Monday, January 18, 2016

Christians Highest Female Births in India

[PADA: This is a sad statistic, the Christians are having fewer abortions of female babies than the other religious sects in India. The good news is that the "save the female babies" program in India is improving the ratios in other sects. 

Its pretty amazing that people would chose to kill their female babies as a means of selecting the sex of their children, females being the "less desired" child. And more amazing, the Christians in India seem to have a better grip on the spiritual idea -- that either male or female -- the baby is a particle from God and either sex of baby simply cannot be eliminated by artificial means, its not acceptable behavior. 

Of course now that its raining, I am even picking up the worms on the road around my car so I won't run them over -- because we should try not to eliminate any beings unnecessarily -- trying to see them as God's particles.    

Christians have also been our best help when dealing with the bogus acharyas. It would seem to us that people should not be proud of being part of a particular sect, we need to see Godly behavior. As Srila Prabhupada says, the most important realization is, "I am insignificant." 
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