Sunday, March 3, 2019

Book Changes Update (Garuda Das and Narasimgha swami)

PADA: The dialogue has been broken off? Hee hee, no kidding. Anyway, its clear that the GBC overall has not been listening to the wishes of the devotees -- all along. Its odd that people like  Narasimgha swami have to help folks address this process. This begs the question, where is the GBC "forum" for addressing this issue? It does not seem to exist? 

Lets face it, Jayadvaita's illicit sex guru program, changed books program, and so many other changes programs, are not popular. That means, our idea of getting original books is -- gaining traction. Narasimgha swami makes a good point, what was Srila Prabhupada's orders on this? And he feels -- the order is -- not to change the books. That is the growing consensus. 

Of course when we first bought out the book changes issue in the mid 80s, many devotees thought we were "making offenses to sincere devotees" and so on. Its another example of how the overall mass of devotees allowed so many deviations to go on, and on, and on, without checking and containing them. And now, its really hard to put the malefic genie back into the bottle. At least we do have a number of people NOW at this point who want to keep the originals, hopefully we can save the day eventually as the momentum increases.

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