Sunday, January 3, 2016

About Madhu Pandit das and PADA

PADA: Some people have wrote to complain that Madhu Pandit das "is not doing enough." For example, he should be promoting a farm project, more harinama and so forth. OK maybe so, or maybe not, problem is -- he is already full tilt totally busy with the programs he already has.

For starters, he is managing existing temples, making a number of new temples, and managing the Akshaya Patra program which is feeding 1.5 million kids per day in India. OK that is already a lot of work, and on top of that he is combatting a huge GBC lawsuit. That means -- he is doing as much as he can, and lets face it, he is doing a lot more than most others are doing, or ever will do, ever.

Meanwhile, the critics of MPD don't seem to be starting large scale farms or harinama projects either, albeit there are a few small scale starter projects here and there -- just beginning -- but which will take quite a bit of time and more work to get off the ground. In other words, why aren't these critics doing a better program, faster program, larger program etc. themselves? What is the hold up?

We have had the same basic problem with our critics, "PADA's newsletter is awful." OK fine, and where has their newsletter been all these years? "PADA did not have the proper people sued for crimes in ISKCON." Fine, these critics should go ahead and get a yellow pages phone book, find a good law firm therein, and hire their own lawyer -- and sue whomever they want? What is the hold up?

If they want certain people sued, then go ahead and sue them, why do they need to even involve PADA? I give up! Don't they know how to spell "lawyers" thus they cannot find them in the phone book? What is the hold up? This is baffling, they claim to want certain people sued, meanwhile the statute of limits is expiring and they have not sued a peanut in the meantime?

"PADA is taking credit for doing everything." Well really? Sorry, Krishna is the only person who actually gets credit for doing everything? Anyway, we did at least some writings starting in the early 1980s, others, well not so much? Where were their "better writings" in the early 1980s? OK they did not exist? At least we wrote something? A blind uncle is better than no uncle?

Where are these alleged "better writings" found, then, or even now for that matter? Are the writings of our critics prominently found up to today? Worse, are their "better" writings simply copying and pasting quotes we ALREADY used in the 1980s, and they are just hi-jacking what we did already, but taking credit for themselves? What is the hold up? Go ahead, start making better writings, better web sites, better lawsuits, better this and that, just DO IT!

And who is reading their writings, and are their writings producing Prabhupadanugas? And why did we have to go get the poison tapes transcribed by our Bengali writer friend, if our critics claim they already had a copy -- which they were simply sitting on as it was collecting dust? Why didn't they distribute their copy? Why didn't they even bother to translate and transcribe their copy? Or did they lie that they even had a copy before us? Why do we always have to do the heavy lifting?

So this is a little unrealistic. A few people can do a few things here and there, but they cannot do everything? If there is someone else who can show us the better way forward, better get moving soon, because a lot of us will all be dead waiting for these critics to show us the better path?

Instead of saying MPD and PADA are not doing this or that, why not do better? Saying we are not doing enough is not going to solve or fix anything. The good news is, at least we HAVE been doing something, and that is why people always seem to end up talking about MPD and PADA? At least we are recognized as "somewhere" on the map of historical events. That is what a devotee said to us recently, MPD and PADA are like Paris and London in ISKCON circles, because devotees at least know something about us, whereas the people who complain about us are like Mudflap Tennessee, not so many people even heard of this place.

Sort of like a physician heal thyself moment? As they say, crying in the darkness produces no light. So go ahead, shine a light on this situation and show us the better way, we'd be glad to see that happen. ys pd

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