Friday, April 1, 2011

When is BV Tripurari going to clean this up? (ISKCON)

Ok a guru cannot be elected, he will be self effulgent. There were 10,000 devotees in ISKCON in 1977, many of them very effulgent preachers, and they were almost all driven out by the GBC, backed by Sridhara and Tripurari types, by their saying that gurus are appointed and elected. Therefore the natural development of self effulgent preachers and their self advancing program was halted, and the institutionalized rubber stamping of gurus appeared instead. This also happened in 1936, gurus were appointed by Sridhara Maharaja, who concocted and vociferously backed that idea, and nice preachers were kicked out or alienated -- including Srila Prabhupada. So even if you are correct, guru is self effulgent, in the Sridhara and Tripurari system, the guru is appointed and elected, therefore the self effulgent guru Srila Prabhupada had to leave the Sridhara Gaudiya Matha and start his own mission without them. There is little or no room for the bona fide self effulgent devotee in the appointed system.

Jesus was self effulgent, and the voting for smarta Pharisees had to reject him, the voting system of Sridhara Maharaja is the same problem, when gurus are voted then the self effulgent generally has to operate outside, as most of our acharyas do, they are not able to function in the ecclessiastical system. Tripurari is still saying Sridhara and his appointed and voted guru deviated system is bona fide, so he has not rectified anything.

Sridhara Maharaja was the head of the self appointed bogu guru program, which elected Ananta Vasudeva (a bi-sexual deviant) to the post of guru. If Tripurari is now rectified and free from deviation, why is he still saying Sridhara Maharaja has the authority to promote bi-sexual deviants as acharyas in 1936, and then to advocate for more homosexuals as gurus after 1977? Clearly Tripurari is not clarifying that these are deviations, rather he is saying that support of these deviations as was done by Sridhara is bona fide.

So assuming that preachers evolve self effulgently, this process is halted by the Sridhara, Tripurari and GBC program of appointing and voting in gurus, just like the smarta guru process, which puts bogus beedi smoking fools into the post of guru all over India by caste or appointment, and the real preachers are suppressed. Even Lord Chaitanya was suppressed by the ecclessiastical guru clan. So the Sridhara Maharaja idea of guru by appointment and votes is counter acting the natural progress of self manifesting.

Tripurari is always seen associating at Rathayatra with people like Jayadvaita, who says gurus have illicit sex with men, women and children. Why is he associated with this group? Why has he not wrote papers saying that this is bogus? When is he going to clean this misconception up, that gurus "go mad" and have illicit sex with men, women and children? And why was Sridhara helping the GBC write papers like "The Mahajanas Have Difficulties" (1980) where they said even the mahajanas have problems? When are all these papers, and the Sri Guru and His Grace problems like the guru "wears a uniform" and then he is a guru, and so on ad infinitum, when are all these issues going to be clarified by Tripurari? Worse, he distributes books full of all these misconceptions. Even the Narayana people, they gave me their book "Guru Tattva," I opened it up, "there was nothing wrong with Ananta Vasudeva being the acharya in 1936," there is nothing wrong with bi-sexuals posing as gurus and murdering dissenters? So when is all this going to be clarified by Tripurari swami? ys pd

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