Sunday, January 24, 2016

Even Lucifer was once with God

[PADA: This new TV show details the life of Satan, after he gets bored ruling the netherworlds and he comes to earth for some entertainment. I found the idea of Satan quite interesting even as a child -- i.e. Satan was once a great servant of God, then he becomes envious of God, thus he falls from his service and becomes a "demon." 

This idea is really pretty much identical to the Vedic idea -- that ALL of us spirit souls were originally Krishna conscious, we were all serving God nicely, then we somehow became envious, fell down, and we became "demons." Its also pretty much what happened to Adam and Eve, they were with God, they disobeyed God -- and indeed then they "fell" out of the Garden of Eden (and out of God's association). 

Not sure what happens to Lucifer in this show, if he gets back with God or not, but its interesting that people seem to realize that even the worst of demons, like Satan, were once serving God. Correct, even the worst demons were formerly serving God, then -- these souls became envious and then they fell. 

What is kind of funny here is that my Christian friend told me the FOX TV channel is a favorite of the Christian conservatives, but now many Christians are not happy with FOX TV for making a show that sort of glamorizes Satan, and they are asking for a boycott of the station. 

Anyway, the concept is correct, we were all with Krishna, we became envious, i.e. we became either big or little Satans, or as Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati thakura says, we became renegade souls. 

The Vedas also have many illustrations of people who became very powerful demons, and some even had magical Satanic powers, or they became powerful opponents of God, sort of like Satan. Same idea. So Krishna's plan for us is, to learn that we cannot be happy as such renegades, and we should re-surrender to Krishna and try to re-establish our lost link to God. And even if we become demons or Satans, our souls will always be pure and eternal and Krishna will wait patiently for us to come back home to Him. ys pd]                

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