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Jayadvaita Swami addresses "secret temple sale"




(Take notice of how he stacked the deck with bottom names. Ramabhadra is TP, board and property trustee. Romapada is GBC and head of board. Ramabhadra's wife is also on board).
From: Jayadvaita Swami:

With a sense of duty mixed with sadness, I plan to send this out to the ISKCON world this morning, around 9 am. Around 6:30 a.m. I sent a copy to Romapada Maharaja, as a courtesy. Feel free to send it on to anyone else.

I figure the word will spread quickly.

I regret the hurt this will cause to Romapada Swami and those who love and respect him (me included). But when I weigh this against the interests of Srila Prabhupada's mission and obedience to his final will, I have decided to press "send."

Hare Krsna.

--ys, js

For immediate release
January 24, 2016

Contact: Jayadvaita Swami
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New York ISKCON leaders sign secret contract to sell Brooklyn temple

As ISKCON’s 50th year began, devotees in New York City were startled to discover that the authorities in charge of ISKCON’s Radha-Govinda temple in Brooklyn, New York, have signed a contract to sell the temple.

[PADA: However, the sale of the Brooklyn temple was noted in public newspapers a few years ago, and was posted on PADA a long time ago as well. Why are "the devotees" seemingly unaware of what the general public is aware of? Yep, everyone was also "startled" to find out that New Vrndanava was a criminal empire, and so on and so forth. Thus, the "karmis" had to figure this out way before the GBC did, but doesn't that mean that many of the rank and file devotees and the GBC are -- asleep at the switch?]

The devotees learned this from a real estate listing on the internet that showed the building as “under contract.” Those involved in the sale had kept it secret from the temple congregation and even from the ISKCON GBC.

[PADA: Yet the story was in the newspapers?]

The news of the sale took the GBC Executive Committee and the rest of the GBC by surprise. Mindful of the disastrous sale of Radha Govinda’s previous temple on 55th Street in Manhattan, Sivarama Swami, at the GBC’s midterm meeting in October, had put forward a proposal that the permission to sell be reconsidered at this year’s annual Mayapur meeting. The proposal was accepted.

Romapada Swami, the GBC man for New York, was present at the meeting.

In fact, two GBC members have both confirmed that they talked directly with Romapada Swami in October about reviewing the Brooklyn sale one more time at the 2016 annual meeting and that Romapada Swami agreed. What Romapada Swami kept secret was that in mid September he and the others involved had already signed a contract to sell.

The sale has still not been announced to the temple congregation.

For many years, the Brooklyn neighborhood where the temple is located had been a crime-ridden, miserable place. Accordingly, the GBC body, some years ago, had given permission for the temple to be sold. But in the last few years the temple’s location has become one of the most desirable in all of New York City.

The deal to sell received approval from the temple’s board, from its property trustees, and from the chairman of the North American GBC. But apparently none of them informed either the GBC body or its Executive Committee. The temple congregation, too, has been kept in the dark.

At a meeting last year, after seeing an impressive slide presentation, the North American GBC had approved the concept of selling. But although senior devotees from New York had made known their opposition to selling the temple, no one opposing the sale was told of the meeting or invited to attend.

Now that a contract has clandestinely been signed, opponents say that although the temple leaders have met all of ISKCON’s technical requirements for selling, they have secretly rammed the sale through and misled the GBC. This, they say, is not a good sign.



The members of the temple board are Romapada Swami, Ramabhadra Dasa (the temple president), Satya Devi Dasi (Ramabhadra's wife), Adi Deva Dasa (a New York devotee, not the artist), and Damodara Svarupa Dasa (Adi Deva's son-in-law).

The property trustees are Ramabhadra Dasa, Kuladri Dasa, and Bhaktarupa Dasa. The chairman of the North American GBC is Tamohara Dasa.

DASARATH DASA: All along, since 2007, we have been trying to address the issue of Romapada Swami's dishonest dealings here in Phoenix, of his subverting the legal temple board of directors and the appointed GBC, and making himself the "roaming guru" of Phoenix, and his disciple and her husband the temple president and V-president. Kuladri das was used as the agent to lie to the temple B.O.D. chairman and to the Phoenix temple GBC.

[PADA: Oh swell, Kuladri was one of New Vrndavana's and Kirtanananda's worst case hatchet men, and now the GBC has made him one of their biggest authorities over the society. It seems, the more a person is implicated in supporting criminality and corruption, if not an empire that promotes homosexual messiahs, breaks up marriages, abuses children and kills dissenters, then -- the higher one is placed in the GBC's totem pole of authority. 

Kuladri should have been sued by the GBC a long time ago -- for orchestrating criminality in the name of ISKCON and harming the name of the society by implicating it in his criminality program, which he was personally overseeing as a big manager there. And this is the guy the GBC turns to for "managing"?]

We have testimonies and emails to prove his scandal, and it was approved, with full knowledge of its deviance and misrepresentation of the truth, by Tamohara das, who was the NA GBC EC chairman at the time, and Badrinarayan das, who wrote, "what difference does it make how it was done."

Now under Romapada's hidden agenda and politics, 25 innocent Indian body devotees have been banned from the temple. The Executive Committee of the GBC, both past and present members, have been made aware of this disaster, but nothing has been done. We have been informed that Romapada has "big" protectors in the GBC, like millionaire Gopal Bhatta das.

Now this is another NEW YORK temple "money scandal." What more might be up his sleeve, and what does the GBC Executive Committee think this is all doing to the faith and trust in the GBC, of the devotees in general? Mine has been completely lost.

All the details of their dishonesty and politics of Romapada has been presented in the website, which I would rather see closed down, if the GBC will kindly "clean up their own house", and set up a fool proof system of accountability and checks and balances of the GBC, that is monitored by a non-GBC entity.

It is vitally necessary, or these embarrassments will continue again and again in the future. 

Founder of all ISKCON temples in Arizona
P.S. We have to get the word out about this. PLEASE SHARE ON YOUR FACEBOOK!

[PADA: Accountability indeed. First of all, the GBC rarely or never consults "the congregation" when they decide things. For example, they secretly decided to promote deviants as their messiahs, and none of us "congregation" were ever consulted. They basically conduct "secret meetings" where they decide all these things, and then we have to either accept, or get kicked out, which explains why their temples are so empty. 

Another example is Hrdayananda "swami" -- has been promoting his Krishna West scheme with all that entails; He uses the name of ISKCON to promote gay marriages; He says on a publicly released audio that the rest of GBC are basically a bunch of envious fools; He says parts of the Mahabharata are fiction; He says he is writing a novel (fiction) based on the Mahabharata; His pal Beer Krishna says dhotis look like giant diapers; He supported Bhavananda after it was revealed he was having "homosex in the holy dham," and so on ad infinitum. 

And yet -- the GBC cannot gather together enough brains or guts, to -- permanently remove this guy? That means, they are basically one with these deviants. Or what? Its self-evident they are having secret meetings where they are agreeing to allow all these deviations, and the creators of these deviations, to stay within the society. Kuladri is a prime example of how they "promote from within" the worst case hatchet men for their criminal messiahs. Secret? Nope! Its an open secret, hee hee! 

The good news is, more people are waking up to all this. For example I just got a message from an ISKCON devotee who says, more and more people are realizing only Srila Prabhupada can save them, these GBC gurus cannot even save themselves. True dat! ys pd]    

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