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Temple is not teaching Vaishnava etiquette (ISKCON)

by **** Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 5:06pm. It's about time someone qualified starts teaching a Vaisnava etiquette class at our ISKCON Honolulu temple! Ofcourse people don't know what's proper and how to treat other devotees the right way if no one teaches them. So much drama and gossip is happening, and people are getting hurt! Just because some people wear tilaka and Tulasi beads, doesn't make them a DEVOTEE!! Yes that's right. People need to be kept in check from time to time, you can't just run around and do whatever you feel like. There must be standards. Is it so hard to just get together and chant peacefully?

Giriraja Gopal Dasa The worst is when other people see and don't care, and they let it happen, they just send a message that Vaisnava relationships aren't that important.

**** Exactly Giriraj, there have to be limits!

Giriraja Gopal Dasa I think Krishna inspiring you right now to be a voice. Go with it.

**** Yes, and the message here that is being spread is that Vaisnava relationships arent that important... and thats sad! they are the most important.

Matthew Noe Hawaii has a history for being a loose temple, maybe u can be the one that changes it.

**** Yes, there has to be a change in the authority. This is the root of these problems. No offense, but I have tried to confront our authority about such issues, and there wasn't much care or understanding AT ALL. Matt, I agree and I have thought about writing the GBC. Something needs to happen. And, a simple Vaisnava etiquette class or something similar ... is that really so much to ask for? Should be mandatory!

Matthew Noe But will change the problem????

**** At least it will raise awareness about what is proper behavior within sacred grounds! If people don't even know, how can they apply?

Matthew Noe People already know, thats the thing ...... but its not as high of a priority as much as say -- laxmi collections!

Giriraja Gopal Dasa That is the answer. Maharaj says tolerance is transforming the negative to positive. Use that fiya and do the needful, fight back with spiritual sound power. Speak the truth and let everyone knoe what the standards are, follow them your self and Krishna will use you as an instrument.

PADA: There are managers who try to hurt other people, this is what Aindra was talking about over and over and over, he was being harassed, villified, kicked out of places, and so on, the managers wanted him to feel bad, that was their whole purpose. Please listen to Aindra prabhu's talks, he often mentions how the managers are trying to attack the rank and file, including, Aindra himself. This is not an accident, they want people to be hurt and feel bad in many cases. ys pd

Giriraja Gopal Dasa You will have to go against the grain, but it will make you feel alive and that is what makes the movement "move". When people take responsibility to see that Srila Prabhupada's movements stay and expands into what Srila Prabhupada intended it to be and kick out all the bottom feeder, guru-bhogis who go there to enjoy the property of Srila Prabhupada for sense gratification.

Matthew Noe There is not even harinama anymore here!

Gopal Dasa KICK OUT Kali Kukkura KICK HIM OUT OUT OUT!!! hahaha.
PADA: Yep, Aindra was also saying there is no Harinama, you got it!

**** Right, no harinama, not much kirtan, but plenty of gossip and hurtful actions. It just feels wrong to sit back and see all of this happening.

Matthew Noe It will happen like it has happened before, just a matter of time.

Giriraja Gopal Dasa That is the mood of Chaitanya's ture followers, not invite Kali to come in for tea and crumpets and ask if he is comfrotable and give him the remote...haha no. Kick his ass speaking truth, from the sastra, for pleasing Srila Prabhupada.

Tc Peacock there are too many puffed up devotees out there and the politics of ISKCON are bogus. Sorry to say it, but it's the truth. Only suggestion that I recommend is to read Prabhupada's books and apply it to day 2 day life. Follow your heart and realize where you're at in life. Every living being out there is a devotee of Lord Krishna, some just take a long way back home and others just find a short cut . . lol

**** Jaya Giriraja! I agree. sometimes it's just needed. But for the sake of the congregation.

Giriraja Gopal Dasa For the sake of that person too, you teach them by showing them that duplicity is unacceptable, just like the cow demon in Krishna Lila. Read that story and understand the inner meaning..and you will see what I mean. Good luck Hare Krishna.

PADA: Best to be independent. Here in Berkeley, and in Los Angeles, Seattle, and other places, our devotees have home programs and we have independent preaching programs etc. That is sad, but its better than doing nothing. We also have Bangalore ... and their 14 centers in India which are independent. Srila Prabhupada also had to be independent from his "guru" God brothers who he says gave him "depression, repression, compression, oppression." ys pd

**** Thank you. You are very inspiring. COME TO HAWAII. PD, you definitely have a point. Home programs are super important to strengthen the bonds between devotees and to continue to try to serve without disturbance.

Giriraja: Seriously we need some people with FYAH like you.

PADA: Well if you are getting "depression, repression, compression, oppression" you are on the right path, you are on Srila Prabhupada's path. Very glorious. ys pd

**** Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

Tc Peacock Dont release the flames too high with your fiya, unless you wanna get kicked out of the temple trying to show Praphupada's standards to the other devotees .. oh nooo they definitely dont like that. just have some nice mellow home Bhajans. you dont need to go to the temple to do service, Krishna is everywhere.

Tamara Luthy Hari bol! I would love to host a home program sometime! I want to see people in our community grow in love and compassion through strong, closer association. Let's coordinate one --- and please bring a harmonium! Radhe radhe!

Matthew Noe and so it begins.. :)

**** Thank you for your concern PD. I am just trying to raise awareness about the need of someone qualified teaching us the righteous ways of how to treat each other properly. The temple grounds are sacred and not everyone seems to understand what that means.. (putting it lightly)

Tc Peacock how are they sacred then anywhere else? The Honolulu Temple is wonderful with the Pancha Tattva Deities that Prabhupada personally placed onto the alter, dont get me wrong with that. but for the grounds there, hmmmm.. well I better not say what all has happen there.. you can make anywhere sacred just by chanting Krishna's Name . thats what harinam is for.

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    It is amaing how people complain about everyday nonsence! I have observed over the years plenty of acts and behaviors contrary to vaishnav behavior: Drug selling and using on honolulu temple grounds is and has always been common. Women who wear saris at the temple and shortie skirts everywhere else while claiming to be chaste is also an an everyday thing. Where do these same females work? - Commonly,Anywhere and at anything related to sex! Never ask a sari wearing Honolulu female where she works. It is always offensive to her since she hustles.I am just floored when a female cannot even say hello or hare bol at the sunday gathering no doubt due to her dharma.
    Homeless ,living in the cemetary, bums are also very common at Iskcon Hawaii.One guy who is a regular and who works at the downtown restaurant has been wearing the same rags for clothing three years straight. Stink? Yes,any clothing worn more than a few days a week collects oils which cannot be removed after a few months. Another very violent beach bum so called d'votee shoplifts all the vitamin stores including down to earth and sells the goods at the temple. He then buys dope at the temple sometimes smoking it right there. Perverts male and female are common and in plain sight hiding behind the permissions given by their ghuru's. Oh how many have I seen fall,drink their vomit,then return again as Ghuru............

    I say all of that to say this:
    Proper Vaishnav behavior is a true spiritual requirement within all aspects of your life. Sadly only a few d'votees have achieved an acceptable degree conducive to Vaishnav standards.Overhearing a conversation and injecting your opinion is your own nonsence. Observing some behaviors while ignoring others reflects a problem with your own self.If you are surrounded by as described by all above then examine your life not theirs. Few to no Iskcon d'votees,fringies,or big boss mamma mouths have it going on spiritually. All are victim to the material energy of illusion and live it on daily!

    I am no fully 4 reg accomplished d'votee. Someday my teeth will fall out, my virility cease,money gone,and drunk only with thoughts of the past.Until then I continue to observe 15 year old's pretending understand and follow chaste rules and sannyasis wearing silk and living in mansions.
    nuff said!


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