Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Prabhupadanuga Programs in UK?

Krishna programs in UK?

PADA: Thanks prabhu, I am not sure if there are any programs for you to attend in London, or in the UK in general? That is a good question, "Are there any Prabhupadanuga sanghas in London, or in the UK anywhere"? I am not sure. 

Yes, London at least should have something going on, because its where Srila Prabhupada wanted to establish a center right at the get go. For example IRM chief Krishna Kanta prabhu apparently lives in London, does he hold any public programs? I dunno.

We do have a few allies there who are basically one person here and there, they all live far apart and do not hold regular programs that we know of. We also have some noisy critics over there, but do they have any actual programs going on either? Not so sure, I have not seen any adverts for their programs. If there are any programs going on in UK I need to know ASAP, please send details to: 


Thanks for your encouragement! ys pd  

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