Friday, January 1, 2016

Gunagrahi swami's cancer fund

[PADA: OK wait an minute pilgrims? The GBC spends apparently $20,000,000 ($20M) suing the Prabhupadanugas in the Supreme Court, but when a temple needs a heater or a washing machine, or needs something to be done about the rats, cockroaches and bed bugs, these temples have to go begging for funds to get things done? 

And now Jayapataka says to some of his congregation members -- they should avoid some temples "which are run by demons" and they should just be nama hatta members and avoid these temples. Wait a minute, aren't you JPS guys the people in charge of these temples, why are you allowing them to be run by rascals?  

According to our associates in Philadelphia, Ravindra swarupa "ran the property into the ground," ok there were reports of rats and bed bugs and an ill repaired building. We also saw some "before and after" photos of New Vrndavana barns, the first ones look first class, the later ones look dilapidated and deteriorated. OK they are not taking care of their own property that they are supposed to be in charge of? 

And now Hrdayananda is looking to get a place in San Luis Obisbo, apparently because, his former Beverly Hills 90210 and Venice Beach residences are no longer a suitable place for a swami? San Luis Obisbo is prime expensive real estate and is home to many millionaires. Yep! There is always plenty of money for these things, and lawyers to sue us etc.?

But when devotees, even their own dedicated devotees fall ill, the sickly and dying apparently get nothing or next to nothing? Why is there is always $20M on hand to pay lawyers, but not a few thousand dollars for the care and maintenance of their own people? And some of the GBC faithful told me "we will sue the ritviks for the next 100 years." That means, they have apparently set aside $100,000,000 ($100M) to sue the ritviks, but they cannot spare any loose change to help their own sick and dying people?

Well! A society is known for how it treats its vulnerable, and these guys are failing miserably at that. Meanwhile, wasn't Gunagrahi the dude that got caught watching porno in his motorhome by Brahmananda das, who told me the whole story? We also heard reports from Brahmananda that he was having an affair with a devotee's ex-wife (yep -- and there were some very perverse sex scenes detailed in this story from Brahmananda). 

Of course Gunagrahi has always been a staunch defender of his illicit sex messiahs club program, which bans, beats, molests and kills people. Why is he still posing as a swami when this has been going on? Gunagrahi is a big member of the illicit sex messiahs program, and he is never going to explain why he is their main bucket boy?

And now, he is yet another guy who has -- "aggressive cancer" which seems to be an epidemic among both inside and outside devotees, who should be out-living the karmis, but they are falling way short of the karmi life expectancy? Is this normal for vegetarian devotees of God? Nope! Anyway, all this is Krishna's plan in our opinion, He is moving all this along and accelerating changes in His own mystic manner. ys pd]  




  1. Yes it is amazing, they care more about the health and welfare of their lawyers -- rather than their own citizens. Correct. ys pd

  2. From Gunagrahi Maharaja:
    I am very sorry to tell you that I will not be able to come down to
    Argentina for a while due to developments with my health. I recenty got an MRI of my pelvic region to see why I was still feeling pain there although it was supposed to have healed by now from my fall. The reason, they discovered, is that I have cancer in that area and also in the prostate and the lungs.
    With the help of an experienced team of devotees I have mapped out a treatment plan and soon will be going to an excellent naturopathic clinic in Bangalore that has lots of success with cases like mine. Various devotees have already been cured of their cancer there. I willhave an able devotee with me to give me all assistance. If any of you who are going to India wish to visit me when you are there please don't hesitate to come.
    Please remain calm, stay fixed in your sadhana and service, glorify and serve each other, and have faith that Krsna is perfectly watching over all of us.
    I wanted to wait until after the Prabhupada Marathon to tell you the above news, because I was seeing how happy and enlivened so many of you were going out on book distribution, and I didn't want to interrupt your focus. Also, I am sorry that I was not able to contact many of you personally to tell you what is going on, but time and space did not allow.
    Please know it that you are all very dear to my heart, and I am very much looking forward to being with you again as soon as possible. In the meantime I will communicate as much as I can and send regular updates.

  3. Right, these guys are always hanging out in place like Argentina, and many other third world countries, where people do not know the history of their bogus messiahs. They really cannot fool hardly anyone in the USA anymore, so they are off shoring their program to places where they can exploit people's ignorance of their real process. Right! ys pd


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