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Sacinandana Swami's Ramesh Baba Program


Sacinandana Swami Exposed as Sahajiya


I would like to present a very interesting conversation between Sacinandana Swami and Ramesh Babaji Maharaj. This video went viral after it was published by Ramesh Baba's Maan Mandir account on YouTube, but was swiftly removed within one day. Luckily it was saved and uploaded again. It perfectly displays all the main features of a sahajiya movement within ISKCON:

[PADA: The other GBC "gurus" most likely ordered Sacinandana Swami's folks to remove the videos that had been advertising their visiting Ramesh Babaji, because these videos would indirectly invite more and more ISKCON people to follow Sacinanadana's lead -- and run off to the Radha Kunda babajis.

All along since 1978 the GBC guru's program has been losing "rank and file" members to these "Indian gurus" left, right and center, thus NOWADAYS they have to try to squash advertising of their own LEADERS promoting and associating with various Gaudiya Matha and Babaji "gurus." At the same time, the GBC's "gurus" have already directly advertised for many "outside gurus" particularly from the Gaudiya Matha since 1978, and this has lead to a mass exodus from ISKCON to these "outside gurus" already.

Ramesh Babaji

Of course as soon as we say that ISKCON should NOT be associated with these Babajis, Gaudiya Matha gurus, Tantrics, Ghost Busters etc. ... then the GBC's "gurus" and their defenders like Bhakta Das say we SHOULD be associated with these outside folks, and we Prabhupada aligned devotees are "making offenses to great souls." Apparently, there is little (or none) notice from the GBC's gurus and their supporters that due to these "outside authorities" rubber stamping and endorsing the GBC's "guru system," this is creating havoc and deterioration for the ISKCON institution itself? 

Not only has the so-called GBC's ilk been upset with PADA for challenging their "guru" program, their sympathizers and disciples of Bhakta das like Prahlad and his HKC Jaipur folks (who are busy making videos of Bhakta das and promoting him as their spokesman and authority) are also infuriated we are opposing their hero and shiksha guru Bhakta das -- and we are thus challenging their ISKCON Gaudiya Matha and Babaji evolution program, never mind we exposed Bhakta's "guru's" Haitian Disco project way before anyone else even knew there was a problem. Yes, these people are even upset that we are exposing their Haitian Disco program, never mind their sahajiya infiltration problem. 

Did we forget to mention that Bhakta das promotes Mahanidhi's "Radha Kunda Babaji" program, and Bhakta's shiksha guru BV Puri promoted Gopal Krishna, Radhanath and Narayana Maharajas and so on? And Radhanath's program buried Kirtanananda's carcass in Vrdnavana? Radhanath swami is connected to the entire New Vrndavana criminal meltdown fiasco, why is he still "a saint" in Sacinandana's program?  

Why is Sacinananda swami connected to a program that promotes Radhanath as a saint, knowing that program buries dead deviants in the holy dham? And why doesn't Ramesh Babaji say, "Hey guess what, we cannot bury dead deviants in the holy dham, and we need to drive that program out of the holy dham"? 

Where is the interest in keeping the purity and integrity of the holy dham? And why is it that its almost always us fallen ex-mlecchas have to point out that we cannot bury bogus fools in the holy dham? And why is HKC Jaipur not over there in Vrndavana with signs protesting the burying of deviants in the holy dham, and instead they are protesting PADA because we want deviants NOT to be buried there? 

These guys could not organize a protest of the mis-use of a bag of peanuts, much less mis-use of the holy dham for the past 35 years. Yep, as soon as we say we should not bury deviants on the holy dham these guys protest -- us! Lets face it, all of these folks would rather have deviants worshiped in the holy dham than have us and Bangalore re-establish the worship of Srila Prabhupada in the holy dham. 

And thus, most of these people are united against PADA, including many from the GBC, various Gaudiya Matha folks, Bhakta das, HKC Jaipur etc, -- and they similarly ALL oppose Bangalore making a Srila Prabhupada centered temple in Vrndavana, because they are either with the Sacinandana swami /  Bhakta das / Radhanath program -- of burying dead deviants like Kirtanananda in the holy land -- or they would rather have that program take charge of the holy land than our Prabhupada centered program -- because they love the deviants more than Srila Prabhupada. 

In any case, these assembled folks would rather see the worship of illicit sex in the holy dham than the worship of Srila Prabhupada, because they ALL oppose those of us who want that process removed, and that is why the worship of illicit sex has been going on there.

They all know us and Bangalore oppose the process of polluting the holy dham with bogus acharyas. Why not join Bangalore and protest burying dead deviants in the holy land? Nope, they oppose Bangalore because they want the deviants to remain as the main source of political power and influence there.  

So all these various out croppings and influences are inter-connected, basically its the same people who invited in the Gaudiya Matha's gurus, and later invited in the Babajis, Fakir Mohan, the GBC's ghost buster Chitesvara etc. etc. And all of these outside influences were brought in by the GBC (and their hand maidens like Bhakta das)  to rubber stamp and empower their bogus GBC guru program, because they knew we (most of the God brothers) were not going to promote their guru program. And all of the GBC gurus, their Gaudiya Matha advisors, their Rasika teachers, Bhakta das and his disciples, etc. they all opposed PADA because we kept pointing out that their "servant of Radha" gurus are -- defective and unauthorized.     

OK, even we have to admit that its probably better to associate with Ramesh Babaji than to be watching football on TV with Satsvarupa, or to be watching a homosexual marriage at Krishna West, but the problem remains that ISKCON's GBC are not making a much better alternative to these Babaji programs, or the GBC program is a worse deviation than the Babajis and Gaudiya Matha's. At least some of these Gaudiya Matha folks try to follow the principles and live austere lives. 

The whole reason people are even discussing -- Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, BV and BP Puri, Ramesh Babaji, Ananta Vasudeva's disciples like Fakir Mohan, etc. is because the bogus GBC are driving their people over to these folks camps and telling the members of ISKCON that these folks are the GBC's "higher authorities" for ISKCON. We should not even be discussing these folks because we were told not to associate with them. 

Yes, people tell us all these folks are "nice guys," and "they are helping ISKCON people when they lose faith in the process," ... except these "nice guys" are causing the whole problem in ISKCON by supporting and endorsing the GBC's gurus. And thus, when people lose faith in the GBC gurus, they end up "taking shelter" of these "GBC rasika advisors." The GBC is the pied piper leading the entire society over to these "other" camps, then they wonder aloud why ISKCON has been over-taken by these other camps? Go look in a mirror!  

Indeed, at one time Narayan Maharaja was bragging that he has "more ISKCON people" in his mission than the GBC's have in the official ISKCON mission, and he may have been correct. In short, the GBC's "gurus" often spawn their own competition by advertising outside gurus as their "shiksha advisors" and so on. The GBC leaders already know -- by now -- this policy has been bleeding members away from the official ISKCON mission all along starting with Sridhara Maharaja in 1978, so they do not want to start another stampede over to the Ramesh Babaji program. 

And a devotee from North Carolina wrote to tell us Tripurari swami is siphoning off people from ISKCON, so this is a big problem for ISKCON, but this process was all started when the GBC itself told everyone they had to take shelter of all these outside programs.]

Not caring for Srila Prabhupada's instructions not to associate with Radhakunda babajis (Letter to Nitai - Los Angeles, 7 June 1976)

Insisting on feelings (as opposed to sastric quotes, sadhana and preaching)

Desire to enjoy (hard work and pushing yourself and others for Srila Prabhupada is not considered pleasurable)

Mayavadi oneness (discriminating shown as bad, all devotees need to be loved, doesn't matter what nonsense or deviation are they engaged in)

Only mentioning feelings to Radharani and feelings to material things (feelings toward Srila Prabhupada are nowhere to be found)

Having discussions on extremely low intellectual level (it's hard to believe that this is actually a disciple of the greatest preacher that came to western world, greatest senapati bhakta general Srila Prabhupada. Introductory books written by Srila Prabhupada such as Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers are unlimitedly more interesting than this conversation.)

It seems to be very hard, almost impossible to uproot sahajiyas from ISKCON, but at least we can show our disagreement by exposing them. And yes, you can laugh freely, this really looks like cheap soap opera.

Video Transcript

Ramesh Baba: I'm very lucky to see you!

Sacinandana Swami: Ha ha ha! Somehow you have chosen to give me your affection since a long time, and that affection is still, after a long time in your heart, and I also feel the same. I've visited you many years and you were always smiling on me, and I was always happy to feel your affection. Thank you very much! How is our lion of Braj? Health is...

Ramesh Baba: Small insect of Braj.

Sacinandana Swami: Ha ha ha! Hare Krishna! I was very, very happy when I listened to your talk in Govardhan, for two reasons. I like very much the bhava which you bring, this mood, like you sang: We only need Radharani! We only need Radharani! And you explained seven ashrayas which I have to go. I felt very, very happy and some almost like.. yes, great utsahan came in my heart. It was really a present which I took from that visit, that we only need Radharani. YES! It is true! I felt like this. And the second reason I was very happy that you pursue `The Yamuna cause` so strongly.

[PADA: Why do people need to get outside advice that "we only need to worship Radharani" from Ramesh Babaji? Srila Prabhupada taught us already that we need to pray for the mercy of both Radha AND Krishna together. Srila Prabhupada says we cannot worship Krishna without Radha and we cannot worship Radha without Krishna, why should this policy be changed? Then again, the worship of Radharani is done by the intimate gopis and sakhis in Krishna's inner circle of associates, so this is another sahajiya program, promoting the most advanced forms of worship among neophytes.]

Ramesh Baba: Yes!

Sacinandana Swami: I am very happy and I am always telling Madayanti she should make that her main work because she has some political understanding, and she can, maybe, help in some ways.

Today I want to ask very important question for me. I was visiting your yatra and I immediately could feel, there was so much affection between the devotees. Somehow, by your guidance, you have created a very affectionate relationship among the devotees. You also spoke about this. On the first day you said: trnad api sunicena. There should be no fights. Everyone should be humble, and then the yatra will be successful. I noticed that because, as you know, I am a member of a movement and when I come and visit you, my first reason is: I come to visit a person who I like so much, but then I also look how is he doing everything to be so nice. Like this...That interest is there.

[PADA: This is actually a real and huge problem for the contemporary Krishna devotees, there is little unity or "love and trust" and there are a number of divided camps. Unfortunately, Sacinandana swami is one of the persons responsible for the main cause of all these schisms by his support of the worst clique of all, the GBC's gurus. 

Instead of visiting with our Prabhupadanuga associates, Sacinandana is visiting with the Babajis. And instead of making "a nice friendly family of devotees" with us, the Sacinandana program is spending allegedly $20 million dollars suing the Prabhupada devotees to have our folks driven out of ISKCON. 

Where is his family mood? 

Worse, current and ex-members of Sacinandana's so-called ISKCON family have to keep posting "fundme" collections for those in dire need of basic material welfare, thus they cannot afford to get health care, housing, heating bills paid etc. -- but there is meanwhile apparently $20 million to spend on lawyers in Sacinandana's program to sue -- us? One temple sent us an advertisement where they were collecting money for a washing machine for the temple's clothes to be washed. They cannot afford to wash their devotee's clothes, but there is always plenty of money for Mercedes for their hokey gurus and millions for lawyers?

The main counter group that is organizing outside the GBC are the so-called ritviks, and this program is growing gradually. However, to be fair this is a valid point made by Sacinanandana swami, there seems to be little cooperation, love, trust and care among the various Krishna groups, and this is hampering the growth of the overall program, just like the Gaudiya Matha's schisms hampered if not destroyed their preaching. Some devotees recently reported how nice they felt going to a "Mother Amma" program because the people there were so nice, caring and affectionate. 

Yep, treating people nicely is attractive. 

Caring for one's fellow congregation members is also attractive. For example: in our hometown area, the Mormon Church has all sorts of outreach and support systems for their members. They have a food bank for their poor members; They send expert plumbers and carpenters (who are their own church's members) over to fix poor people's homes; They are sending young men over to the homes of the elderly in their church to assist the elderly etc. 

They even have an "elder watch" program that was visiting an elderly lady neighbor's house on our street, to make sure she was OK. Eventually, she died, and then they sent another crew of men over there with a big truck to clean up her house and help the relatives deal with the situation. In sum, they have love and concern for one another, that is something we are not seeing very much in the Krishna community. As one person told us, "You can judge a society by how well it treats its members, and the overall Krishna community does little or nothing to look after its members, unless one is in the upper crust management, in which case one will live like a Saudi Prince."] 

The second thing is - I've also noticed this bhava, so strong! It comes from you and your devotees picked it up, all these padayatris.

[PADA: That's the first problem, Srila Prabhupada wanted his devotees to be preaching in the West and not all the time going on "parikramas" and "padayatras" around Vrndavana, Goverdhan etc., which seems to be the main program nowadays. This is the result of this Babaji association, the preaching is going down and the ISKCON devotees are hanging out in Vrndavana trying to find some "rasika Babaji association" instead.] 

In my spiritual life I came to the level or to the understanding that I feel very strongly a need to feel like a relationship to Radha and Krishna; some sambandha. Because only then bhava can come. And I know, without bhava I (and I`m not speaking now about the stage before prema, just normal bhava) without this everything is just so much work and one needs to push himself and others.

[PADA: If one STILL needs to find a way to experience the bhava platform, then one is NOT yet self-realized, and one is NOT qualified to be in the post of guru. This is what we find all the time in ISKCON, the guru is "trying to find a way" to stop watching football, drink near beer, have illicit sex, and so on, because ISKCON is advertising neophytes as pure gurus, this is sahajiya on steroids.]

So, if you could be so kind to speak a little bit on the subject matter of sambandha, or relationship to Radha and Krishna, and to feel some feelings there. Because if there are no feelings for Radha and Krishna, these feeling will be for the material things. I believe that is your secret you have, and I'm coming as a beggar to beg some bhava from you, or some instructions.

[PADA: Its no secret, their not following Srila Prabhupada is causing these GBC gurus to fall down left, right and center. They are not experiencing the higher taste because they are trying to usurp the post of acharya, which is a material desire.]

Ramesh Baba: Relationship with Sriji... the source of relationship is only that we should love the lovers of Radharani, devotees. And without love to the devotees, there is nothing. One cannot achieve anything.

[PADA: Correct, declaring war on the Srila Prabhupada devotees and kicking them all out has made ISKCON into almost nothing. Even Lokanatha swami wrote in 1988 that ISKCON has become "a ghost town, where have they all gone"? Well, you and your program drove them all out. So this is quite correct, without love for the devotees, there is nothing, and ISKCON is a classic example of this, their temples are empty, because they have no love for the vaishnavas.] 

The main difficulty in our Vaishnava communities: the friction of..."We are Gaudiya, he is European, he is English, he is Indian, he is Bengali, he is Maharashtri..." These all things are the hindrances of Bhakti Marga. In Braja bhumi every yatra hates Bengalis, but we have great care and respect for Bengalis. There is no provinciality, no difference: sadhu, grihasti, there is no difference of caste, so the pure nectar of devotion runs in yatra.

[PADA: We have heard this complaint before that the Bengalis are not so much welcome in Vrndavana -- one reason -- because there has a number of Bengali "widows" there who are seen as a burden. Of course, Bengal is the birth place of Lord Chaitanya, so you'd think they would welcome these folks? This simply proves that there is still social status consciousness, class consciousness, caste and racial discrimination, even in the holy dham.]

There is no difference of money; "he is giving", "he's rich man", "we expect something". There is no difference. Everybody lives in the same tent and no facilities, lies on earth, sleeps on earth and the same food - prasad. Nothing superior in anything for anyone else. This is the main factor. No selfish motive from anybody.

[PADA: This is a good program, if this is how it works, all the members have equal facility. ISKCON used to work like that, all the brahmacharis lived in one room, the brahmacharinis lived in another, there was no special deal for the "big GBC gurus" to live in their own opulent private places.] 

Sacinandana Swami: Thank you. You have given very important instructions. First the relationship to devotees. Without that...

[PADA: That is always the question, how come Sacinandana's gurus drive out all of the Prabhupada devotees, then they go to the Babajis for association?]

Ramesh Baba: It is quite impossible. If you are not loving devotee, it is impossible for anybody. Whether he is educated, or he is non-educated ...

Sacinandana Swami: Yes, it makes a lot of sense. I think Sriji expects that Her devotees are full of daya, full of compassion, not full of bheda of making differences. Like always, you have given a lot of information in a short sentence.

Ramesh Baba: Everybody is narrow-minded. He is saint, he is grihasti, he is male gender, she is female gender, he is Gaudiya, he is ISKCON, he is not ISKCON...

Sacinandana Swami: (laugh of approval) Ja...

[PADA: Clearly, Sacinandana Swami is embarrassed to be known as a member of ISKCON. It has now become officially a joke to be a member of ISKCON, because the GBC has destroyed its credibility. Now people are making fun of how silly it is to be either -- a member -- or non-member of ISKCON, and the leaders are laughing too, because they know the mission has lost its credibility. 

If we would tell some Christians that it does not matter if they are members of their church or not, they would be highly offended because they are proud to be a member of their particular church. Thus, even the GBC leaders feel no pride in being a member of ISKCON, because they have driven the reputation down the drain, so even they are joking "who cares if one is a member of our church or not." Doesn't that means they never cared about the reputation of the movement the whole time?]

Sacinandana Swami: It seems, and I may ask question of this: I understand fully what you've said. I can see the truth in it, it seems that movements who have missionary goals in their eyes want money and they need money and they need people, and therefore because, they want to attain certain goals, they try to make their group strong so that they can reach their goals and at that time, they have this differentiation in there. I see that you, I know that you don't want to make a big movement, but so many people come on your yatra, more than anyone, and there is this goshala with 30,000 cows are there, I mean, it is now becoming something very big. Ramesh baba is not longer just...

Ramesh Baba: At the beginning there was just 5 cows, and now there is 30 000, more then, and every day increasing.

Sacinandana Swami: Yes, yes, every day and no cow is sent away. So, somehow, Ramesh babaji has also become a really big organisation, he may not have wanted it but it is growing and still you are able to have no differentiation. Don't you sometimes come in situation that you say:" I want to attain this, I want Yamunaji to come back to Braj, I need to have some people who work on this and I need some money and they should not go anywhere else." and then, I'm trying to say that in organizations who want to do good sometimes this idea of differentiation and "let's keep our own people", this is ISKCON, this is not ISKCON (laughter), and so on, that comes...

[PADA: Yes this is silly, being a member of ISKCON or not, its become a joke to be "one of the ISKCON men," and even the leaders are agreeing. The leaders have made ISKCON into such a joke, people no longer want to be identified as a member, including the leaders, even they are laughing at the concept of being or not being a member.]

Ramesh Baba: That situation came with me also. Due to lack of money, 2 years before I announced no yatra will be held. But it was only false words. My heart was singing: "no! Yatra will run." and see what happens, because people were giving money for help and they...

Some man: They were diverted actually.

Ramesh Baba: So our sources were... And without sources it was only a show. But who are saints living here, I called a meeting: "What should we do?" The saints answered that we will collect madhukari, begging, you know?

[PADA: Right, people are giving up on ISKCON and supporting other programs.]

Sacinandana Swami: Yes, yes, a few chapatis.

Ramesh Baba: And more than 10 000 yatris we will fulfill. The program was made, "I will give you a Jeep, and ten saints in this village, ten in second village, ten in third village". In this way, if we make more than 100 teams, that will be easy, no need of money, but Sriji gave the source, some money and it is again running.

Better to stop the yatra, not to share ? arrangement. We can not go doors to doors for donation. It is quite impossible.

Sacinandana Swami: Yes, Sriji has given you this nistha...

Ramesh Baba: Yatra is not a prestige point of Maan mandir. If it is not running, all right. As Sriji wants. If She is not wanting, stop that. We will collect madhukari, and not for begging money for anybody.

Sacinandana Swami: I very much admire your faith in Sriji and your absolute dependence on Her.

Ramesh Baba: The same is case is ? yatra. ? More than crores of rupies.

Man: Many crores.

Ramesh Baba: Means many dollars. But we don't go for collection. This yatra is the biggest of the previous yatras. More than 15 000.

Man: Baba, more than 17 point something registrations are already there. But there are many, many devotees who come every year, never do registration, so they are more than 2000-3000, so approximately, more than 20,000 this year.

Ramesh Baba: And, panditji said: "Do not run yearly, it should run on donating years.", but Radha can't say no if run yearly.

Sacinandana Swami: I remember when you were in Kamyavan and you were protesting against the exploitation of the mountains, you said: "We are in the government of Radharani". That's out government. Alla Beli? Alla belli means government? I remember still.

Ramesh Baba: "You need government, Alla belli".

Sacinandana Swami: Acca, yes, yes. I remember this. We are all trying to be devotees, when someone lives this full surrender: "We don't need anyone else than Radharani, only Radharani's will, the government of Radharani.", this is a dream, which we all have to live on that level, but I think it's only possible. You please correct me, but is my thinking correct, you can only make yourself totally dependent on Radharani and not make any own security arrangements when you are accepted like this by Radharani.

[PADA: Well this is good, we should only depend on Krishna, so why does the GBC depend instead on false guru appointments, and subsequent banning, beating and assassinating people to stay in power?]

Sacinandana swami: I want to give you an example: I had this very severe problem, shingle case, I came from Australia, and I had done my booking in the daily hospital. When I would come from Australia, I would go right into the daily hospital, Ayur Vedic hospital, for treating this problem, because it was so bad, the pain was so big, I couldn't sleep for 3 weeks. It was really bad.

[PADA: This is another pattern here, these gurus are almost always getting sick, falling down, or both. In fact these gurus chronic sickness is clearly an epidemic since, many (or most) of them have been -- or are -- currently sick, if not very sick, and a number have already died.]

Chronic Health Problems in GBC Gurus?

Then, I said, well, now I am in Delhi, I can't go directly to the hospital, let me go to Vrindavan, to Radhakund, let me do some bhajan, then I'll go to hospital. When I went to Radhakund, I felt, o Braj is so wonderful, do I really need to go to the hospital, and I said to myself, why don't I follow Ramesh baba's idea. Radharani is my hospital, I though like this, so for seven days, I didn't go to the hospital, but I stayed at Radha-kund, and I was hoping I would be able to stay the whole day and Radharani would give her injections and take care.

But, the pain became just so bad and so strong that the devotees who were with me, said: "You must go to the hospital. " Then, after one week, I went to the daily hospital and came back in the last week of Kartik.

So my question is: Does it work for everyone, that he says, Radharani is the only, I don't need the hospital and daily, Radharani is the only government and so on or does it only work for Ramesh baba? I am sorry to ask this question, in German, I hope I'm not impolite in speaking.

Ramesh Baba: Such type of faith and concentration was with Prahlad ji. When he was burned in fire, and ultimate weapons were used for Prahlada. And more than atomic weapons. Dangers. Digaraj, the Deities who are holding the whole direction. They were brought by the order of Hiranyakasipu. And all were in vain, only Prahlada succeeded. Such type of faith is in the hand of Sri Ji, not in the hand of any man. Human bodied.

Sacinandana Swami: It has to be given by Sri ji.

Ramesh Baba: Yes, she will give you, a day will come. In the same way, My yatra is ?, when all finances were stopped, every help was stopped. But due to mercy of Radharani it is alive.

Sacinandana Swami: Practical proof. Practical proof. Yes. Thank you very much for your ...

Ramesh Baba: If yatra is stopped, let it be stopped. But we are not going in the shelter of any rich person. If it is stopped, stop it.

Sacinandana Swami: Thank you very much, you satisfied my heart very much with your answers. Thank you very much. Very much appreciated, that you talked philosophically and practically. Yes. I understand.

Ramesh Baba: Locan bubble burst, and the wall was damaged. There are four walls in the heart, one of them was damaged. Eight doctors came here to see me, and they suggested for operation. But I was not in the mood of that. Better to die.

Sacinandana Swami: You have done many, many years of great seva here in Braj. You are very dear to Radharani. We can all see and respect that. Wonderful. Yes. No, we can all see it and we are very touched to see someone. And it was not easy, I remember, in the very begging when you stayed here, some bad people were coming with sticks. I believe, they didn't want you to be here. I've heard something, and I was staying here for the month of Kartik. You had to pay the price to Radharani. I am staying here. I will do my ...

Ramesh Baba: 60 years ago, Maan mandir was a place of dacoits.

[PADA: Well right, Srila Prabhupada mentions that dacoits sometimes live near the holy places to attack the pilgrims.]

Sacinandana Swami: And why did you come to Maan mandir?

Ramesh Baba: It was only one place in Vraja, alone, It was not occupied actually, and it was very sacred according to epics. No one was visiting this place because of dacoits. In the day, one can not come here in Maan Mandir. Daytime.

Sacinandana Swami: Night, no question? We thank you very much. We brought present from your dear beloved Sri ji, from Sri Ji Mandir this morning, she was wearing. Can I give? Thank you very, very much, we wish you all success. I will not take more of your time.

And thank you also for your kindness to allow us use your hall. I spoke today in the begging about your nistha, that the Holly name brings Krishna. Badri-vishal prabhu, he told me that ten months ago, the Deities in Sankit were actually stolen, and you were asked to make the installation or the prana pratistha ceremony for newly purchased Deities. And you said: "No, no. Better you do harinam and that will bring Krishna." Then later, the Deity was found by some policemen who checked one man who was on a bicycle and he found out he had the bag with Deities on his bicycle. And this way by the chanting the Deity came back.

I told them: "This is Ramesh baba, who is giving us hall for this day, has said: "the Nam brings Radha and Krishna."

I thank you very much, for your nistha, it is a great joy for all the Vaisnavas to hear what you say on the nistha and to see how you move. You are inspiring, not only the yatris but really everywhere, you give so much inspiration and especially because you don't make this bheda. This difference. That is a very good point. Somehow your heart does not know "this Vaisnava, or that Vaisnava". It is very good. We can all learn a lot from this example.

Thank you much. I will not take more of your time. You are studying, you are now with the sastras and I should not take more time. You've given already so much santosh to my heart. I wish you all the best. Good health, may you stay many years amongst us because we need good examples. We need such good examples.

With your permission, I will go.
Hare Krishna.

[PADA: Right, we should not make distinctions based on bodily platform, except, as soon as someone does not want to worship the GBC's debauchee guru program they should be sued and kicked out. Oh no, and Sacinandana Swami is in charge of this program?:] 


Bhaktivedanta College a Feminist Stronghold


It is not surprising that Bhaktivedanta College in Radhadesha is so confused about the questions that Haladhara Prabhu asked in Reflections on Vaisnavi-dharma. They actually reject what Srila Prabhupada and sastra say about women's duties and concoct their own idea. How has this come about? By the influence of feminists like Urmila dd, Laxmimoni dd, Annuttama Prabhu and his wife Rukmini, Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu and Sacinandana Swami.

[PADA: Women as a class have been alienated from post-1977 ISKCON due to mistreatment and exploitation. Then again, almost all the men have almost all left as well. Then again the second generation of ISKCON gurukula children have almost all been alienated and have left as well. The GBC are trying to encourage the few remaining women they have left, by offering them a post as gurus and shastric advisory leaders, otherwise they won't have practically anyone left.]   

Sacinandana Swami has a big influence at Bhaktivedanta College because the husband of Anupama dd, Dinadayal Prabhu is a disciple of Sacinandana Swami. Dinadayal Prabhu is one of the heads at Bhaktivedanta College plus has a big role in the Euro GBC.

[PADA: Correct, Sacinanandana Swami is clearly part of the Radha Kunda babaji sahajiya culture of ISKCON, and so the GBC makes him the leader of their biggest Bhaktivedanta College program, because the whole GBC group is compromised with the babaji sahajiya culture.]

This nonsense about women having their own varna with their own duties is especially promoted by Urmila dd, (who considers herself a brahmana in her own right and promotes herself as an acarya and guru). Why is it nonsense? Because the only duty that the woman has is to serve her husband as explained by Narada Muni in Srimad Bhagavatam 7.11.25:

"To render service to the husband, to be always favorably disposed toward the husband, to be equally well disposed toward the husband's relatives and friends, and to follow the vows of the husband — these are the four principles to be followed by women described as chaste."

[PADA: Well yes, women in the West were previously almost always in the role of a house-wife, and this was the case all along in Christian culture even up to the 1960s. And these women were seen as dependent on their "male wage earner" partners. Such roles are changing in Western society, and even in Christian culture today, but overall Srila Prabhupada encouraged women to be married (as the Christians have done up to recently).] 

To understand what I mean by rebellious and unchaste (recalling Narada Muni's definition of a chaste woman SB 7.11.25) take a look at this text by Pratyatosha Prabhu, Urmila's former husband. He explains how Urmila dd developed an unchaste relationship with another man, Bir Krsna Goswami, and conspired with him to have her husband Pratyatosa Prabhu removed from the board of directors of the school they had started. She then forced him into a legal separation. He writes:

"In 1996, she obtained a restraining order and a legal separation from me against my wishes. Now that I've been gone for over 3 years, BKG is more than likely still doing things for her that a husband would normally do."

[PADA: Right, we heard the cottage of Urmila and Bir Krishna were not far apart in the woods and they could easily be with one another. In any case Bir Krishna became Urmila's confidential advisor.]

Yet she claims in her application to be a guru that: "My situation has been stable for some time. I'm living separated from husband as vanaprastha since 1996; we have a legal separation agreement. I'm under the authority of our sons and son-in-law. I will soon have own cabin for residence."


In vanaprastha it s the husband who is the vanaprastha, not the wife, she continues to serve him. But in Urmila's typical twisted logic she is the "vanaprastha" and having an unchaste relationship with another man forces her husband to leave. She has violated sastra by renouncing her prescribed duties Bg 18.7-8.

Thus to rationalize her adharmaic and unchaste behavior Urmila dd has concocted a bogus philosophy that women have their own varna and duties so that she can act independently. And since she is allowed to have an influence in ISKCON by fellow feminists in the NA GBC (Bir Krsna Goswami (her mentor and maybe more), Anuttama, Malati, Bhakti Marga Swami, Ravindra Swarupa et al.) who all have a major influence at the Bhaktivedanta College. She then teaches her concocted appasiddhantic ideas at the Bhaktivedanta College and it is then no wonder why the college is philosophically at odds with sastra and put women in charge of teaching men.

[PADA: Its more than that really, the Shastric Advisory Committee (SAC) also advises the GBC's gurus, so these people are not just advising men, they are advising the GBC's messiahs. And they expect to be rewarded for their aiding the GBC guru process, by being voted in as "female gurus."]

So here we have textbook example of an unchaste woman*, Urmila dd, being promoted by the leadership of the NA GBC to be a diksha guru in ISKCON. She is now also the Chairman of the SAC (Sastra Advisory Committee), and is using this position along with other corrupt members of SAC like Yadunanda Swami (principle of Bhaktivedanta College), Drutakarma, Madana Mohana, Caitanya Charan (Pune) et al. to persuade the GBC to install Female Diksha Gurus. She of course wants to be one of them.

[PADA: Right, not many people are stepping up to take the post of messiah for the GBC these days, if they can get some women on board that will help keep the hokey messiah's program moving along for a little longer, otherwise it is dying out.]

So considering all the secular influences on this school it is not surprising that in such a short time Bhaktivedanta College has already become useless. Any student who attends this college will be permanently scarred spiritually and it will take a great deal of effort for them to ever have the correct understanding of siddhanta.

Respected universities like Oxford and Cambridge started out as schools of theology but over time compromised with secular society and are now bastions of atheism. If in such a short time secular culture has gotten such a strong grip at Bhaktivedanta College, the future doesn't look good. And considering that the sentimentalist sahajiya Sacinandana Swami has a strong influence there we can only imagine what this strange brew will produce.

[PADA: Right, concocted "voted in" women gurus, sahajiya culture, this is going to create a whole new wave of further problems for ISKCON, and it will take it even further away from Srila Prabhupada's teachings.]

*We would never allow a sannyasi,** vanaprastha, grhasta or brahmacari who didn't follow the dharma of their respective ashrama to give class. Why then should we allow an unchaste woman (Urmila dd) who rejects Stri-dharma to give classes in ISKCON, what to speak of being a teacher at Bhaktivedanta College or chairperson of the SAC!

**Maybe that is changing since Sacinandana Swami is practically, for all intents and purposes, married to his girlfriend Bhanunandini dd.

[PADA: Oh boy, this does not sound good, does Sacinandana Swami have a "female assistant" like some of these other GBC gurus? ys pd]


[PADA: Previous story, Sacinandana swami connection to Mahanidhi's Radha Kunda Babaji program:]


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