Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pranab Mukherjee Visit Update

Gauridasa Pandita: I just got a 12 hour notice that our whole Hotel has to be vacated because the President of India is coming to visit Akshaya Patra and the Banki Behari Temple this Sunday. It's nice he is coming but not nice that we all have to move out on such a short notice! India despite your faults; I still love you!

Amit The President of India is nice devotee and thus he will inspire others.

Devi Dasi: Sorry to hear you have to move out of your hotel room so fast. Good to hear the president of India is coming to visit Akshaya Patra! ... As for criticism I' keep hearing that its GM food, I've yet to see anyone do anything but complain, if the foods were omited, kids would go hungry & uneducated. Instead people should get actively involved in a favorable way and find or donate a replacement for that food. Which they have not done. Its far worse to leave children going hungry. As for it being bhoga, that part is news to me, & someone who cares should look into it. But you know, one need not be there to offer food. Anyone can make an arrangment with AP & from the computer, while in a spiritual mood, offer. It's easy to complain, but its also easy to pitch in. Anyhow, thanks for loaning an ear.


PADA: Yep, the complainers want these children to starve, what else is new? The same people complained about PADA for years, were they out distributing papers like we were? Nope. Sour grapes. Anyway the president of India is interested in our Prabhupadanuga's project, he is not visiting the program of these critics. ys pd


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