Friday, January 22, 2016

Krishna's advice about Kali Yuga

After the Kurukshetra War the Pandavas felt bad that so many people were killed so their eldest brother Yudhistira could become king. Krishna explained he wanted them to teach dharma for the benefit of all citizens as the age of Kali or degradation was approaching. He asked the brothers to go out and report to him whatever strange sights they saw, and He would explain how they were symptoms of Kali-yuga.

Yudhisthira reported, “I saw an elephant with two trunks.” Krishna explained, “Just like that elephant has two trunks, in Kali everyone will have two faces. Everyone will speak one thing and do another.”

Bhima said, “I saw a big pond without water although all the small ponds nearby were full.” Krishna explained, “In Kali, my representatives are like the big pond, which although deep with knowledge, will have no money and no followers, while so many bogus people will flourish with money and followers.”

Arjuna said, “I saw a bird with writings of the Vedas on it eating the flesh of a human body.” Krishna explained, “That is a symptom of Kali-yuga. In Kali people will learn some scriptural verses and exploit people and take their money.”

Nakula said, “I saw a mother cow who had given birth to a baby and the mother cow was licking the baby cow, so much that the baby cow began to bleed, and it kept bleeding.” Krishna said, “In Kali the parents will give affection to the children by encouraging them unlimitedly in material ways but completely ignoring their spiritual life.”

Sahadeva said, “After a long way, I saw a boulder came crashing down a mountain knocking down everything, trees, buildings, monuments, etc. But just before it struck me, it hit plant which stopped completely its rushing speed.” Krishna explained that the boulder is Kali-yuga personified, and the trees, monuments, and buildings are philosophies trying to oppose Kali-yuga. The little plant is the holy name of the Lord which seems to be very insignificant but which actually has the complete power to stop the force of Kali-yuga.

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