Friday, April 1, 2011

Hare Krishna society statement (ISKCON)

The following is a statement to be posted on our website and on Facebook;

To whom it may concern:

Hare Krishna Society does not maintain a Facebook page. We are not active on My Space or Twitter. We have a website on the internet at

There have been recent postings on Facebook by an individual by the name of 'abhaya caranaravinda'. It has been brought to our attention that this individual has posted various statements on many topics related to various controversial issues related to ISKCON and Hare Krishna Society.

We wish whomever goes by the name "abhaya caranaravinda" on Facebook all the best in his literary pursuits. Hare Krishna Society has no official connection with this individual or his postings. This individual does not represent the position of Hare Krishna Society.

We deeply regret that some other devotees in Los Angeles, California have been misled to believe that HKS was posting under the name of "abhaya caranaravinda". We repeat, we do not have a presence on Facebook, neither do we support or encourage devotees to make disparaging statements against other devotees.

Yours in Srila Prabhupada's service

With regards,

Yasoda nandana dasa
President - Hare Krishna Society

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