Friday, April 22, 2011

No guru is mayavada (Letter to Nandini Radha) ISKCON ys pd

Thanks Nandini, however you forgot somethig, unless one names their guru, this declared as mayavadi by Srila Prabhupada. Also Srila Prabhupada says when a person does not name their guru that means they are really declaring themselves as th...e guru, i.e. "you need a live guru and it is me." We are thus confused, are you claiming to be the live guru, and why are you not naming this live guru, making yourself the live guru? NOTICE: Maha Vishnu swami below complains of the "Kanistha [guru] ISKCON" (he calls it the ISKCON KAIDS syndrome -- kanistha adhikary syndrome) which he says only caters to the hindus, while there is a grass roots movements out there [aka the ritviks] that is doing "home programs" and local preaching. Wow, we do not even have to complain about the ISKCON program as being kanistha, they are complaining that it is kanistha themselves! ys pd

Maha Vishnu swami:
Grass-roots independant movement
If Krishna consciousness spreads amongst the locals outside the formal institution of ISKCON EA , either under a different name or informerly in “home temples”, it will not be seen as a big threat at first but if it becomes popular with the people and government it will become a threat to the kanistha ISKCON’s social standing because it will reveal the hollowness of kanistha ISKCON’s present policy of making a show of local preaching. In this scenario kanistha ISKCON will then be revealed as serving the Indian community’s interests and not the locals.

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