Saturday, April 9, 2011

RE Rocana / Sampradya Sun web site

Dear Prabhus, Rocana and his Sampradaya Sun web site is doing a stellar job of proving that the ritviks are correct since: every day we find another Sampradaya Sun article about the glories of Rocana's "Church of the living guru (scandals)." Rocana says we need to worship his living guru project, of course with living gurus like these, we might as well worship Barney the next door neighbor's poodle, he behaves better than a lot of these living gurus! How do we know that Barney behaves better than the church of Rocana's living gurus, its all found on Rocana's site, his "church of the living guru" project is flopping big time (as we said it was from square one)!

Hence, Rocana's living guru project is not working, at all, and how do we know that? We read his own site! Rocana apparently neither has any idea that the "living gurus" programs he promotes still has "zones" since he refers to the old zonal days, but hey, they still have zones. Ooopsey, and these living gurus are still out there having illicit sex, taking drugs, changing books, homosex etc.

Rocana tried to help the GBC start "the Church of Rocana's living gurus," yet every day Rocana proves that we are right, you need to worship the bona fide acharya SRILA PRABHUPADA (the ritviks idea) and not, ok emphasis on not, the church of Rocana's living gurus. And the evidence that our idea is correct is coming direct from a MASS OF EVIDENCE found on Rocana's site, worship the Rocana church of living debauchery, ooops, living parampara of debauchees is failing, and the proof is all over his site, Rocana himself is de facto admitting, we were right all along, we need to worship the bona fide guru and not Rocana's living messiah mess. Good job Rocana, yes, your chuch of the living dead, oops living messiahs, has gone down the tubes, as your site explains in detail, while our idea is catching on, and we can prove that our idea works, by looking at your site which proves, your living guru idea is NOT WORKING. Night of the living dead church of Rocana has FAILED! Period! ys pd

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