Sunday, April 3, 2011

GBC not interested in preaching (ISKCON)

Haridasa Thakura Dasa Prabhu,Dear Gaurahari, my aim wasn't to inspire you. You have given thought to what I said but you are fixed in what you do. My aim is to make devotees think about your aims in respect of Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON. What concerns me is the absolute certainty of your views in this regard. I am sick and tired of listening to all the criticisms, the gripes, the complaints and the constant sniping by so called advanced devotees against the GBC etc, who are doing their best best in devotional service. It is almost as if there is some hidden motive within ISKCON's leadership to cheat others, and that simply is not the case. Problems are there but to snipe from outside and disturb the minds of neophytes is not a positive thing to do and I don't see Srila Prabhupada being pleased by this kind of activity. I am not lumping you in with the so called advanced devotees as I rather like you, but the only pressers of the like button will be those that bear some kind of grudge against ISKCON. I read your email, thank you and I am not projecting my mind outwardly onto you. I listen with my ears and feel with my heart. Go well Gaurahari prabhu.

PADA The GBC's ISKCON has almost no interest in preaching whatsoever. When they tell the average man on the street that their 230 voted in messiahs are mostly falling into illicit sex with men, women and children, because their messiahs are often sex and even drugs fiends, the average man is totally disgusted, and he wants nothing to do with a "religion" that has most of its messiahs fallen into drugs and illicit sex. These GBC folks do not want to preach, they want Hindus to come and drop money in the collection box, thats their main program. What kind of religion teaches that the messiahs are mostly fallen into illicit sex, a religion that does not want to preach at all. ys pd

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