Thursday, April 7, 2011

Devotee exploitation continues (ISKCON) ys pd

John Gensler -- It was my experience, but I think it may have been the same experience for the many thousands of Srila Prabhupada's disciples that left. The happy, ecstatic feelings stopped. Book distribution went on for some time and then plunged. Devotees are always trying to figure out how to revive it, but it is only a fraction of what it once was in places like North America and Europe. I never felt the same degree of happiness and joy that I felt during those times, again in my life. I am allowed to tell the truth aren't I, or do I have to lie, for the new people?

Things changed. Change caused a lot of stress for me, and it tends to take me a lot longer than the average person to adapt. I couldn't do the same things the same way and get the same result anymore. It didn't mean there was anything wrong with Krsna Consciouness or ISKCON, it just wasn't the same for me, as it had been in the past, and we grew apart. I am sure you are right, it was my experience, but not the same experience of others.

Bhakti-yoga is really the process of linking up between oneself, the individual soul, and the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul requires something of me, and appears to be withholding His love and approval. It's just a process. I know what's going on. I didn't mean to imply there is any flaw with either the process of Krsna Consciousness or ISKCON either. It is between myself and Supersoul. Just like in a relationship between lovers, you have to know what each person wants, and give it to them, or there is disharmony. For the longest time, years really, I felt complete satisfaction and bliss from distributing books, reading the books, and other devotional practices, and then one day it stopped. I never felt the same feelings again. Something changed, and I was never able, up to this point, to adapt to the changes.

Visnupriya Devi Dasi -- I sympathize with you. Been there and done it. Just this morning I went thru that, after I learned from my sister that a devotee in Bali raped my 16 year old neice. How devastating? Came to the point where I told myself....What's happenig with devotees and ISKCON, what's happening in the world. Why bother and chant your rounds and try and be KC?

Satvatas Dasa Dear Visnupriya Mataji, that is terrible news... I don't really know what to say. I left Iskcon some years ago, it has become such a rotten society. So much exploitation. I know there is also one devotee called Prananatha dasa from New Zealand who raped a young girl who was working under his guidance. She just went away embarrassed and he never faced any charges. Best keep our children away from Iskcon.

Visnupriya Devi Dasi My mind is so distrubed Prabhu that all I have done is cried. I have lost my focus. I have a full time job and have not been able to concentrate on anything. This is so disgusting -- that you can't even go to the temple and be with devotees without fear. It is the devotees who should protect women and help them and not abuse them for their sense gratifications. Aside from what happened to my niece, I was just barely getting over my devotee husband who had his illicit relationship with a young woman after being married to me for 18 years and he just dumped me in the name of wanting to serve guru and Krsna and getting married for the 4th time. Life is as usual for him, preaching and cheating the society again and again! What's hapening to this world?????????/

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