Friday, November 28, 2014

Climate Change Due to "End Times"?

[PADA: Apparently, many Christians are not alarmed by recent increases in severe weather, such as droughts, seven feet of snow, floods and hurricanes etc., nor are they worried too much about increases in polluted air and water, its all part of "the end times predicted in the Bible."

Yep, the end of the world is coming anyway, so who gives a hoot! One of my Christian friends has offered this explanation, yes, the world will no longer be habitable pretty soon, but that really does not matter anyway, because when the earth is no longer habitable, we will know how to fly to a new planet by then, and we will habitate the new planet.

It will be paradise again. Ya think so pilgrims! Sorry, Kali Yuga will progress, and people will be stuck here to deal with it. There is a new movie out now called "Interstellar" where they try to find a new planet for the humans, because the current world is no longer livable. Its almost like, -- they know what is coming here.

The various Christian's "End Time" explanation is called "climate change denial" in the article, and we think that's the fact. "Denial" has been a similar problem in the Krishna religion as well, oh well, its all temporary prabhu, who gives a hoot!

A devotee called me today to say basically the same thing, i.e. he and others have been "out of the loop," because once they knew "problems" were starting in ISKCON, they just abandoned ship. They still really do not even know NOW about all the problems ISKCON has been experiencing.

He was asking for "details" and was shocked to hear some of them, These folks smelled trouble, they saw the ISKCON ship was headed for the rocks, and so they just left and wandered off the reservation and let ISKCON go its own (wayward) way. A karmi media person told once us that ISKCON seems to be suffering from "cowardly lion syndrome." OK, well at least the Krishna's are not the only denial fanatics on the planet. ys pd]   

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