Monday, November 24, 2014

ISKCON Mumbhai Crimes On TV

[PADA: Wow! We had this same program's criminal actions exposed on TV in the 1980s, over here in the USA, and its now finally getting on TV over there. Yep, they are crooks, plain and simple. Worse, these crooks are trying to empower an illicit sex guru program. Crooked and immoral all at once. DAYARAMA even sent me a message that its true, the GBC has been promoting deviants as acharyas.

Anyway, this is good "Jayapataka Sisya Samuha" is implicated as are the leaders of Bombay ISKCON. We are glad these folks are finally getting some (USA style) "court justice." I love the sort of "Satanic" music they keep playing in the background here, hee hee! Fits quite well.

Anyway, the GBC is really getting desperate to use these types of criminal manipulation tactics. Look at some of the criminal charges: Scandalizing the court; Subverting the Judicial; Blackmail; Unlawful influence of the Judiciary; Criminal contempt of Court; Theft of photos; Extortion; Cheating; Forgery; Forgery for purpose of cheating; Forgery of electronic record; Conspiracy with others, etc. ISKCON Bombay's Varada Krishna is also being charged, and the CID (India's FBI) is involved.. Yep, we said they are crooks, and they are. PADA's predictions are -- almost always -- proven correct. ys pd

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