Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vedic debates (ISKCON) ys pd

PADA: During Vedic times debates were common, and the person who lost the debate had to accept the superior debater as his authority, because there was honesty and factual rules for debating. Nowadays that is not so common, so our technique has been to run a bunch of web sites and simply wait for sincere inquiries, not debaters. And this is working nicely. For example I have some nice devotees who go out of their temples daily to distribute books, and while they are out they skype me from an internet cafe. So the internet is providing a nice forum for discussion free from "mental masturbation" endless quarrels. We are getting sincere inquiries, and we get them on a regular basis. At the same time my South India friend told me that when a Gaudiya Matha guru invited me to his ashram and he left me sitting outside his room for 10 hours and cancelled our meeting four times, then he left the premises without talking to me, according to the rules of Vedic debates, I defeated this person because he could not answer even one of my questions. They told me, had this debate occured in South India, I would have been declared the superior debater without any debate taking place, because the person who decamps automatically loses, because that is the rule of the Vedic debate process. So these are some of the rules of debates we should try to investigate and promote, since it seems a lot of folks do not even know what the rules of an actual debate are. And if peope do not even know the process of debate, we may end up with useless quarrels. Agreed. ys pd

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