradaya?

At least this answers the question, what program is Hanuman supporting? Well none, Sridhara Swami is not here, there is no living guru in his process. He has no program and that is why he never advertises any. How can people accept Hanuman's living guru program, when their guru is dead? And if we are going to worship a so-called departed person, why not worship Srila Prabhupada and not the cheer leader of an illicit sex messiah's program?] 

Giriraja swami: When [the maharaja's] health crisis began, we informed his family. His Holiness Hridayananda das Goswami also visited Maharaja in the hospital. The two joked a lot, and again, Maharaja was very appreciative. Maharaja was soon discharged and came back to our ashram. Despite his trying medical condition, he really was “the jolly swami.”

From then on, despite his hepatitis, Maharaja would travel a lot, sort of like Srila Prabhupada—more or less six months in India, based in Bombay, and six months traveling. He would visit London and Croatia and Slovenia and made a point to always attend the New York Ratha-yatra. And he would regularly visit Alachua, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and even Brazil. He had many disciples in Croatia and Slovenia. Many of the young people there became initiated by him.

[PADA: Wow, so Sridhara Swami is flying all over the planet spreading the illusion that his illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara is bona fide, and he is attacking us dissenters as (ritvik) "renegades." And as an added bonus, he is getting sick and dying from taking sins! Wow, sign me up!

Isn't that how all the banning, beating, molesting and murders were empowered, enabled and facilitated, by people like Sridhara Swami propping up this bogus guru scam? And Sridhara was called "the jolly swami" by the other GBC. Well yes, as soon as he sees the faces of people who promote the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as God's guru successors, he is happy as a clam! Srila Prabhupada's people are being banned, beaten, molested, and killed, and he is patting the orchestrators of that process on the back! 

Good job! Well done! Ooops, you let a few live, that's not good at all! 

I can absorb sins like Jesus, and that is why I am so humble! 

Yep! You Sridhara program guys kicked out thousands of Srila Prabhupada's disciples. Your program has had thousands of women alienated permanently. Your program forced hundreds of divorces which harmed their children. Your program has orchestrated mass child molesting. Your program has shut down temples and had the deities moved to a rotten old shed. And this is making me so jolly I cannot stand it! I am so happy that all these people are being banned, beaten, molested and killed. Hmm, sounds like the theme of the late night channel 44 horror movie?

I need to go find the people creating this odious mess and pat them on the back, and show then how jolly I am to support their process, and offer my dandavats at their feet. Anyone who promotes illicit sex with men, women and children as GOD'S GURU SUCCESSORS is a friend of mine! Oh no, those ritviks are worshiping pure devotees, we need to find them and have them BANNED. 

Hanuman has found the Satanic molester guru's brotherhood sampradaya! I don't get it, Sridhara swami is voted into the GBC's illicit sex acharya's program, the biggest program that Hanuman attacks, and yet Hanuman accepts one of their BIG leaders as his guru?] 

Hanuman: I have been notified recently that you are travelling with female assistant Kunti dasi? Is that true? This is open letter, it will be published on my website together with evidence that I already have. I am giving you fair chance to explain your behaviour. While you are contemplating how to reply, please consider following quotes by Srila Prabhupada:

In the name of religion you do all nonsense rascaldom, and if the leader approves, “Yes, you can do.” Vivekananda did it. Vivekananda did it. “Yes, there is no difference between eating meat and not meating eat in terms of religious system.” He preached this, and all the sannyasis of Ramakrishna Mission, they eat meat, they drink, they have WOMAN SECRETARY, and everything. This Chinmayananda also like that. I know his whole history. Unless one is purely Krsna conscious, one cannot give up ALL THESE BAD HABITS. This is the test. (Morning walk — April 24, 1974, Hyderabad)

[PADA: Right, the guru parampara supported by Hanuman / Sridhara Swami has illicit sex with men, women and children; drunkards, machine gun swamis, porno swamis, wife stealers, homosexuals, molesters of minors, peppermint schnops alcoholics, sexual predators, percodan addicts, criminals, and maybe -- guru poisoners? And all he is worried about is, do these people have a secretary? What difference does not make if they have ten secretaries, if they are voted in to the illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara? 

Of course none of these people answer my first question, why are they preaching to little children that God's guru successors are often fallen debauchees? The good news is, that some devotee told me he is bringing this up with a lawyer in another country, how can any religion teach children that God's Jesus-like successors are deviants, sexual predators, drug addicts etc.? And why would Hanuman worship the people engaged in these deviations as his guru? ys pd]

your servant,
Hanuman das

Good job Sridhara Swami! 
Your Jesus wanna-be pals are also getting sick, 
falling down, and dying.

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  1. Yes Sridhara swami was also encouraging people like Jayapataka to be diksha gurus. That means Sridhara is supporting the founder father of the illicit sex guru's program, the sex with taxi driver acharya's process and etc. and ad infinitum.

    At the same time, telling Jayapataka to absorb sins as a diksha guru is causing him to suffer terribly. So Sridhara co-creates all of these problems, based on his offensive idea that we need to be worshiping deviating fools as our acharyas, and he is killing his false gurus in so many ways by having them taking sins with no authority, and did we forget to mention he is also causing banning, beating, molesting and murder? And this is the path forward according to Hanuman? And we should not worship Prabhupada, that is the ritvik deviation? So he is with the molester messiahs program, that's all there is to it.

    And now he is worshiping the dead carcass of a leader of the molester messiah's project. Did we forget to mention false gurus go to the lowest planets in the universe? Why would we worship such deviants?

    ys pd


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