Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Radha's Birth Place Adopted


[PADA: Hema Malini will try to improve the infrastructure for the village of Radha's birth near Vrndavana, making this a historical preservation project. She plans more roads, electricity, plumbing improvements and so on. Some devotees think this is going to ruin the rural atmosphere, but we think that there needs to be improved infrastructure because honestly, many things around there are simply falling apart and have not been updated for over 50 years.

And if the infrastructure is improved that will facilitate the tourists better, and this will provide more funds to upkeep these properties. Also some pilgrims have been assaulted and attacked nearby this area -- and so we hope the security is also improved for the safety of the pilgrims. In any case, these areas need to be kept up and maintained, and not enough is being done right now to maintain and update these places, so this will hopefully help. Hema is a Krishna devotee and she will surely make the improvements tasteful for the area. ys pd]       

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