Sunday, April 3, 2011

More death threats to PADA (ISKCON)

Abhay Deolekar also commented on Bhajahari Murphy's photo. Abhay wrote:
"The day you meet me personaly, i will make your Samadhi at the same place."

PADA: Well this is actually good news: -- it means he cannot even answer even one of our questions. The other good news is, I get to go into samadhi (i.e. worship of Krishna). Wow! Can't wait to be sent into samadhi! Hah hah. If anyone knows who this GBC bone headed hack is, tell him, anwser our questions and quit behaving like a molester messiah goonda. ys pd

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  1. I am sorry to see this abuse, Puranjana Prabhu. These fools make their own bed of thorns with threats made against Vaisnava brahmanas. Kali yuga is here strong!


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