Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Proposed Lawsuit RE: Female Diksha Gurus

[PADA: Yes. "Female diksha gurus" cannot be allowed to be voted in, because it will discredit the religion. OK maybe, but what about the ALREADY existing (male only) "illicit sex with men, women and children" guru process, that has been largely promoted by the bogus post-1978 ISKCON GBC's male managers, that is currently being promoted as a bona fide guru parampara? 

Its amazing that we should NOW all of a sudden stop the GBC from making ANY female diksha gurus, after they have made (male only) debauchees and deviants into Krishna's "successor" gurus already? Did we forget to mention, the GBC has also ALREADY buried some of these deviant "diksha gurus" in "samadhis" in the holy dham of Vrndavana? Anyway this is good, lets get everyone to write to this lawyer and complain about all this, hee hee! ys pd]  

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