Friday, April 29, 2011

The living guru program cheer leader speaks up (ISKCON) ys pd

  • Madan Gopal
    did I miss anything???!!! :)
    I'm sure this has been presented before and that those who follow ritvik have some explanation to counter (not sure what), but I just like to think of Prabhupada's bold vision from this letter to Hansadutta 12/...3/68.
    "Those possessing the title of Bhaktivedanta will be allowed to initiate disciples. Maybe by '75, all of my disciples will be allowed to initiate and increase the numbers of the generations." AWESOME!
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  • Tim Lee
    Dear Madan gopal, this program you mention was never implemented. In addition, since no one can be a diksha guru while his guru is still alive, he was saying these people after 1975 would be initiating on his behalf (as ritviks). In additio...n, he never implemented any diksha guru program whatsoever, there is no record of that. In addition, the diksha guru program of voting in 230 people since 1977 and having less than 80 remaining in 2010 because the rest blooped, is not found in our tradition. Please show me chapter and verse where it is stated that most of the time acharyas bloop? ys pdSee More
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  • Madan Gopal
    I KNEW you'd have an answer Puranjana!
    "Every student is expected to become acharya. Acharya means one who knows the scriptural injunctions and follows them practically in life, and teaches them to his disciples. I have given you sannyas wit...h the great hope that in my absence you will preach the cult throughout the world and thus become recognized by Krishna as the most sincere servants of the Lord... Keep training up very rigidly and then you are bonafide guru, and you can accept disciples on the same principle. But as matter of etiquette it is the custom that during the lifetime of your spiritual master you bring the prospective disciples to him, and in his absence or disappearance you can accept disciples without limitation. THIS IS THE LAW OF DISCIPLIC SUCCESSION. I want to see my disciples become bona-fide spiritual masters and spread Krishna Consciousness very widely. That will make me and Krishna very happy." - letter to Tusta Krsna Swami 12/2/75See More
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  • Tim Lee Dear Madan gopal, Yes every kindergarten child is expected to become a brain surgeon, so Madan Gopal gives these children scalpels and says, operate away! Hah hah! Oh this is great, after me and Sulochana were told by Ramesvara we would be "dead meat on a hook" if we published the letters of Srila Prabhupada, you are now quoting the letters we published? No one would be quoting these letters at all if we had not bribed the archives to get a microfiche copy in 1984. So you guys kill one of us for publishing, and now, you are quoting the letters? Tusta Krishna and Siddhaswarupa were kicked out of ISKCON in 1976 by Srila Prabhupada for promoting sahajiya programs, and now you are saying, we should make the sahajiyas into gurus? Anyway here is the result of your guru program:
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    1. Can anyone explain about the microfiche copy of Srila Prabhupada's letters? If there was such a copy, it means that all Sp's letters were compiled. How were they compiled in the first place? Firstly, all disciples were requested to send a copy of their original letters? And then they (The Bhaktivedanta archives/BBT?) made a compilation, which was kept secret for years? How is this possible? Didn't any disciple ask what was being done to the letters send by them?


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