Thursday, January 28, 2016

High Court Rejects Bombay ISKCON's Plea

Bengaluru, Jan 29, 2016, DHNS :

The High Court on Thursday dismissed a petition filed by religious organisation, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon), Mumbai, seeking quashing of a letter by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India exonerating V I Varadarajan, a former chartered accountant of Iskcon, Bengaluru, from the charge of misusing funds.

[PADA: This is pretty amazing, the Bombay ISKCON GBC's folks thought they could "prove" that a letter from the "Institute of Chartered Accountants of India" was fraudulent. Really? Yep, the GBC folks are spending lakhs and lakhs of rupees in court with all of these nonsense shenanigans, and have so far not proven anything, or won anything.  

Maybe they have at least finally proven that they wasted or lost maybe $20,000,000 u.s.d. on purchasing -- nothing -- with all these frivolous lawsuits. Why doesn't someone investigate their book keeping and see where all this legal attack money is coming from? I give up, where does Srila Prabhupada say, "From now on -- protect the people who promote deviants as acharyas, and spend millions suing anyone who thinks acharyas are pure devotees."   

As one of their disgruntled ex-supporters tells PADA, "they spent $20 million dollars, and have so far not even purchased one brick for all that money." Meanwhile, a number of  senior and elderly devotees who served ISKCON for years are now having to make "fund me" pages to get medical help money for themselves. In fact, one of their own leaders named Gunagrahi swami made such a page begging for his own medical treatment funds.  

Yet there are apparently millions and millions of dollars of money on hand to waste on frivolous lawsuits -- ok really purchasing nothing -- not even one brick, but there are little or NO funds to help the poor or medically needy citizens? Why are the GBC spending tons and tons of money chasing after the "Institute of Chartered Accountants" in the first place? Aren't there more important causes to spend money on, like making temples and printing books? Where do the Vedas say, "The goal of life is to defeat the Institute of Chartered Accountants and take them to court"? I just cannot find that instruction?] 

Dayaram Das, the legal head of Iskcon, Mumbai, had also challenged the disciplinary committee’s report against Varadarajan. The letter was written on January 12, 2013. Justice Anand Byrareddy dismissed the petition stating that nothing was brought on record to show that Varadarajan had acted in connivance with Iskcon, Bengaluru, and accordingly, the ICAI had not found him guilty.

The bench said that it was a trite law that this court should not interfere with the findings of a professional body such as the ICAI when the procedure as per law had been followed. It dismissed the petition citing lack of merit.

[PADA: "Lack of merit" says it all. They are grasping at straws now. Its interesting that when I asked Dayarama why the GBC has made homosexuals into their acharyas, he agreed -- they have been doing that. So he is going to court to defend the people he admits -- are making homosexuals into their messiahs? 

Why isn't he suing the GBC for making deviants into de facto Hindu acharyas and messiahs? I do not get it, there is no loyalty even to Indian culture. More than a few Hindus told me, you have more interest in preserving Hindu culture than a lot of so-called Hindus. Right, 

I think we should NOT be making deviants into Hindu-isms acharyas, that makes me more loyal to India and Hindu culture than many "India born" folks. Dayaram also said when all this started that this case would take not more than one year and not cost more than $1,000,000 u.s.d. -- ok that was in 1997? 

They still have not won anything and the costs have spiralled out of control ever since, and its taken more than one year, because its now 2016. OK, he lied. Anyway, it looks like they are losing more court money -- again. I am not sure what is the status of the same court's separate case -- charging the Dayaram party with court tampering and fraud etc. It seems like these guys love to toss tons of money down an endless rabbit hole that goes nowhere, while some temples are in dis-repair, some of Prabhupada's books are out of print,  many ISKCON people are in need of medical care, and so on. Why not spend all this money on something useful? ys pd] 

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  1. Right, the Chartered Accountants Association works closely with India's Financial Affairs Bureau, so its going to be a tough sell for the GBC's gurus to shoot this group down, so yes, they are simply running out of rabbits to pull out of their hat.

    Can they appeal it? Seems doubtful to me, but some of them did say they would sue us for the next 100 years, so they may attempt more harassing.

    Overall they seem to be slipping downward since most of their gurus are now dead, sickly, or seen as clowns and buffoons like Hrdayananda's Krishna West project. It seems like they are slipping and we are gaining. Yes, they control some properties, ok but Brooklyn is not even in the name of ISKCON as far as I know. They have wound down the legal entity of ISKCON and they are now spinning off corporate shell games with all sorts of off-shoot legal entities. Their main problem is what Badrinrayan das said a few years ago, as long as their gurus keep failing, the GBC will have no credibility. So yes, they are holding on mainly by legal and political tricks, and not so much by having a credible standing.

    This has gone on the whole time, these guru guys make a big show of being big authorities, but when their bogus guru program collapses, they seem to grab a few bucks and walk out the door leaving the bombed out ruins behind. On the whole, our idea is gaining steam and their idea is -- failing. ys pd


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