Friday, November 21, 2014

Another GBC Land Dispute (Bangalore)

PADA: Apparently, Bangalore ISKCON's "GBC managed temple" -- (i.e. Jayapataka swami / Dayarama / Varada Krishna) -- was built illegally, they seem to have not got the proper land title ownership and government permits. Now, the Karnataka government wants that temple removed -- and the GBC managed temple is saying the government "wants to destroy Hindu temples."

The GBC folks started a big petition drive to "stop the destruction of Hindu temples," it seems, without telling people they did not get the legal permits in order in the first place. This is another scam? The temple president, Varada Krishna, is already being cited for contempt by the Karnataka courts, is this the same problem again, -- they are not doing things legally? Yep, we want to stop the destruction of Hindu temples, but what if their temple was not authorized in the first place? ys pd    

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