Sunday, April 17, 2011

Learning from Christianity. (ISKCON) ys pd

Dear prabhu, The Christians have the principle that all the rank and file members are "witnessing on behalf" of their guru, and the result is, they are the largest religion around because everybody in the entire faith is employed in the role of giving shiksha and spreading the religion. Srila Prabhupada also told us in India that Lord Jesus is still accepting the sins of his sincere followers, so on this principle -- focus on the acharya, their religion is spreading all the time. The Christians also have a system of a national Governing Body, regional administration, local priest (temple president) and so on, so we can learn a lot from them about the principle of emphasis on the acharya being the successful path to spreading the religion. I also recall Srila Prabhupada telling us more than once that if we neophytes try to absorb sins like a guru (or like Jesus) we will get sick and fall down, he said we will get sick and fall down, not that we might. So, better to take the humble path, which by the way, seems to help the religion spread more favorably. ys pd     

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  1. Short and sweet article. My 87 year old mother, learning of the 1001 precocious Jesuses, laughed, and said "No one is stupid enbough to accept one of these "gooroos" as perfect, as good as God. Only Srila Prabhupada has that stature, and everyone can accept that." Why gamble on some maybe-wannabe? The world is not going to buy it.


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