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Purujit BLISS Spain Program Update

PADA: Someone reported to us that the Purujit / Makhanchora / BLISS society Spain program (Hare Krishna Temple Fuengirola) made a FUND-ME page. And they got only ONE person to make ONE donation of 30 Euros (About $35.00 USA) in the two weeks the page has been set up.  

Meanwhile, Bhakta Philip complains on the same FUND-ME page -- that they blocked him. So its pretty clear that support for their BLISS program is dwindling, and more and more folks are complaining about their rude attacks on sincere questioners, if not blocking and removing people who ask simple questions.  

Meanwhile someone says -- this has been a pattern, they started off in Montreal, then went to Eastern Europe, and now moving to Spain, but they are having a hard time establishing something solid and grounded in one location. And this is mainly because of the heavy handed methods that they use to deal with their own people, and the other devotees (same problem as the GBC's folks have?) -- which alienates existing or potential supporters. 

Meanwhile it seems very odd -- that while all these personality and program problems have been developing in BLISS world -- Purujit is apparently unaware and aloof, mainly sitting in the back room re-writing all of Srila Prabhupada's books -- instead of thinking of ways to expand their program and how improve his relations with the other devotees. And while all sorts of the same type problems are going on in ISKCON, our good pals Hrdayananda, Satsvarupa, Jayadvaita etc. are all sitting in the back room writing their own stuff as well? That means they are not dealing with the practical situation either. A pattern?  

I told Makhanchora that their BLISS program is frying out more and more people; and that they have recently fried out a nice sincere woman with their rough house gangster speaking techniques. And he replied, "so what, she is your guru now"? OK same type of childish replies we get from the GBC's sheeple. Yep! The gurukulis are complaining, they are being alienated and PADA is reporting on that, but so what -- are they your gurus? Well who cares, that's not the point is it?  

If the priority is to re-establish the harinama samkirtana process, book distribution and temple programs, then why not do that instead of making a giant imbroglio of re-writing all of the books, which does not seem to be much of a priority for anyone else? What is wrong with the books Srila Prabhupada has been using already? Yes, as a matter of fact, these books ALREADY worked fine for making devotees all along. And if a person is sincere, he will simply use the SAME books and SAME process that has ALREADY been established and worked all along -- for the acharya and his sincere followers. 

Never mind, Purujit has no legal licence to print "his own editions" of Srila Prabhupada's works? So he is making a big giant controversy over an issue that he cannot even resolve one way or the other -- even if he had "a better editing edition" theoretically -- because for starters he has no legal process moving along to get his own license? Its all bluff. We need another book, but we cannot even legally print and distribute them?  

OK, a big giant waste of time and effort, and a big side show of arguments and counter arguments instead of -- preaching? Even if we agreed with Purujit, he has no licence anyway? And, a sincere person would NOT say, ok we have to change up all the books that the acharya uses, and spend all of our time sitting in the back room re-writing everything the acharya uses, knowing at the same time -- the mass of followers of the acharya are never going to accept another re-write of all of Srila Prabhupada's works? 

NOTICE! And, once again! Nor could all these re-writes be printed without a licence on any large scale in any event? Its thus not even a useful endeavor in any case. Purujit is trying to bog people down in useless debates over nothing of substance, we cannot use or print his book anyway. Did I forget to mention, not one single person ever asked me where they can get a copy of his book because they really wanted one? Who wants his changed up books from the get go?

And, after we Prabhupadanugas have all gone through so many big battles for the past decades trying to halt re-writes of the acharya's books, why would any of us accept yet another re-write effort? Of course we think Purujit's people knew that the whole time, which is why they hid the fact they were re-writing everything from top to bottom. Why would they secretly plot to make their own versions of Srila Prabhupada's literature and then suddenly spring their own independent writings out as "the only original version," unless they knew their version would be challenged on all fronts? 

Most people agree it is because Purujit was thinking -- all sorts of people would all of a sudden rally to his side, and then glorify him as "the real editor" of Srila Prabhupada's works. And Makhanchora and the others on the BLISS team would all get credit for assisting such divine activity of giving the world, finally, the REALLY approved books! Except, that is not what happened, rather most people were very upset they were challenging and discrediting the books which the acharya uses for his preaching. 

At the same time, again most people agree that there is no real strong need to re-write the books, these SAME books worked fine all along and they are just as potent NOW as they always were. And a number of people complained to PADA, that the Purujit BLISS project is causing a lot of damage to Srila Prabhupada's efforts by DISCREDITING his literature as mundane and defective. We agree! As soon as BLISS fan Jagganath Balaram said Srila Prabhupada is using, printing and quoting from the rascal's edited books in his lectures, we knew their program had gone totally off the rails, or it had been all along and we finally caught up to their agenda.

Then Purujit comes all the way to Berkeley and he hangs out with Hansadutta and his groupies, and he avoids us. And while here, he makes various videos of Hansadutta. And then Purujit makes a declaration that the BLISS society is NOW operating under the authority of Hansadutta, the ritvik's newly annointed leader. Another big mistake. How many Prabhupadanugas are going to EVER accept Hansadutta as their newly annointed authority and the leader of their process? Another symptom that the BLISS program is not consulting with others, those who could have steered them away from these problems.   

Then again, when we posted the article asking where are the deities Hansadutta kidnapped, the BLISS people apparently blocked me too, at least for the most part? So this is yet again another kindergarten style tactic, I am taking my toys and not playing with you anymore. If we are going to build a mature society of cooperative efforts, we need to overcome these immature dealings. 

Anyway, this was all a good lesson for a lot of people, its now clear that book re-writes are going to be rejected wholesale, and the people making deity kidnappers their new authority are going to be rejected wholesale as well. These old tricks simply no longer work, too many devotees have -- been there, done that, seen all that already. Did I forget to mention? There are also people in ISKCON who distribute books, do harinama and so on, but -- that is not a licence for anyone to stomp giant jack boots on the toes of the other devotees? Yes, harinama is nice, but unless you also become nice yourself, what is the point? 

ys pd   

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  1. Yes it does look like the Purujit / Makhanchora / BLISS program simply speculated on various issues without consulting others, and then they went on a rampage against against anyone who did not agree with their speculations. And yes! That is exactly what the GBC has done, they speculated on many issues, did not consult, then went on the attack against anyone who did not agree. Exactly the same form of deviation. And in both cases many people have come to the same conclusion, these people are personally motivated and that is why they went on a similar path. Yep. ys pd


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