Sunday, March 10, 2019

Prahlad das / HKC Jaipur Etc. Fights Their Own Shadow

Thanks for your questions about Prahlad das (Paul coats UK)

PADA: Yes, prabhu this is a good question. Prahlad das claims that he dislikes the wording of the Windle Turley lawsuit, but no one loves to copy, paste, repeat and re-post the statements from that lawsuit, and advertise the words of that lawsuit to general public, more than Prahlad das. He is indeed the number one fan club leader of promoting the words of that document for 20 years now. His goal for 20 years now is to make sure that the Windle Turley lawsuit's wording is heard by everyone on the planet.  

In fact Prahlad loves the Windle Turley lawsuit's wording so much, he just started off another person to begin copying, pasting and re-posting the words of that lawsuit to the general public as well. A friend says, Prahlad is hoping he can keep that process repeating for the next 400 years, so Prahlad's disciples will be repeating that lawsuit 400 years from now, and the good result will be -- what exactly? Meanwhile, the people who are making actual preaching programs, making temples, making devotees, making cow programs etc. -- like the Prabhupada devotees have done here, are the bad people that Prahlad attacks? 

Anyway, we all already know that lawsuit was not worded very nicely? Of course Prahlad also wants us to listen to Bhakta das, a big cheer leader of the people who caused that lawsuit, or his pals like Sanat -- who covered up the abuse which also aided, abetted and helped cause the lawsuit. Fighting one's own shadow? The lawsuit is terrible, so lets listen to the people who support the program that caused the lawsuit?

Anyway! The lawsuit is old news already? We also know a number of burnt out ex-kulis who don't like Krishna, yes that is unfortunate but its also old news. Can Prahlad fix these people who have a bad attitude towards the religion? Well nope. Is he even trying to fix them? Well nope.    

Why has Prahlad dedicated his life to publicizing his favorite document to the general mass of devotees and public, and advertising it all over the universe? OK, unless he secretly loves that document and that is why he wants everyone to re-read it, again re-read it, re-copy, re-paste and re-advertise it, as he does for the past 20 years? Then Prahlad says the people promoting the molester messiah's project (like Bhakta das?) are "the innocent people" and are the folks we really need to hear from. Really? Yep, we should NOT hear from the people promoting Srila Prabhupada as the guru (like us).  

You are also right prabhu, there are some very awful books making terrible allegations about the life of Jesus, or mother Mary etc. written by the atheists if not followers of Satan. Yet we never find the Christians copying, pasting and repeating those books for 20 years -- every day of their lives, and advertising the words of these documents to the general public every day? 

What would be the good result of their doing that? 

For that matter, there are even horribly written books about Krishna's being a lusty miscreant, a person who orchestrated killing the Yadu family, and so on and so forth. So then should we copy, paste and repeat those literatures every single day of our lives for 20 years? And yes, there are devious non-Krishna loving people out there sending me these documents from time to time, but I am not going to copy, paste and promote these documents for 20 years. 

Again, what would be the good result? 

We already know these negative documents exist, and in fact there were people living at the time of Krishna saying these same exact criticisms of Krishna, but should that be our daily meditation and re-posting program? There are also some nasty books written by ex-Mormons, ex-Catholics and so on, making terrible claims against their religion, but again -- we do not find the average Mormons or Catholics dedicating their lives to copying, pasting and repeating those books and those allegations for 20 years? 

What purpose does that do to help their religion? 

Then again Prahlad says we can listen to "the GBC's innocent followers" who are promoting their molester messiahs program, and / or Bhakta das. OK but Bhakta das says our idea of promoting Srila Prabhupada as the acharya etc. is the "poop smelling" program. Prahlad even admits he knows that is what Bhakta das says about the Prabhupadanugas. So we should advertise and repeat the people who say our Prabhupadanuga program is --- a pile of poop? 

And why would we say the people promoting the molester messiah's program are the "innocent" class? And is this not why their program was sued, they said their child molester program members are innocent, which shielded the molesting process, and which created the impetus for the lawsuit. 

Is someone not taking their medications? 

Bhakta das promotes various GBC's gurus, and their bogus living guru idea. In fact some apparently Bhakta das followers wrote me threats from Bangkok, saying I am a severe offender of these gurus and their dedicated pals like Bhakta das. OK they are both pro-GBC and goondas, and we need to advertise the GBC's goonda's program?

Yep, no answer from Prahlad for 20 years. Why is Prahlad knowingly promoting a person who says our worship of the acharya process is the poop smelling process? And Bhakta has ALSO been the leader of a designer drugs selling business operation. This is the person we need to copy, paste and repeat?

Worse, Prahlad says our taxi driving income is evil because the customers are sometimes buying and moving meat groceries etc., but this was the same job that Jayananda had? Only Bhakta das has a good income, and he was selling designer drugs. These drugs create horrific problems according to our friend's wife who is a professional nurse. OK so the taxi driver job Srila Prabhupada PERSONALLY approves of is bogus, and meanwhile the drug selling job that causes severe ill effects, including potentially birth defects, death etc. is a good income?     

Worse, Prahlad then incited the HKC Jaipur people to start to copy, paste and repeat his favorite document, the Windle Turley lawsuit. And then Prahlad got the HKC folks to start preaching to us that we all need to start to cite from his favorite "innocent" GBC guru loving shiksha guru, and listen to Bhakta das. 

Bhakta das says our process of worship of the acharya is the pile of poop program ... because we are not worshiping their pals, the people who bury pedophiles in the dham? HKC Jaipur folks want us to hear from those who say our Prabhupadanugas idea is a pile of poop, and those who support the GBC aka the pedophile's samadhi process? 

Why is Prahlad infatuated with the cheer leaders of a program that buries pedophiles in samadhis? And Prahlad is inciting people to quote from the GBC's clan folks who say the Prabhupadanugas are -- the poop program? 

Prahlad complains about the bad wording of the molesting lawsuit, while he is simultaneously the main person promoting the wording of that lawsuit, simultaneously promoting the cheer leaders of the very same molesting program that caused the the lawsuit. He is against the lawsuit, but he is in favor of the people who are cheer leading the program that caused the lawsuit? 

Yep, this does not make sense, unless, he is with that process? Or what? Anyway, you are right, no one can figure out what his aim and object is here because he is on both sides of the fence. In the meantime, we did the right thing indicating that people like Prahlad, who promote GBC cheer leaders like Bhakta das, are bewildered blind followers of the wrong process, or else they are with them? 

The other good news is, more and more people have confirmed that we did the right thing saving children from the Prahlad das / Bhakta das program (which Sulochana said is like placing children into a wood chipper). Oooh, boo hoo, PADA is not promoting the cheer leaders of the program that buries pedophiles in the dham, and causes massive lawsuits. Yep, that is awful. Yes, prabhu, Prahlad is with the people starting the fire, then he claims to be the fireman who is putting out the fire. 

Anyway, for his sake, we hope he can get free of all this and do something productive. It is evident he is against doing a good program because for example Bangalore made a nice temple and cow program here, but Prahlad opposes us for advertising that program. Yep, we need to advertise that worship of Srila Prabhupada is the poop smelling program, we need to advertise the people who promote a pedophile samadhi process, that is -- if we want to make Prahlad happy. And we need to defend the people who covered up the molesting like Sanat? Aren't these molesting cover up folks the same exact people who created the bad lawsuit by their criminal neglect and acquiescing?

Did I forget to mention, many devotees, and even the police, have told me that the Bhakta das / GBC / Prahlad advertised program is the real poop smelling process? More good news, we are gaining allies worldwide all the time who want to get rid of the molester messiah's program, and worship the actual acharya Srila Prabhupada. And they are done with the Bhakta das / Prahlad's poop smelling pedophile samadhi program. 

Anyway, now you know what we have been dealing with since 1978, as soon as anyone opposes the molester regime, these goondas come out to stop us. And that is how these ilk created all this mess. 

ys pd


  1. You say Prahlad is frustrated? Well! Yes, there seems to be no actual effort to start any actual preaching program going on with these illuminati ilk folks the whole while. The Mukunda and Prahlad people have not been making even a teeny small sized apartment or home sized program in UK that we can see, since 1997? Simply sitting around copying and pasting defective documents is not a program in itself, it produces nothing-ness, or worse its simply helping the GBC discredit the religion.

    They need to actually start to show us the better process, simply attacking what others are doing is not a positive program going forward. The GBC are bad, the other Prabhupadanugas are bad, the people making temples where Prahbupada is the guru are bad, ok but maybe GBC pals like Bhakta das are the good guys that we need to listen to? This is simply creating confusion and no tangible resulting program. Bhakta does not really have much of a program either, except he hangs out with and promotes GBC people?

    So yes, a person who is not even trying to produce a better alternate is going to be frustrated because for starters, a person who says no one should read defective documents, then he dedicates 20 years of his life to promoting said defective documents, is fighting with -- himself. Promoting defective documents is not going to produce devotees, temples, programs or anything else of value. So it seems there is some envy here, it seems the real reason Prahlad attacks the Prabhupada preaching temples like the one here is, because they are getting the programs that Srila Prabhupada wanted moving along while he cannot recruit people to make much anything. We have to judge by the results, and the results of cutting and pasting defective documents for 20 years is, nothing -- except maybe infuriating the victims, while the result of preaching about Prabhupada is making tangible temples, programs, book printing, deity worship and so on and so forth, things that Krishna wants us to do. Yes he is frustrated and I feel bad for that, but he is making his own problems for himself. And Prahlad got HKC Jaipur to take part in all his process, so yes, they are also victims. At the same time, they should also review things before they start promoting. ys pd

  2. Quite a strange conversation with a person claiming to be a friend of Prahlad's just today. He says that having hundreds of children pulled out from an abuse program and stopping victim's suicides is not a good idea because "its not what Krishna wants." What! These people know what Krishna wants and does not want?

    Worse, Krishna wants children to suffer and die? OK saying that Krishna wants His children to suffer and die is how you guys are giving people a bad idea of the religion in the first place. You are saying Krishna wants children to suffer and die, then you wonder why people are rejecting and saying bad things about the religion? Its because you folks are mis-representing Krishna, and thus you are the people giving Krishna a bad name and causing others to reject the religion. No, there is no evidence Krishna wants His children to suffer and die.

    Then he said, the molesting and suicides would have stopped on their own accord, no need to interfere. Maybe so, a burning house will also stop on its own accord once its burnt down to ashes. Ooops, all the people inside the house will also be dead, burnt with the house. So we should not call the fire department when a house is burning, because it will burn itself out eventually, but wait, that would be allowing suffering and death of the people in the house?

    And so, when we see a burning house with people yelling for help from the top floor, don't call the firemen, because the house will burn to ashes and stop on its own, ooops but all the people inside -- will be dead. And that is what Krishna wants us to do with His children, allow them to suffer and die? I really have to say, these people either do not have much common sense, and thus they have no idea its their duty to stop suffering and death of Krishna's children, or they are the most cruel and nasty people around, and they take delight in suffering and death of children? Very odd, but really, not much of a surprise, its what we expected them to say. Yep, when we see Krishna's children suffering and dying, don't interfere, its Krishna's wish. Who knew! ys pd

  3. Yes, hah hah, correct prabhu. They have it upside down, Krishna does not want children to suffer and die, it is Satan who wants children to suffer and die. Yes, they think Krishna is Satan, and Satan is Krishna, right. Yes, saying that God wants your church's children to suffer and die is diabolical, agreed. I like your explanation, they think Satan is God, and that would summary explain their whole process. Could not think of a better summary myself. ys pd

  4. SDD: Didn't some of the former gurukula students say that they were being brutalized by a Satan worshiping child sacrificing cult?


    PADA: Yes, in fact some of them did say that. And that is among some of the nicer things some folks have said about this program. In fact, we cannot even print some of the statements made about these GBC's folks and their Prahlad das ilk hand maidens in a public forum, its too graphic and obscene for public view.

    Suffice it to say, yes, many ex-gurukula victims know what these people's real agenda is, and what mentality they must have to produce such an anti-children process. The good news is, more and more people are waking up to their actual agenda, and they are seeing these people's real colors for who they really are.

    And yes, we tend to sympathize with the view that yes, this is a Satanic process. Otherwise, how could Srila Prabhupada complain of being poisoned, and so on and so forth? More than a few devotees have told me the GBC's program is like living in a horror movie. Sulochana himself said their program is like living in a Zombie movie, and we are out numbered 10,000 to 1. And that is the growing consensus ... yes, "Satanic" is how a number of people feel about their process. ys pd

  5. Dear LM, first of all, we think its important for people to know the actual history here i.e.: As soon as anyone opposed the GBC's bogus gurus; their bogus book changes; their mistreating of women and children; indeed their apparent poisoning of a pure devotee clique, then right away the GBC's goondas, agents and their hand maiden allies came out of the wood work to oppose us, harass us and try to "take us down."

    And its worked pretty good for their agenda, they enabled and empowered a giant criminal enterprise by chopping the legs off our opposition. We just wanted people to know how all this program was empowered, enabled, defended and jammed forward, and how the opposing elements were thwarted, if not banned, beaten and killed etc. from a historical point of view.

    Its just what happened here, because a big question we get all the time from all over the planet (including new PADA readers, police, scholars, karmi media folks etc.) is, how come almost no one helped you dissenter guys, and many (like GBC's Bhakta das friends / their assorted goons and their Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur hand maidens etc.) opposed you? So we need to clarify how all this history was empowered to come about, and thus -- who are the evil doers, but also who are their assistants, hand maidens and so on.

    This person who claims to be a friend of Prahlad also told me, if he had been abused in GBC schools he never would have made a public complaint about that. OK he would have covered it up so he could get hundreds of others victimized in their abusive pipeline. And then he said, quit talking about the kids, I am not interested in that topic. Right, he is only interested in "who will pay for all this," they are shekel counters, as Sulochana said a long time ago. Lets not talk about the victims, lets talk about the money, same thing Prahlad said, oh boo hoo the innocent will have to pay. A program of tossing children into a wood chipper is "innocent"?

    Sulochana said we have to bankrupt these people because if they have money, they will have us hunted and killed, and that is what happened to him, he was hunted and killed all because -- they had money. So now we have to cry, because they have less money? So its self evident they wanted the GBC to have more and more money so they can use these funds to promote a program to ban, beat, sue, and -- maybe assassinate others. We need to feed the snake more milk to increase its venom? Sorry, people need to know how all this history evolved, and they are learning this history more and more as time goes on. Its the same thing with the Pandavas, they were assaulted on every level, and that is why they are an example of what happens as soon as a devotee stands up to these evil doers. Its history, and history sometimes repeats. ys pd

  6. Thanks JD. So now you are telling us that Prahlad and HKC Jaipur are CURRENTLY saying they all along agreed with PADA, that our program of helping stop child abuse, children worshiping deviants, and suicides etc. was the right idea? In fact you say, they ALWAYS agreed with us on that idea.

    Well fine, why don't they just write and tell me they had a change of heart on this issue, and they NOW agree we did the right thing? Meanwhile someone else just wrote to tell me the REAL reason that Prahlad and HKC Jaipur oppose AKSHAYA PATRA is because they are with the GBC, the HKC agrees with Jayadvaita who doesn't like that program either. Why? Because its feeding and HELPING CHILDREN.

    So they should simply write a clarification. Or what?

    Meanwhile, not sure what the problem is actually? The HKC clan should be happy as clams because they started all this, they wanted to make a ker-fluffle, they attacked us, and according to Bhagavad Gita, attackers can be countered and there is no karma for that. They attacked, we defended, its that simple. Anyway, tell them to write a clarification if they have changed their views, I am not a mind reader. ys pd


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