Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hrdayananda renounces Krishna West

[PADA: He has ALREADY been "Krishna West" (Westernized) for decades now. Yep already he does not chant his rounds, does not attend programs, dresses like a Hollywood tourist, lives in a Venice Beach condo, hangs out surrounded by a bunch of women etc. -- for years now. 

Oh great, the GBC has "re-instated" him back into the sacred fold of voted in messiahs! He is now a bona fide "sum total of the demigods" saksad hari assistant of the gopis -- again! Who knew! This means, the GBC does not want the status quo "guru business" model disturbed, so they had to make a deal with Hrdayananda to keep the peace, and keep the money flowing in from the innocent folks who worship these jokers. ys pd] 

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