Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guru means -- chanting rounds? (ISKCON)

PADA: Notice that Gaura Govinda maharaja was preaching that the qualification of guru is "chanting your rounds" (the minimum qualification of a neophytes). ys pd

Martin A. Raghavendu Lewis
‎[A Remembrance from Madhavananda Das.]
In America in 1993 a senior devotee came to see Gour Govinda Maharaja. He had a question. “Maharaja I’ve been preaching for a long time in this area, and some senior devotees are encouraging me to acc...ept disciples. I wasn’t actually thinking about doing it, as I’m not really qualified, but on the other hand it would encourage some of the people that I’ve been preaching to. So, my question for you is; what is the minimum qualification for being a guru?”

Gour Govinda Maharaja smiled and said, “The minimum qualification is that when you chant japa, nothing else comes into your mind except for Krishna.”

When he heard this, the devotee visibly chocked a little and said, “Um, uh that is a very high qualification. What is the minimum?

Gour Govinda Maharaja, laughed and said, “This is the minimum. If you are not on that platform then you may fall down.”

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