Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Jayapataka Swami: Correct for a change

Jayapataka Swami Teachings


In the Skanda purana, Markandeya speaks to Bhagiratha as follows:

“My dear king, if one derides an exalted devotee, he loses the results of his pious activities, his opulence, his reputation and his sons. Vaishnavas are all great souls, whoever blasphemes them falls down to the hell known as Maha Raurava. He is also accompanied by his forefathers. Whoever kills or blasphemes a vaishnava, whoever is envious of a vaishnava or angry with him and whoever does not offer obeisances, or feel joy upon seeing a vaishnava, certainly falls into a hellish condition.”

4th March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India

[PADA: Correct, for Jayapataka to say: Vodka drinkers, people having sex with the wives of followers, pedophiles, drug takers, criminals, and in sum his "illicit sex with men, women and children" guru parampara members, are, were or could have been "Krishna's guru successors" is -- guru aparadha, vaishnava aparadha, Krishna apararadha -- and so on and so forth. Correct. 

Of course, even the average person walking down the street knows that Jayapataka's program of teaching little children that God's successors are often sexual predators and deviants is an aparadha to all the children of the universe, never mind an aparadha to God -- to claim His guru successors are often deviants, if not pedophiles, drunks and crooks.

And thus JPS is right, the people doing that are heading for the most obnoxious regions, and he is the captain of the ship that is going to those regions. When Jayapataka saw me, he was infuriated, angry and glaring. Which is why, Srila Prahbupada told us, anyone who glares at a Vaishnava has to take birth as a vulture. OK that is the minimum problem they will have. 

Then again, we have seen some Gaudiya Matha people (who glared at us), Bhakta das types (who glares at us) and his HKC Jaipur ilk disciples etc. and they are also glaring when they see us Vaishnavas. That is why we really need to take this instruction given above to heart. It is a correct statement to say that we should not be aggressive with the Vaishnavas, just look at what happens to all the people who attacked Vaishnavas in the Krishna book.

Of course this quote is being mis-used in the hands of the GBC. They think anyone who does not worship their illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara are not respecting Vaishnavas, but no Vaishnavas worship illicit sex guru paramparas? This is why it is said, even the Devil is expert at quoting the Bible. Anyway this is good, that means they know where they are going and they have no excuse for their aggressing the Vaishnavas. ys pd    

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