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Former GBC Follower Contacts PADA (+) Elder's "Advice"

NOTICE: A ex-follower of a GBC guru, who was once inimical to me, is now a good friend. At the same time, an elder God brother of mine (see below) who was formerly a friend, is now inimical. Krishna really knows how to twist up our lives!  

PADA: Quite a long conversation with an ex-follower of a GBC guru (who was in quite a prominent position at one time). About 2 hours. Covered a lot of ground. Here are a few of the main points:

1) He had never heard about PADA until a few days ago, but he has heard about -- and he believes -- the poison issue. Apparently he has seen Nityananda's works. 

2) He says Aindra's book was causing a big ruckus in Vrndavana and he believes Aindra was "taken out."

3) He says the GBC folks know that people like Indradyumna look bad for having touchy feely sessions with women and girls, but he is a co-conspirator, so they are never going to address that properly.  

4) He says there are five types of people in ISKCON:

I) A conspiracy of a few people who infiltered the movement, to destroy it. That started off with the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada. Then -- they made changes to his books; Then -- they orchestrated child abuse; And then -- in general driving out the devotees and running ISKCON into the ground, and bankrupting it, which they did. 

He says they may be called Illuminati, Gaudiya Matha pt. 2, Satanic followers, saffron mafia, or whatever you want to say it is, but its an organized conspiracy to discredit and eventually ruin Krishna's movement. Of course he also believes these people are heading for patala loka, at best.

II) The type of people the original conspirators want to keep? Those they can train up as assistants to continue driving ISKCON into the ground. Saying that acharyas are deviants is simply part of that "training."

III) The paid for staff, they are getting salary and they basically have to go along to get along. They sometimes know something is off, but cannot speak openly or they lose their salary and post. 

(IV) Criminals, deviants, molesters, perverts and persons of "demoniac nature" who are purposefully kept on because they are shameless loyalists -- due to the GBC holding an axe over them for being deviants.

(V) The blind followers who have no discrimination. That includes many so-called "original disciples of Srila Prabhupada" who blindly accepted the GBC's guru process. Srila Prabhupada says blind followers are fanatics, and they are. 

Lots of other topics were discussed and we may relay some of this later on.


ELDER's ADVICE: Meanwhile another devotee, who is somewhat senior to me in age, wrote to me his "advice". He says myself, the victims of child abuse, and other GBC victims, simply need to "quit whining about everything and suck it up, because that is what he has been doing." Yup! Its "manly manliness" to blindly accept deviations and "suck up" (surrender) to that process?


And this is what the Bhagavad Gita advises? Arjuna should just -- surrender to the corruption of the Kauravas? When I was a kid we would criticize one of our friends who was "sucking up" to the math teacher -- meaning, being artificially overly nice to get a better class grade. Of course this is considered as low class. It means, one is only being nice for the reason of getting some selfish benefit, such as this God brother's getting the benefit of hanging out in ISKCON and getting facility from them. Which he still does now. 

Thus! The "sucking up" person was never someone we looked up to. Sorry, but Krishna does not instruct us to "suck it up" (surrender?) to a corrupt religious process. Rather He says if we do that, we are implicated in adharma, or sinful action. Krishna says we need to oppose and challenge false leaders and false religions, and that is the foundation of the Gita.

I reminded this devotee that some of the victims were depressed, some were taking drugs, some were suicidal, and some were indeed committing suicide. He doubled down more aggressively, "Well they just have to learn to suck it up, like me"! 
Isn't this the problem? All sorts of banning, beating, molesting, bogus lawsuits, and even assassinations are going on, and people are just sitting around "sucking it all up." Like him! OK that is aiding and abetting the problem.

What gets me is the overall heartless-ness of these ilk of people. Someone goes over a bridge and comes across a suicidal person -- who is about to jump off the bridge -- and he shouts out, "suck it up stupid." That is good advice to people who need dire help? And how will that help things exactly? That is just going to make the victims more depressed and more inclined to commit suicide. 

Or is that the plan? 

Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad das / HKC Jaipur ilk have essentially the same basic attitude, they find a child is hanging by his fingertips -- almost ready to fall off the bridge to commit suicide -- and they run up and stomp their jack boots on the child's fingers to help him fall off. And they are infuriated we wanted to pull that child up to save him. After their vociferous objecting to our helping reduce the abuse of possibly hundreds of children, and almost reducing the suicides to nil, then they wonder why some folks "have a bad attitude towards the religion." Really? 
And I pointed out that some of the kulis got the only money they were ever going to get from anywhere to start off their lives from a lawsuit. For example, one of them thanked the lawsuit because now he was able to buy an old pick up truck and a lawnmower to start a small gardening business and without which, he would have been penniless and homeless. 

And that would lead to depression, and maybe suicide and so forth. My senior God brother's reply? "So what, who cares, go f**k the money." OK so that means, he wanted this abuse victim person to have zero assistance, and be penniless and homeless, and increase the suicidal element. We wanted Srila Prabhupada's children to be penniless and homeless, after being already abused? OK is this not what the Chaitanya Charitamrita calls, a steel framed heart?

Then again, I DO actually understand why he is so frustrated and angry and saying "go f**k this and that." Sitting around and "sucking up" to the evil doers is what he has evidently been doing, and now that the chickens are coming home to roost, he is angry. After sitting around since 1977 sucking it all up, all he can say now is "go f**k this and that"? That is how much advancement he has made? He thinks he has made spiritual advancement by sitting around in the GBC guru's house, but after all this time its simply -- "go f**k this and that"?  

Sorry, there is no instruction from the Vedas to "suck it up" when Krishna's devotees and temples are being plundered, raided and His children are being victimized. Rather that is the time to get off one's duff and take action. OK I also get it, a lot of people are upset with me personally, because why? At least I took some action, maybe defective action, or maybe even not effective action, but at least did not sit around sucking it up. 

And that is why he is obsessed with me and what I am doing, he did nothing to help and now -- he feels guilty. Hence the anger. So in that sense I feel sorry for these guys, they have had plenty of opportunity to protest the evil doings and instead they sat around, and as he says, they just "sucked it up." Of course if a sewer pipe breaks in this guy's house he will immediately call a plumber to fix it. Thus, his own personal house will not have to suck up the problems, only Krishna's house has to be contaminated and suck up the mess. 

OK he failed the test to see if he is going to clean up Krishna's house, or even make the attempt. And thus, when Krishna sees that a person has self interest in keeping only their own house clean, but not helping His house one iota, that person has f**ked themselves, they failed the test. 

When Draupadi was being assaulted, Srila Prabhupada says -- everyone had a duty to speak up and protest. And thus Srila Prabhupada says, when Krishna saw they were not speaking up, He decided they would all have to die. In other words, not speaking up is a form of being condemned by the Lord. 

ys pd  

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