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The Journey Home: How Radhanatha Achieved Zero Gravity

[PADA: Yes it is very odd -- to say the least -- that Radhanath swami is still being promoted so heavily by the GBC's leaders of corrupted ISKCON. Wasn't Radhanath a key henchman / leading player in the criminal regime known as "Srila Bhaktipada's New Vrndavana"? 

Wasn't that place connected to all sorts of crimes including child molesting, if not paying hit men for murders, drug dealing, women exploiting, and it had to be raided by the police? And the police found all sorts of other crimes had been going on there? And later New Vrndavana folks were listed in a $400,000,000 child molesting lawsuit, to which their leaders apparently all pleaded "no contest" i.e. they are guilty? And then ISKCON had to declare itself bankrupt to avoid paying for the lawsuit? These are the people ISKCON needs to put forward as their best leaders and managers? 

And so on and so forth! 

And then, Radhanath writes are cracker pots book full of speculation and mayavadism. And worse -- he then helps bury the stinky corpse of Kirtanananda, the God father of the criminal New Vrndavana program, in a samadhi in the holy dham. And then Bhakti Vikas swami writes a complaint about the cracker pots Radhanath book, but then recants and starts to glorify Radhanath once again, knowing full well that Radhanath is part of all this corruption. 

Notice that Bhakti Vikas swami appears to have no problem with the process of burying the corpses of dead pedophiles and porno swamis in the dham? And this BVKS is the guy Hanuman Croatia thinks is the hero of ISKCON, among the main boot lickers of the pedophile's samadhi program?

And then people wonder why there is a growing sense that these GBC's are perhaps, residents of the "ungodly" lower planets (see below). Yep, we said that Radhanath was compromised with a bogus if not molester messiah's program a long time ago, its seems that others are finally catching up to speed on these things. That is good news. Better late than never. ys pd]   

The Journey Home: How Radhanatha Achieved Zero Gravity


Yet thanks to the GBC's promotion of this sort of vacuous tripe, The Journey Home has become a historical first in the Gaudiya sampradaya. It represents the first time in the tradition's long history that a book profusely gushing with shunyavadi detritus has been widely accepted by our lineage's so-called spiritual leaders.

Either the GBC is:

(1) Completely absorbed in Maya due to being enamored by their own supposed advancement; or they are

(2) Too busy with their self-importance and public image to any longer read Shrila Prabhupada's books and try to understand what is in them; or they are

(3) Agents from some ungodly region of hell where it's OK to contradict your guru; or they are

(4)Just plain stupid.

It would be nice to hear a reasonable-sounding defense from the GBC for their love affair with The Journey Home but, as usual, all that we peons of the rank-and-file can expect from our fearless leaders lounging in their ivory towers is their deafening silence, ornamented as it is with their alternating toothy grins and tearful, throbbing looks of compassion.

On the other hand it is natural that an impersonal GBC should adore The Journey Home. Radhanatha's book contains zero philosophy, and glorifies spiritual suicide in the form of shunyavada. In the same way, the empty heads on the GBC likewise have zero gumption when it comes to keeping Mayavada out of the society they are sworn to protect. Birds of a feather merge into the void together, and under the hollowness of the GBC leadership the entire ISKCON will be absorbed into the non-existence of shunyavada in a very short time. Poof.

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