Monday, April 4, 2011

Lets move forward (by Tamohara dasa) re ISKCON

Dear Hasti Gopala et al; Pamho. AGTSP. I did read this below article at the Sampradaya Sun. I post articles of yours at my site sometimes. I have been noticing how hard you are working! May Sri Baladeva give you strength.

S.Sun refuses to print anything from me, censors B Radha Govinda Swami's stuff, same with many other ritviks or Prabhupada-centrists. I put it that by posting with Rocana or even going to his site, you are in the long run doing some damage, as well as some good. Let us all disregard his site and instead promote the positive alternatives, such as Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON internet, also Bangalore, Prabhupadanugas EU, etc.

Wishing you every success. I have been posting more "attack" articles lately onsite, plus comments at Prabhupadanuga EU etc. in response to your call to "turn up the heat". I am increasingly of the opinion, however, that we should just let ISKCON go to hell, itsgon, and concentrate on positive aspects of our new organizations. We are becoming depressed and alienated, when we should be joyfully chanting harinama. When I get Rat-a-lot disciples applying for membership at SPIrit-net, I flat turn them down. Why drag their hells into our lives? Hari.

Our new ritivk initiates at SPI, of which there are three, are accepting the responsibility of the fight, but are also feeling the strain on account of it. I am also finding that being available to three new devotees has been very demanding, just like being a father or responsible uncle. 2 americans, one hungarian. They are all strong and standing on their own feet now, after going on almost two years, and one has a well-attended preaching website in Hungarian language, with no interference or even influence from Sivarama Swami et al. MidEast Europeans are very nice people, easy to preach to, very open minded and sensitive to bhakti, by nature. So we are progressing, but much more active involvement is possible and desired. I suppose I am mentioning this as I want more support and encouragement from other preachers. I take the 175ish steady members as support, for sure, but the preaching could increase with more active members onsite.

Realistically, the insane world struggles go on, as it ever was and likely will be. At least we have gotten the positive alternatives off and running, and in the long term, we will bury the usurpers. I am convinced it is Srila Prabhupada's desire. HK.

With well wishes and obeisances

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