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BLISS / Purujit / Makhanchora RE: original book licence.

Purujit and Makhanchora program on the original book licence.

PADA: Now Purujit's BLISS society agent Makhancora prabhu is saying we should never have bothered to get a licence to print original books, because that means we have compromised with the bogus gurus, and they are benefiting from the agreement. OK so now we are coming down to: we should not be cooperating with the GBC folks in any way, even to obtain Srila Prabhupada's books, because that means we are supporting the bad guys. That means for starters, the BLISS society folks think particular BBT trustees own the books and not Krishna? Sorry, this is Krishna's book, He is the actual proprietor.

Ooops, and now under their idea, we cannot get Krishna's books printed? Anyone who distributes a Krishna book is -- helping the bad guys, because they control the BBT. OK so that means the BLISS people want to halt book distribution, or de facto. A BBT trustee owns these books and not Krishna? A BBT trustee owning the rights / benefiting / or not -- does not matter since the purpose of the book is to elevate someone to Krishna? 

This begs the question, why are these BLISS people so concerned for who benefits and or / where money goes / for the sales of books anyway? Why is money the main concern we should have? Should they not be happy that people are getting a book about Krishna, a book that might save them from rotting here in the material world?  

Nope, they are not happy whatsoever. This printing and distribution process should not be done because it operating under a bad arrangement. End result? No Krishna's books. The BBT are bad people, they own the books, lets stop all the book distribution, wait a minute? Yep! Krishna owns the books, and everything else? A person who gets a Krishna book has no idea who owns the ultimate "legal rights" of these books, nor does it have much bearing on their spiritual lives? That is because even the common man already knows that Krishna owns everything -- and not particular BBT trustees?

Giving people a book about Krishna serves the GBC's gurus, because they have the legal rights to these books? And we are bogus because we needed to adopt a system of cooperating to get the books, so its a waste of time for all parties. This process must be stopped, ok so then how will people be saved without the books of Krishna?   

In other words, the world would be better if the hundreds of thousands of books the agreement produced had never been produced and distributed. Yep! How will people be saved if there are no books? Rather these BLISS folks say we should have "figured out" a better plan. Like our associates did already, print with no agreement and be sued, or have the books blocked by the courts? That really does not sound like a better plan?

OK their actual plan is to print a small un-licensed edition here and there at a print copy shop, using their own edited edition of Srila Prabhupada's books. Fine except, that cannot be done large scale because there is no licence. Eventually, if printing reaches a certain noticed amount, the BBT clamps down on people for for independent printing. In other words, people have already tried their technique and it simply does not work over the long haul, because it is not legal. 

It cannot be done large scale. Nor will most rank and file devotees who distribute books want a book that might get them into legal troubles. Nor could anyone distribute any un-licenced book from any famous author for any extended period, they would be checked legally. Nor should we encourage people to act illegally without warning them that this is the case. Yes, we can print a Stephen King novel ourselves at our local photocopy shop, and sell it ourselves, ok up to the point where someone takes notice and sends us to court? This is the plan to fix things? Create a giant legal imbroglio for the people who just want to preach?  

Notice that they are saying paying for an arrangement with the BBT for a licence is not a good idea, because its serving the evil doers, but even at the time of Krishna the residents of Vrndavana paid an agreed tax to the evil King Kamsa:

"After the birth ceremony, Nanda Maharaja decided to go to Mathura to pay the annual tax to the government of Kamsa. Before leaving, he called for the able cowherd men of the village and asked them to take care of Vrndavana in his absence."

OK so Krishna's own family has a tax arrangement with the evil king, and that implicates Krishna in sinful activity? Or what? So Makhancora went on an on and on, that paying a fee to evil king implicates people in their agenda. Well maybe, but what about all sorts of devotees who lived at the time of Krishna and they had to pay taxes and fees to all sorts of evil leaders and kings? Even Krishna's family paid taxes to the king? So we should not have an agreement, then there won't be any way to mass produce books? That is the BLISS fix it idea? No books is better than a "bad agreement" book, which is at least something? 

And worse, a number of the devotees at that time of Krishna were the servants of the evil kings, like Kubja, the flower seller, and many hundreds of thousands of others. Many women were residents of Mathura under Kamsa, but they cried in happiness when they saw Krishna coming because they were devotees. OK Krishna could have "figured out something else," but that was not destined to happen. 

So we may have also deal with various unfortunate situations ourselves, in order to get a higher outcome. And for us, the books of Srila Prabhupada are worth getting out -- even if we have to make a deal with Kamsa's empire. I am a little surprised that their attitude is that we should not have made ANY agreement to get ANY of these books published. No books is their better plan? 

OK that leaves the Jayadvaita edition only? 

Or that leaves us with a few photocopied books here and there that cannot be distributed widely due to a lack of licence? 

Neither option sounds good to us? 

Then Makhanchora is worried we are not training people? We should train people that Krishna's entire program is doing the wrong thing by paying a tax to Kamsa? And Krishna did not stop people paying taxes to the Kauravas and many other bogus kings? So He is helping evil doers? Or don't people know that Krishna allows paying the evil king because, He has a higher principle that transcends these temporary arrangements? And so should we as His followers? And we should train people that bogus BBT folks own Krishna's books, and not Krishna? That simply proves that these BLISS people think these books are mundane items owned by mundane people.

The BLISS folks are not training people properly, that's all there is to it. To say that no books is better than some books sounds like extreme sour grapes too. A person gets a book, this saves them from rotting here for the next ten thousand kalpas, and ALL these BLISS people are worried about is -- who pays a tax to Kamsa? So that means for starters, they have no clue how Krishna operates. They have not read these books. Nor do they have any clue how to save others properly. Nor does the person who gets the book have any interest in whom owns what legal rights etc., its not relevant to the content?

Sorry, we cannot encourage people to stop distributing Srila Prabhupada's books just because we are not happy with the agreement that had to be done to create the distribution system. This also simply flies in the face of what Krishna consciousness is, its a program where people are happy to see that others are getting Krishna. It is not a program where we are begrudging that others are getting Krishna. 

Right now even a number of folks from ISKCON are reading our stuff and some are corresponding with us and asking nice questions and so on. And of course one question we get is about: which books should we should promote? So I should tell these people, they are serving the evil king, and drop working with them? How does that help? Its fanaticism. 

We need to learn how to cooperate with other devotees, and telling other devotees to halt all their book distribution and preaching is really not the way forward. Nor do I see any benefit from telling the people we are working with inside ISKCON that we cannot work with the servants of the evil king, that means the BLISS people are really saying, stop our preaching process. That is not going to be accepted by any sincere devotee. 

Bottom line!

They think they are the only preachers, and so did Jayatirtha. They think the bogus BBT owns Krishna's books. No, Krishna owns everything, including Kamsa and his taxes. This is not going to end well for them.

ys pd


  1. Yes, the BLISS program says no one should be getting Srila Prabhupada's books in their hands -- because there is a compromise with Kamsa's empire to enable that program. By the same token, 5,000 years ago Vrndavana needed to be shut down when Krishna was here, because they paid a tax to Kamsa. There are many examples of where devotees have had to work under cruel regimes to get their work done. In any case, the BLISS folks real objective is to stop the mass printing of Srila Prabhupada's works. They are even proud they cannot do that, and think they are holier than the other devotees because they have no ability to mass print. They are proud they cannot get substantial numbers of books printed? So I would have to conclude, they are envious of Srila Prabhupada's books, and envious of the people who are printing them; and worse -- they are envious of the poor conditioned people getting these books, because they would rather these poor souls NOT get any books from us. That means they want people to stay in the material world, because of the simple reason they are envious of others and want to block them from attaining Krishna. I see no other good explanation. At the same time a devotee pointed out, anything we do in the material world is taxed and we have to pay a share to the rascal government. Even if we buy a gallon of gas for our vehicle there is a tax. So under the BLISS scheme, we would not be able to conduct any transactions with anyone. This is not practical at all. Its fanatical foolishness. They have no brains how to get anything done. We cannot do anything if we have to pay a tax to the bad government, ok we cannot do anything. The bottom line is, they are against having the books of Krishna printed, its that simple. And worse, they think these books are contaminated if we have to pay a tax to Kamsa, just like people thought Krishna was contaminated by His village paying a tax to Kamsa. They have no idea that these books cannot be contaminated, nor can Krishna, they are transcendental items. This shows their total ignorance of these points, and Purujit is to blame for teaching these mundane ideas to these people. ys pd

  2. Dear Makanchora, Well prabhu you need to first of all address the points you raised and we replied? Why are you so against the devotees of Prabhupada and the books they are using to preach? Why are you saying that if we buy a pure book from Satan, the book is no good? Why are you implying that Krishna is bogus for paying a tax to Kamsa, which is the argument the atheist use in India? And so on? You have not replied to anything we pointed to from the get go and you still are not. You are the silent group. Address the points we raised in so many articles already and send that to me in an e-mail, and we can take it from there. ys pd

  3. All of the problems the BLISS / Purujit progam are experiencing stem from one simple cause, they never consult with others. And when they do interact with others, they are aggressive, abrasive and generally -- "know it all" types who have no interest in hearing the other side of the story. So they are isolated from the rest of the devotee community. Had they interacted with us on these points way before going public, we could have analysed all this beforehand. Unfortunately, they are having to learn the hard way. Ooops, same problem with the GBC, they do not consult with us either, and they also do things by the speculative seat of the pants process / ad hoc / making it up as they go along program, which makes for a very bumpy ride. Anyway, this issue will sort itself out over time by the law of diminished returns. They seem to be stuck with the same small group of a few folks and they are not expanding with their current program, because for starters its based on trying to compete with and conquer the other Prabhupada devotees, instead of working with them. That is not the path to progress. If the other devotees wanted to use the same books Srila Prabhupada used, that should be respected and not attacked, for starters. Anyway lets all move ahead now, if their program works it will be self-evident by growth and success. At this point so far, they have made terrible advertising for their program among the Prabhupadanugas, which means it will be harder for them to progress in any case. And they have no one to blame for this but themselves. ys pd

  4. Hare Krsna, Purujit attacks the 1972 Gita as a faulty book, but Srila Prabhupada authorized Bhagavad-gita 1972 by translations:

    Room conversation – November 3, 1977, Vṛndāvana
    Dr. Kapoor: Which other languages have you translated Prabhupada’s books in? French?
    Tamala Krsna: Well, there’s I think twenty-seven languages. French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish…
    Dr. Kapoor: Oh. All the books are translated?
    Tamala Krsna: No. Gradually, one by one. This is Dvarakesa. He’s in charge of the translating department for East Europe. Which languages do you translate?
    Dvarakesa: Russian and Hungarian. And others translate into Yugoslavian and Polish, Czechoslovakian.
    Tamala Krsna: He has preached in some of those countries already.
    Panca-draviḍa: Now BHAGAVAD-GITA in Arabic also.
    Tamala Krsna: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese. Twenty-seven languages altogether. One by one, they’re being translated. Some are doing… Of course, the German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, these are the main languages. And Hindi. These books are going quicker in translation. Shall I finish reading this report, Srila Prabhupada? [break]
    Dr. Kapoor: It’s a miracle what is happening, Prabhupada.
    Prabhupada: Yes.
    NOTE: The fact is that for example Dvarakesa Das translated Bhagavad -gita As It Is 1972 into Hungarian language in 1981.
    Hare Krsna

    [PADA: Yes, the Purujit / BLISS folks keep saying that Srila Prabhuadada wanted the 1972 re-edited. If that was the case, why was the 1972 translated into so many languages under Srila Prabhupada's direction? Obviously, he thought the 1972 was acceptable. So they did not do their homework, neither they consulted with those of us who knew these types of things already. Now they are saying the 1972 is defective, which means they are saying Srila Prabhupada is defective for using these editions and having them translated -- and so on. Of course as usual, they are here to fix and repair the defects of the acharya! Yep. Which is also what the GBC does. Well Srila Prabhupada did not appoint any successor gurus, and he did not appoint any new editor like Purujit, so we will do that for him. Thanks but no thanks guys! Been there, done that, seen that! ys pd


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