Friday, January 1, 2016

Akshaya Patra write up in "The Hindu" newspapers

[PADA: Many folks around the world know this program is being managed by the Krishnas, so what can I say, this is perhaps the best press media coverage that the Krishna devotees have had -- ever since 1978? That is one of many reasons why its important, because for starters the Krishna movement needs some good press media for a change, and this is a great way to do that.

The GBC, for its part, seems to have done everything humanly possible to give the Krishna religion a black eye impression as a deviant program. At least some folks are trying to reverse that odious process. Apart from that, caring for these children will make a number of these children gradually become interested in Krishna, as has happened already, and this makes the potential for making many more devotees of the Lord.

I have also been in correspondence with some of the workers for this AP program, and they are asking really nice siddhanta questions, which means, they are getting trained up to become intelligent and thoughtful devotees of Krishna. Thus, they are asking nice questions also about the history of the movement post-1977 and etc. so they are being educated on these topics. And that has been the whole problem all along, we have not had educated people. So we need this more and more. I see all that as a "win win" for Krishna!  

Of course we also need harinama to keep going on (harinama by HKM Bangalore devotees). Both ideas should go on together and make a dual track process to re-establish the religion as a bona fide process that is helping human society. ys pd]  

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