Sunday, November 9, 2014

Urjasvata funeral / Dancing Spider / Preacher vs Witch (videos)

1) Urjasvata das' funeral kirtana -- (filmed at the crematorium.) I am thankful for all those who attended to perform this farewell kirtana. Our devotees are sometimes dying with hardly any other devotees present, or maybe no devotees present at all.

We started going to a devotee's hospital bed when they were dying, and we were mostly the only visitors. Ever! The GBC leaders have apparently almost no concern for the dying and departing soldiers of ISKCON. They will however bury their dead deviants in the holy dham with great pomp and expense, but not give us a fifty dollars for funeral flowers when our peon folks are departing.

The other problem is that great kirtana devotees like Urjasvat are not being replaced with a trained up new wave of young kirtana people, especially in the USA. The harinama samkirtana is not going to go forward -- unless ISKCON decides to focus more on harinama and not making their almost exclusive focus -- milking the Hindus for money in India.

There is no real harinama program in almost all big USA cities now, ok once in a great while they will go out for a festival in a few cities, that's it. Even the so-called karmis wonder what happened to all these kirtana devotees like Urjasvat, where did the samkirtana movement go? It went away because the leaders wanted money from the Hindus for their jet set lifestyles, that about sums it up.  

2) Amazing creatures in Krishna's creation (peacock spider). Poor little guy has to dance himself silly to impress the ladies. Amazing! Srila Prabhupada says whatever 8,400,000 species we are in, we'll be attracted to the opposite sex. Krishna arranges that for the species to continue, and its always the same thing, a reflection of the original rasa, even for the spiders.

3) Street preachers vs Witch, Alien, Robin Hood etc. Not many people want to hear these guys in Salem Mass, public seems to be on the side of the Witch. Seems the Krishna's get more sympathy from the public doing harinama than these preachers. In short, people want to be preached to in a nice way, not "shove it down" fanatical, or else they will be alienated, we can all learn something from this.

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