Friday, April 1, 2011

What is the authority of BV Tripurari (ISKCON) ys pd

I'm agreeing with you, I'm quite certain that the natural process should have been self-effulgent acharyas rising up from those ranks of pure devotees, but didn't Prabhupada say that those 11 people he pointed as ritviks should act as Gurus?

[PD: No, in fact he said his followers are not even fit for sannyasa on January 21, 1977, so supsend sannyasa. There are many other conversations where he says they are not fit in 1977, check these out on my site]

Did he make a mistake then? Was he an actual Acharya then if he made a single mistake? Why did he ask Srila Narayan Maharaj to forgive his offenses against his godbrothers when he was close to death? Was he fallible? :O ... What's that make all of us then?

[PD: Srila Prabhupada said he wanted to be forgiven for attacking the bogus ideas of his brothers, but he never said, therefore I agree that Sridhara Maharaja had the authority to make homosexual gurus? This apology was taken to be an endorsement of the appointed gurus, it was not, it was a courtesy.]

Your tagging Tripurari along with all this nonsense and I don't think that he had much control over it as a low level devotee not even a part of the GBC and trying to take shelter outside of ISKCON with the only person that he knew he could go to, on the advice of his Guru Maharaj, which was Shridhara Maharaj.

[PD: In 1974 Srila Prabhupada said Sridhara is the leader of the bogus Bagh Bazaar party and he ruined the Gaudiya Matha, so do not consult him. In 1977 Srila Prabhupada said Sridhara maharaja is the leader of the severe offender's Bagh Bazaar party, there is no instruction to go there and take his advice? Where is this order given?]

How are you so utterly certain that Tripurari had any say in any of this? I wasn't there back in 1936 so I can't know exactly what happened, although you seem pretty certain that you do.

[PD: Sridhara made a homosexual into a guru in 1936, therefore he should not have done that again after 1977, he never learned from his mistakes.]

Why hasn't Tripurari Swami rectified any of this? How about because he is too busy with his own mission and helping to nurture the Brahmacharis to bother with such nonsense?

[PD: Ok so when Sridhara said (the children of) ISKCON have to worship the (homosexual and molester) gurus, and this created mass beating, starving and molesting of children, Tripurari recently said so what, its not important. So that means that mass molesting, ruining the name of ISKCON, children commiting suicide, $400,000,000 lawsuits are -- not important? So he does not think these children being victimized by his support of these molester gurus is a problem, well its not for him, but what about the thousands of victims of his policy?]

Just because he went to Shirdhara Maharaj for shelter, like many of Prabhupada's former disciples did, now all of a sudden he is a great offender and all this nonsense? Even after he left Shridhar Maharaj to form his own preaching mission in the 80s?

[PD: He has not left Sridhara, he is still supporting the idea that Sridhara had the authority to promote these deviant people as gurus.]

Why is he associating with these people? Didn't Prabhupada associate with his Godbrothers Srila Shridhar Maharaj and Srila Narayan Maharaj who you loathe so much?

[PD: Ok but as soon as Tripurari sees me, a person who thinks homosexual pedophiles are not gurus, he says we are demons, he was shouting at me, you are a demon, all because I would not worship his molester guru program.]

You act like he's going to get cooties from associating with them. Agnidev Prabhu was telling me how they treated Tripurari like shit and barely even acknowledged him or treated him as a Sannyasi because he left ISKCON and they felt he was trying to divert members to his Sri Chaitanya Sangha.

He distributes books filled with these misconceptions? I've read his Siksastakam commentaries, as well as his book Aesthetic Vedanta he is too busy focusing on the actual Gaudiya philosophy to engage in all of this political hatemongering.

[PD: OK, so Sridhara's books says acharyas go mad after women, money and followers, that means they are attacking the acharyas, not me personally? I am defending the acharyas, they are not mad fools chasing skirts.]

When is it going to be clarified by him? I don't know why don't you write him a letter or send him a message on facebook and ask? I don't think this kind of nonsense even enters his mind, what good would it do him to run around spewing all this political babble?

[PD: The last exchange it I had with Tripurari was where two of his followers were threatening me with death and I had to take all these e-mails to the police, and tell the police these are followers of Tripurari, I told Tripurari I was going to the police, he has not commented ever since.]

He left ISKCON for precisely that reason he didn't want to be associated with all that bullshit that was going on. So what that he says hi to them at Rathayatra and gives them respect? You act like that makes him complicit in their crimes that's nonsense.

Why are you unable to see ANY of the good qualities of these people you are spreading hate about?

[PD: Tripurari is currently selling books that say acharyas are deviants, or they fall into deviations, so he is attacking the acharyas. Worse, he says worship of someone like Jesus is bogus ritviks, its better to worship the homosexual gurus his party supported then? He is attacking Jesus, so I am not going to allow others to attack acharyas and Jesus without commenting, that is my duty to the acharyas. ys pd]

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