Friday, July 27, 2018

LGBT and Pedophilia (PADA)

PADA: A lot of the pedophiles in ISKCON have been homosexuals. However they are not operating as official LGBT folks, rather they hide themselves in other roles. We have lots of LGBT'ers in San Francisco for example, however, the more likely candidates for being charged as pedophiles are -- the priests, the middle aged men who hustle underage runaways, the gangs that run the prostitution and drug trade, and so forth. Even some cops were charged for taking advantage of underage prostitutes. 

LGBT folks are not being arrested for much of anything, although that does not mean their agenda is a good idea. Its just that targeting them often leads us away from the real victimizer group. Having said that, there may be pedophiles also found in the so-called LGBT program as well, its seems they infiltrate wherever they can get a foothold. At least they do not worship sexual predators as we find in the bogus GBC process.

Srila Prabhupada says when a guru has illicit sex with a follower, that is just like a father having sex with his daughter. This has been a big scandal problem in ISKCON because its also clouded over the whole idea of a pure guru parampara, which is devoid of such deviants. If sexual predators are in the "guru parampara from God" of a society, then predators will sprout up everywhere else, because we become what we worship. 

The LGBT folks are not generally people charged with crimes because that is not part of their process, at least apparently. I think we need to look at the closet and hidden role molesters, who are actually the much more active sexual predators, as the more relevant problem. I believe we will find lots of them even in the Christians / conservatives camp, maybe more than anywhere else, like Roy Moore and etc. There are predators hiding in other roles, and that makes them a lot more dangerous than the official so-called "gay" agenda. According to Psychology Today, family members are the most likely child abusers than any other group, and that can include the parents. 

As far as the so-called USA "conservative's" complaints about the abortion agenda itself goes, its mainly supported by the USA's "conservatives" themselves, who have almost (to the man) always voted for free trade with China, which supports 25M annual abortions, since the state and the industries are one unit.  

Yes, guys like Tucker Carlson will make a huge issue of some woman who dresses her five year old boy as a girl. This is a very isolated thing rarely ever seen even in San Francisco, if ever, but he never touches the abortion in China issue, which his pals have supported by funding China for decades. Its a smoke screen IMHO. 

In ISKCON, when people wondered why I opposed for example Sridhara Maharaja, its because when I protested their sexual predator's program -- he complained about us and said, none should protest. There are lots of people who will try to put lipstick on this pig, including so-called religion authorities, not really LGBTs, the ones I knew were in favor of my protest. 

Recently Mukunda England (of Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur crew) said that homosexual molesting creates more homosexuals, because it changes their orientation. And he says, molesting creates more molesters, from victims who were molested previously. Wow! So he fully admits that the reason these folks did not want PADA to liberate hundreds of children from that agenda is, they wanted to create more homosexuals and molesters? 

And then Bhakta Peter writes to tell me their support of this agenda is "not a big deal." Well yes, its not a big deal, unless you are victims of their agenda -- and then there is a depression and suicide problem? Why does Mukunda and his pals want to produce more molesters? Yep, told ya they are hidden promoters of this agenda. They are the illuminati. Its amazing, sometimes supporters of this agenda just come right out and tell us what its aim and object is. These people are generally not LGBT, rather they are just as often creepy people posing as religionists. 

Anyway, the good news is, we crumped down this agenda in ISKCON to a large extent, its well known now that these guys were hiding here, and they have been exposed. Only some covered over people are not aware of this agenda at this point. To sum, sexual predators posing as parents, priests, teachers, and religionists etc. are a much bigger problem than the so-called LGBT's, and this has been the case for thousands of years. ys pd

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