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Destroyed from Within and Without (Gadi das)

Krishna has to be worshiped via the pure acharyas ...

Destroyed from Within and Without


I must preface my words with two principles… never to forget where I came from, and speak from realization only…. And thank you for this opportunity.

Dear everyone… I never dwell on the negatives, but with the advent of technology, we have all been armed with weaponry that is unimaginable. Having been here at Murari for 6 years now I have come to see many things. One of the most disheartening things is the mistrust, and apprehensiveness of so many devotees, and the downright misunderstandings they carry…. having been born and bred on instant information. Anyone, at anytime can unleash whatever is on their mind without much forethought as to the consequences. When things move at such a fast pace, such exchanges of thought are reckless and dangerous. Like all technology, it can be applied in a positive way, but like all technology the conditioned soul finds a way to degrade the opportunity. (I'm just going to watch the news prabhu…Prabhupada kept up with worldly things…) Yea, like that's gonna work.

We are exposed to, and are victims of this intelligent technology. As a person may try to apply themselves to devotional service even here, but there is always that thread of connection they maintain with a person or persons through the Internet, that are bent on destroying whatever good faith is left in them. This is the condition of our world, the condition that devotees try to thrive in. Very difficult. Just imagine if Srila Prabhupada's godbrothers had smart phones and Internet…what they would have done to him trying to plant his seeds of bhakti into the western hearts… they could have damaged or even destroyed his efforts to give the pure message of Lord Caitanya, because he had to adjust so many principles just to get things going…it would have been inconceivably difficult… For Prabhupada to be taken seriously. The way he was accepted would have been next to impossible.

A couple years ago we had a very nice couple with four incredible children… everything was going well… then somehow the father made some contact with a leading person in the Ritvik camp… one of the originators. Of course I had no hint of this… the father was corresponding with him and this person was telling him to get out immediately before it's too late… etc… you're in a deviant branch… get out immediately. Well things got strange very quickly, and I could not understand the shift in this family's mood. By the time I grasped what was going on it was too late, and they made their exodus in a dramatic fashion. So this is what we are dealing with…

[PADA: Right, people with children are better off to leave a GBC managed farm because eventually, as soon as they declare that debauchees are not God's messiah successor acharyas, they will probably be booted out anyway. Better to get going with their independent program ASAP, for the security of their children.

So we advise people with children to find a secure place for those children, and being in a place where the GBC has their worship of illicit sex acharyas going on is not a secure place. Some other ISKCON property dwelling people also ask me from time to time, should they leave, and if they are single I sometimes tell them it does not matter that much -- but be prepared. Have a back up plan.

However as we see, the GBC will kick mothers with children out the door at any time as soon as those mothers do not want to worship the GBC's illicit sex messiah's project, so that is not a stable place for families, women and children. A single person can pick up the pieces a lot easier. 

The GBC has essentially forbade the worship of the pure devotee, and they have kicked out thousands and thousands of people who did not want to worship their debauchees messiahs, just like Jayapataka kicked me out as soon as I said I am not worshiping his illicit sex and Timothy Leary's LSD messiahs project. 

In sum, Jayapataka wants people to worship his drug addicted fools who are having illicit sex with followers, and who are even offering LSD to the shalagram deity, but Christians are more advanced than this, they would never worship illicit sex and Timothy Leary's disciples? 

They are more advanced than the entire GBC? In sum, worship of the pure devotee is simply verboten in modern ISKCON, plain and simple, and you basically either have to accept that acharyas are often debauchees, or leave. This is called sahajiya vada, at best, or the enforced worship of debauchees at worst.  

So our Prabhupadanugas say that God's messiah acharyas are not debauchees, and thus Jayapataka is banning, removing, excommunicating and spending $20M suing our folks. Thus anyone who supports the idea that God and His successors are pure -- can be immediately banned, beaten, shunned, kicked out, sued, and worse -- at any time. Its not a secure environment. Then again training children to worship an illicit sex guru lineage is "corruption of the morals of minor children," its probably illegal in addition to everything else.]  

Now the TV is in the palm of your hand... that is the situation. Even all the brahmacaries have smart phones… just plug in some earphones, pull the blanket over my head, and presto… I'm in my own theater… and nobody is the wiser.

[PADA: Right, we have lots of readers who are in and around ISKCON, no kidding... and we are getting more every day.]

Don't get me wrong, all these gadgets have their place in the world, and for many are necessary tools of the day… and they have their place for preaching as does all technology… they just cannot be allowed in the temple ashram setting.

Did you know that those aspiring for applying themselves seriously to spiritual life require some isolation from the world? If one enters a nunnery or monastery, or a serious ashram, this means making a disconnection to the outside world. 

[PADA: So people should not be able to worship acharyas who are pure, and they have to worship a guru lineage chock full of debauchees? No, we should inform them that the GBC's worship of illicit sex acharyas is bogus, and we are.] 

The temples Srila Prabhupada created were emergency monastery / nunneries, so to speak. Inside that building the material world should not enter, it is Vaikuntha, a place free from anxiety. There should only be topics of enlightenment, only chanting and hearing, and topics only of Krishna and His service exchanged. Did you know that upon entering a nunnery, one has to sever all connections with one's previous life? In fact, one is punished if one even speaks about one's previous life. How is this accomplished today when everyone keeps a handy smart phone in the palm of one's hand? There has to be some thought given to this. This is a problem with immense implications.

[PADA: So one should simply go to a GBC place where they teach children that God's messiahs are always falling into illicit sex left, right and center, and no one should try to fix that?]

Do you know the definition of a madyama-adhikary (those in the middle category of devotional status)? Probably not, because reading pages of books has become a lost science. Definition from Caitanya Siksamrta by Srila Bhaktivinode Prabhupada… "A madyama adhikary is one who has taken the chanting of Hari Nam seriously." (p. 233) "The madhyama-adhikaris increase their chanting day and night until they chant one-hundred and seventy-four rounds a day. 

[PADA: The GBC worships illicit sex, that means they do not even worship kanisthas, they are worshiping low class less than modes of ignorance debauchees. Even sudras get married, they are not having illicit sex left, right and center. The GBC cannot even find a nice sudra for people to worship.]

Hare Radha! Give me the opportunity to see your intimate pastimes with your beloved Lord. Rama! O Rama! Give me the opportunity to see your intimate pastimes with your beloved Radha. Rama! O Rama! Engage me in hearing, chanting and remembering your name, form, qualities, pastimes.

Rama! O Rama! As I enter into those pastimes by the path of meditation, make me worthy to engage in your service. Hare! O Hari! Please accept me and take pleasure from the service that I offer you. Hare! O Hari! Take pleasure in me and enjoy with me.

I say all this not in jest…even though making you smile is important… what is really important is the Vrindavan village ashram lifestyle… no Internet, no TV, no dumb phones… only kirtan, Krishna katha, Gaura seva, extraordinary Prasad… and unlimited peace and happiness… who would not want that? Only a crazy person would reject such joy.

This is the genuine gift that Srila Prabhupada brought from Vrindavan. This is the genuine gift of Lord Caitanya….Let's honor them by accepting it… and living it.

As always…your dedicated voice of service in the valley ……. Yours in Prabhupada…

your servant, Gadi das 

[PADA: OK well lets start off 2016 by saying Murarisevaka farm does not allow the GBC and their worship of illicit sex messiahs program on the property. Make it a shelter from that deviation, then we will also advertise it. ys pd]

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