Monday, January 18, 2016

Sword Fight in Sikh Temple

[PADA: "Fight over leadership," same types of problems as ISKCON? The Sikhs had a big battle over their leadership at another temple here in the Bay Area as well. Not just a physical fight -- apparently some lawsuits are going on. Here one of the complaints was -- the leaders are using the temple for personal gain. So this is a problem, religious institutions are sometimes hi-jacked or mis-used. 

Its not only a problem in ISKCON, its a problem in other institutions. It seems the friction with these folks has been going on for years -- and it finally boiled over, that means, these issues will not be solved readily. That is why a person really has to be serious and take shelter of Krishna, Kali Yuga is not going to get better as its going forward. 

What is interesting in ISKCON is that every single one of the "competing groups" that are siphoning and taking people away from ISKCON were started by the GBC's themselves. 

Many of these competing groups are now forming their own separated and competing missions, such as the Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, BV and BP Puri maharajas, Babajis, Fakir Mohans, and etc. groups. And these groups were ALL formed inside ISKCON and indeed launched inside by the GBC itself. 

The GBC associated with all these people, claimed they are ISKCON's living gurus and advisors, and they spawned all of these competing groups to siphon manpower and assets OUT of ISKCON and into these competing groups. Its almost like the GBC wanted ISKCON to fail and these competing groups to be empowered and enabled? ys pd]    

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