Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chaitanya Holt Dies After Chase

Chaitanya Lila Holt

[PADA: There is a Chaitanya Holt listed on the "gurukulis" web site, perhaps this is the same person? 

Yet I am not sure what happened here? They say he was stealing things? Was he doing nothing wrong and this was big mistake? Why would the villagers mistake him for a thief? He had an African American body, is this part of the problem?  

Was he part of a group of devotees, or was he on his own over there? Whose program is he part of, or is he part of anyone's? Why are so many ex-kulis running around with no program to support them? 

Anyway, this is apparently another example of "India floating" gone bad. Srila Prabhupada did not want his followers and disciples to simply wander around India without very specific services there. 

He said -- he wanted us to visit India only temporary and spend our main time building things up in the WEST. Anyway! Lets hope Krishna gives him some extra mercy and facility now, because it does not seem he got much facility in this lifetime! 

Unfortunately, the GBC in the West is not making much facility for them. Apparently, he was formerly part of the Washington DC Potomac temple program. If anyone has any info on what really happened here, send me the real scoop at: ys pd]   


UPDATE: Circulated by a relative of Chaitanya Lila ...


  1. Apparently, first time in India and was travelling alone. You really need an experienced person to get you through the process over there before you go alone.

    And going to Goa is not a good place to start, since there are a lot of low life hippie types, drug freaks, loose women, and bogus gurus hanging around there.

    An experienced person could have warned about this etc. Travel alone is also not a good idea over there, period. There are some rogue elements about and they prey upon "the pilgrims."

    He may have also been looking for a wife according to one source, again, not a good idea to go there alone and start off on this program, a person can get into all sorts of troubles doing this without professional help. As one of his friends stated "ISKCON let him down, they should have helped him go there, helped in the process of finding a wife, and all that. They do not look after their people." ys pd



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