Saturday, April 2, 2011

All in the past? Or not? (ISKCON)

Dear prabhu, I am not living in the past? Tripurari was trying to get voted in as a GBC guru because he believes in the TODAY and CURRENT / GBC / Sridhara Maharaja idea that "every year at Mayapura you will vote in more gurus." That is what SM told the GBC and they are still doing that, TODAY. Tripurari supports SM's idea that gurus are voted in, so they voted in 230, but only 80 are left, and most of them blooped, most of them fell into illicit sex as did the SM Gaudiya Matha gurus, and some of the remaining had illicit sex and are still gurus, albet mental cases like Satsvarupa. The GBC has adopted SM idea that gurus fall down, gurus go mad because they are mentally unstable fools, that acharyas go mad after money women and followers, that when the acharyas fail "wait and see" and do nothing, and in sum, the entire apasiddhanta CURRENTLY used by the GBC was formulated in their early discussions with SM from 1978-1982. All of the pillar deviations of the GBC were given to them by SM, where they are used TODAY! Sorry, today is what I am talking about! The ideas and concepts given to the GBC by SM are still actively in force TODAY. EXAMPLE: When their gurus deviate they "wait and see" -- just as they were told to by SM. All of the ideas of SM that were incorporated into ISKCON in 1978 are all still being used TODAY. Tripurari has never said he disagrees with one centilla of all this! He endorses it! TODAY. I simply do not accept that acharyas fall into illicit sex with men, women and children as the acharyas SM rubber stamped did in 1936, post 1977, and are still doing now, their gurus are still failing every so often even NOW! All this was taught to them BY SM and is still the CURRENT siddhanta of both Tripurari and the GBC. Thanks for your patience! ys pd

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