Thursday, November 20, 2014

India's "Kissing Movement"


[PADA: This always amazes us, in India literally thousands of people will gather in a flash and start a huge riot over something like "kissing in public." Meanwhile -- there does not seem to be very significant protests over MUCH more significant issues such as: Bogus gurus, swamis, yogis and avatars operating left, right and center; Mass abortion of female babies; Bollywood-ization; Western-ization; Industrial-ization; Pollution of the holy places and rivers; Cows and pigs being rounded up for slaughter; General problem with rapes (at least some protests of this have occurred), Mis-treatment of the Dalits "untouchables"; Mass sterilization of (poor) females  -- and so on and so forth.

Its almost as if -- the more trivial problems are being artificially blown up to be the biggest problems, so people will not have to think about the major issues, its like a smokescreen effect. This phenomena has also happened in ISKCON to some extent: If anyone wants to protest in ISKCON, they are only allowed to protest trivial side issues such as "should the GBC vote in women as gurus" -- and thus, they never really deal with the major problematic issues for example, why is the GBC guru program saying that acharyas are often debauchees?

We were also shocked when we brought out "the poison tapes" issue how some "karmi" women at Venice beach asked me about the issue and they were very concerned "oh this man said he is being poisoned, that is terrible." They showed alarm and concern on the faces, they immediately grasped the gravity of the situation. Meanwhile, only few devotees at the time even cared, and not that many cared ever since, there is a lot of concern for trivia -- and not the significance.

Yep, even if no one kisses in public in India ever again, all their other problems will continue, and even if we vote in a bunch of women as gurus in ISKCON, the same problems will continue. Its not the main problem issues that are being discussed. Of course even in the USA the biggest problem right now is, "who is winning on American Idol," There is a huge focus on trivia and not the important issues. That is how maya keeps us side tracked, we get overwhelmed on side issues and forget the real issues. ys pd            

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