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Ritviks must stop fighting the puppets in the shadows!

Fighting puppets in the shadows?

Re: Fwd: Fw: My Message To Ritviks - Stop Fighting Puppets In The Shadows & Know The Real Enemy!!

Third Reich shall rise again! (Yuh think so pilgrims?)


PADA: Right, Mukunda das (UK) says he wants all the devotees to discuss Hitler and fight the Illuminati, and he sends links to people to watch items such as: "the real story of Hitler" and so on. However, Srila Prabhupada says this is meditation on "big animal" consciousness:  

Morning Walks -- January 22-23, 1976, Mayapura :

Prabhupada: "...If one is not Krsna conscious, he's nothing but animal. So if other small animals praise him, "Oh, you are..." This Gandhi or Indira Gandhi or, and the Hitler and... What is the value? He's a big animal, that's all."

Hah hah! So this means, even Krishna and Srila Prabhupada agree, the Mukunda program is praising big animals and nothing more. The good news is that some of Mukunda's former Third Reich associated pals have been back-pedaling on the Hitler prajalpa issue, and they no longer send PADA his links and / or links to WW II and etc. The Hitler prajalpa fever is dying down. Thus, the issue is losing interest and followers. 

Goody! Hitler's actual program was not much of a success even for Hitler himself, for the record he simply got millions of people killed and he died an inglorious death in defeat. Why would we make this person, and a big animal conscious person to boot, our worshiped hero?

As some ex-gurukulis noted, Mukunda dasa even looks like the very "puppet in the shadows" he describes, as pictured above? Mukunda das wants Krishna's devotees to go out and challenge the "The world's Jewry population / New World Order / International Zionist / Illuminati" / etc. ... and this is going to fix the forever -- eternal problem -- of false gurus going on for seventeen thousand kalpas already? Worse, some of our devotees preaching in Israel tell PADA, Mukunda is simply making it harder for other devotees to preach (is this his goal)?

And! There was even a huge false guru program in 1936, but no Zionists were present there. People have been attacking and poisoning pure devotees and gurus in India for thousands of years, yep not really a Zion-ista problem because -- none were present? Most of the current crop of new GBC's gurus are from Hindu Indian / and or Western Christian stock anyway, this problem is shifting over to other races and religions anyway.  

How will the New World Order / Zionists /  Illuminati be controlled and contained even if people wanted to do so? Mukunda never details how this can be done? We need to identify the enemy, but then there is no apparent plan to clearly identify who that is, much less fix the problems created by this enemy? 

Who is the exact enemy? The world's Jewry! OK millions and millions of people scattered all over the planet. How do we contain one, some, any or all of them, since their opponents have not been able to contain their program for thousands of years? And where does Srila Prabhupada say his followers need to contain any race or religion as our main priority? And how does Mukunda plan to contain the worldwide Illuminati members and take down their empire, which he claims has gone on for thousands of years? No explanation is ever given. 

And! What about preaching to people about Krishna? 

Of course Mukunda also:

*** Opposes our idea of having original books and the worship of Srila Prabhupada re-established by our advertising people who are doing that. His pals have said PADA needs to be removed from the internet. Umm, so the GBC's gurus win by default? And many people from UK write me asking "where are the Prabhupadanuga programs in UK," and there is only one we know of, and its not his. How can we spread a movement, without making one in the first place?

*** Mukunda still says he is infuriated that hundreds of ISKCON's kids were pulled out of the GBC's "guru" schools. Why do the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Janardan / Krishna Kirtan / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur folks want children to stay in abusive situations? Isn't that what the Illuminati wants? Even ex-kulis ask PADA: What kind of human beings are happy to see children being abused, and are infuriated when children are liberated from that condition? Even dogs try to protect their puppies? 

*** Some of the ex-child victims of their program were committing suicide, and then the Mukunda team promoted an article that said, not only are the suicides a great and wonderful process, all of Srila Prabhupada's children need to "die in a blood bath in Dallas." In other words, they said the suicides were not killing their victims quickly enough. Even some ex-kulis are amazed that these guys admit they are happy to see their kuli associates -- dying? Why does Mukunda's program only function standing on the dead bodies of Krishna's children? And how is that different from the Satanic Illuminati's process?    

Why do the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Janardan / Krishna Kirtan / HKC Jaipur folks keep telling us they want their children victims -- to die? Is this the mentality of saintly people, lets pray that children -- die? Again, some ex-kulis tell me, these guys are just as bad as the perps, if not worse, because they are defending the perp's infrastructure and mentality. 

*** Then the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur folks started promoting links to Bhakta das, number one cheer leader of the GBC's and Gaudiya Matha's false guru's program. Why don't these people know that God and His acharyas are not illicit sex criminal deviants? When are they going to actually read any of Srila Prabhupada's books? These people do not even know we should not be promoting sexual predatory guru projects that victimize little children and /or their hand maiden help mates? As one devotee told me recently, even the flesh eating karmis know right from wrong better than these folks perhaps EVER will!

*** As soon as we sued the GBC over changed books, Mukunda wrote PADA "lawyers are all nonsense" and that means they wanted Jayadvaita's books to have ALL the lawyers and Srila Prabhupada's should not have ANY legal help. Why do the Sanat / Mukunda et al. team want us to have no legal rights to the original books? The good news is, even Malati says MOST devotees say (NOW agreeing with PADA) we need original books.   

*** As soon as we introduced the poison case, same problem, the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad team wrote in public that I am a liar offender, which is what Tamal said, so they can discredit the issue and save Judas. Srila Prabhupada's poison complaint is -- a lie? That is exactly what the Judas party said about us!

*** And now many, many devotees write complaints to PADA, saying they think Mukunda's team is trying to ruin Krishna's and Srila Prabhupada's name by making it look like they are Nazi sympathizers. We agree with those folks!  

*** According to Mahesh Raja and others, Mukunda was beating his wife violently and she had to report him to the police as a woman abuser. Is this why he is the apparent biggest defender of the GBC's violent predator perps on the planet, he is another violent perp himself? 

*** According to other reports Mukunda went to Vrndavana where he was having sex with a woman he met there, and their sex noises could be heard by the children on the other side of the curtain. Is this how we should behave in the holy dham? Srila Prabhupada says people who have illicit sex in the dham have to take their next birth as monkeys, dogs or stool eating hogs. Is this the example we want to set for our children?

As some folks told us recently, we can physically take the devotee out of the GBC's program, but we cannot always take the GBC's program out of the mind of that devotee, even if his body has apparently left their association. And this also shows why we have had such a hard time containing some of these problems, there is residual tremendous sympathy for the molester messiahs program even among some so-called outsiders. 

Doesn't all this make Mukunda one of the Illuminati's agents? He wants to lump in Krishna with the animal conscious people? Srila Prabhupada of course sums up their whole program, bodily identity aka cats and dogs mentality:

"That is cats, just like these cats and dogs at night. Nobody has given him charge, but he is thinking "I am in charge of the road. Why this put-put motorcar, you have come here? Go on. Go on. Gow! Gow! Gow! Gow!" But who has given him charge? But he's starving, and people are throwing stone upon him, but he's thinking "I am in charge of this business. Why at night this car has come?" Dog mentality. Is it not exactly like the dog? He's disturbing all others—"Gow, gow! Gow, gow, gow!"—but he's thinking that "I am in charge." Is it not dog dancing, these politicians, politics? Who cares for you? Gandhi or there, he has gone. Does it mean the world activities stop? 

Churchill was there. He has gone. Hitler was there. They are coming and going like so many insects. Napoleon was there. Who cares for them? We are licking up their so-called activities: "Oh, Napoleon was so great. Gandhi was so great." And what he has done? The dog dancing. Who can understand that unless one is Kṛṣṇa conscious? What he has done actually? Has he stopped death? No. Population, birth, sterilization... Will they be able to stop it? Simply manufacturing concoction and jumping like a... That's all. And if you say the real thing, upadeṣo hi mūrkhāṇāṁ prakopāya na śāntaye, they'll become angry."

Morning Conversation

April 30, 1977, Bombay

Recently re-asserted: he is infuriated 100s of kids were stopped from being abused, and indeed that some of their lives were saved. What do we expect from people Srila Prabhupada says, are in cats and dogs consciousness?


  1. Right, most people agree that child abuse is an emergency crisis and needs to be fixed immediately, even if its a little messy in the process. The house is burning, you have to get the kids out, you may not be able to save the house. Whereas members of the Devil worship Illuminati will always try to downplay the issue and try to keep abuse going, yep, agreed.

    At the same time these same people gave me trouble with the book changes lawsuits, saying it is bogus to employ lawyers. Then they gave me grief on the poison issue, by calling me a liar when it was introduced, trying to discredit the issue, in sum they are always going to bat for the bad guys at every step.

    Yes, that means they never left the GBC in their hearts, they left in body only, but they still have tremendous sympathy for the evil doers. Worse, they said PADA needs to be taken off the internet, right, we should not inform people about these issues and let these crooks win by default, and let people suffer in illusion. Yep, that was their plan all along and still is. They also made a tape with Bhakta das because they are still listening to the GBC sympathizers and not us, correct, their hearts and minds are still with the Illuminati folks. Agreed. And now they are listening to Hitler, swell, they are going from really bad to obnoxiously really bad. Anyway, Srila Prabhupada says they are cat and dog consciousness, and he knows who they really are and so do his sincere followers. ys pd

  2. Right, Hitler is the ultimate GBC, he causes suffering and ruination for millions of people. And Hitler is a loser and so are his disciples. Good analysis prabhu. Right, Mukunda has dedicated his life to making the Krishna religion look like a Nazi religion, he wants to ruin the name of the religion. Agreed. Yep, all of the letters we get about him are complaints, devotees are not happy with his program. ys pd

  3. Thanks for your question, did Srila Prabhupada want his followers to promote Hitler? Nope! After Hansadutta's Schloss was raided, the police found many books about Hitler in Hansadutta's room. This was then published in the German newspapers, "Krishna devotees reading about Hitler." Srila Prabhupada was very upset and he said at the time he did not want any of his followers to be reading about Hitler. He also wrote a similar thing in his Bhagavatam. He does not want his mission connected to the Nazis. Yes, that means Mukunda is purposefully trying to connect Krishna to the Nazis to give Krishna a bad name under his plan, and not the acharyas.

    At the same time, its self evident that under Mukunda's plan, children have to suffer abuse and die. He has no other plan and he openly opposes saving children from these fates. Yep. That is always the plan of psychopaths, children have to suffer and die to make their plan work. Agreed. Does any devotee support Mukunda's Hitler project? No devotee has wrote to defend his project so far. ys pd

  4. Good question prabhu, what is Mukunda's objective? First of all he wants to force PADA and others to agree that the way forward is to allow children to be molested and then have some of them die from grief. So he wants to form a society based on standing on the suffering of -- if not dead bodies of -- children, and he is trying to force others to agree. And he is trying to say its demoniac not to allow children to be molested, which is exactly how his ilk caused all the molesting from square one. He never even mentions the suffering and dead, they are all expendable.

    Then, Srila Prabhupada says we cannot discuss Hitler, and that is all Mukunda wants us to discuss and promote. Again, he is demonizing anyone who does not agree with his concocted Hitler promoting process, never mind Srila Prabhupada says we cannot discuss, and moreover its discussing big animals.

    Meanwhile, some citizens of UK reminded me that Hitler was blowing up their civilian people, terrorizing the civilian populace, blasting by-standers to bits, people who had no connection to the Zionist program and moreover did not even know what it was. So they asked me, why would we worship such a person and promote his program? I answered, you are right, Mukunda loves the people who blow up his own neighbors and countrymen, because he is not even loyal to his own fellow citizens, they all have to go up in flames in his inferno from hell program. Yep, the children, PADA, his next door neighbors, millions of people in a particular race, everyone needs to be destroyed. Yep, this is what the demoniac are always planning, how to destroy, as described in the Gita. ys pd

  5. Yes. Sulochana often said that these anti-women, anti-children, anti-family and pro-sexual deviant folks are people who are fighting with their own inner demons, perhaps their inner hidden homosexual tendencies, and they should just "get it on" with another man and let their frustrations stop making them into psychopaths. They should just be honest and admit they have an inner tendency to want to be with another man, and that has made them into women and children haters because they are living an artificial life style. Right, women and children are a threat since they expose their inner sexual dysfunction. At the same time yes, Mukunda is not fighting against PADA, he is fighting against helping children. This has really nothing to do with PADA. Correct. This is why Srila Prabhupada says, a Vaishnava is like Jesus, a person who cannot tolerate to see others suffering. He is not a person who worships Hitler, the deviant who makes suffering and death for millions. ys pd

  6. Yes, sometimes devotees are first attracted to megalomaniac GBC leaders, and then they try to fix that by being attracted to the same thing outside the society. And that would include other false acharyas from the Gaudiya Matha etc. Yep! Sitting around blathering about Hitler is the last thing any bona fide devotee would want to do, agreed, that is for sure.

    I am not sure about your idea that some of the rest of that team, i.e. the Sanat / Mukunda/ Prahlad (Paul Coats?) / HKC Jaipur / Janardana / Krishna Kirtan etc. folks no longer support the pro-molester and Hitler-anuga agenda? They all ganged up and supported this program in the past, and no, none of them has ever wrote to me to clarify if they still support this agenda or not, or what? If they are not supporting this project still, they need to let me know their current exact position on this, I am not a mind reader. Thanks for asking! ys pd

  7. Thanks prabhu. Yes I have told these guys many times that they need to make regular preaching programs to "defeat the Illuminati GBC." Producing such actual preaching programs that are effective at converting people to Srila Prabhupada's process, ok like making home and / or temple programs, like our affiliates are doing all over the place, is the way to defeat all the bad elements. We keep getting inquiries, where are your programs in UK? These guys simply cannot get any together, nor have they shown any interest in doing same. Sitting around yabbering about Hitler, Zionism, WW II etc. is not what Srila Prabhupada wanted and ordered his followers to be doing, plain and simple. He wanted us to make functioning program that glorify Krishna, and make a systematic method of integrating others into Krishna's worship process. All this talk of WW II, Hitler etc. is making a sick side show that is FRYING people to the bone! All the devotees we know of HATE THIS PROGRAM because it making Krishna look like a Nazi-ite. This is not what Srila Prabhupada wanted, and almost cent percent of the comments we get is that this Hitler program is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE for linking God to Nazi-ism. Of course they are despised next for their attack on children by saying they wanted to see the abuse continued. That is simply alienating another sector of people from Krishna. Yes, we have told these guys over and over to stop making Krishna religion look like a bodily consciousness, its wrong and its making the religion look very mundane. People commenting to us agree. Srila Prabhupada said after the Hansadutta episode he does not want us reading and discussing Hitler. Yes, this means Mukunda has no interest in following Srila Prabhupada and never has. Yes, it also appears Mukunda is still a disciple of Tamal's GBC, that its his job to give "bad karma" to children, which is why he and his pals vociferously defend child molesting. Yes, that makes them more followers of the Illuminati than anyone else. The good news is, more people are agreeing with PADA on these points, we are getting more confirmations ... ys pd

  8. I am sorry that these people like Prahlad / Gavin Swinden / Mukunda / Pancali / Janardana / Krishna Kirtan / HKC Jaipur etc. mislead you and caused you to suffer for several years before you could get out of their grip. "These people simply gave me a headache." Yes, worship of Hitler and his anugas is simply not going to help us, that's all there is to it. Another one of their ex-followers left them and told me they are "bat sh*t crazy." So it looks like their program is collapsing more and more. Yes, they are simply creating a disturbance for the sincere, which is also what the GBC does. Correct. Anyway thanks, you are right, we need to cooperate and promote the worship of the bona fide acharyas, and not promote the worship of folks like Hitler. They are simply trying to make a faction that they know almost no one else will join, in order to divide the devotees, correct. That is their real purpose, they wanted all along to drive a wedge among devotees and break down the Prabhupadanuga process. Also explains why they wanted to take PADA off the internet, but not the Hitler-pada program, that gets to stay on the internet, they are Hitler / Bhakta das -- Radhanath lovers more than anything else, yes it is self evident. They wanted Prabhupada promoting to be stopped and Hitler promoting to continue, yes we never see them coming out to attack the Hitler process like they attack us. Self explanatory. Yep! Anyway, don't worry, lets move ahead. ys pd

  9. Thanks prabhu, yes this is basically all "holier than thou-ness disease." (A) Only Srila Prabhupada can give us Krishna. (B) Only the GBC knows what he "really said." (C) Ooops! Nope, actually only the Hitler-anugas know what he "really said." (D) And! What he said was, join the Aryan Brotherhood / Nazis for Armageddon Club, and take down the Illuminati / Zionism / New York Bankers state by reading about Hitler and watching "the real story of Hitler" videos. (E) Ooops, except Srila Prabhupada said Hitler is in bodily designated animal consciousness and ISKCON followers should NOT EVER focus on Hitler. At all! (F) So yes, its all about the Hitler-ites trying look like they are more advanced than everyone else, because they are the exclusive franchise club of people who know "what was really said." And! "What was really ordered" was to help the Third Reich rise again! Ooops! Except, the Hitler-ites have no idea what was really said, because what was really said is, do not focus on this mundane animal bodily designated identification foolishness. Mukunda now says anyone who saves hundreds of children from being under the control of the Satanic Illuminati abusers is "bitter." Wait a minute, I thought we were supposed to save children from the hands of the Satanic Illuminati? Why is Mukunda the biggest cheer leader of -- the Satans in the Illuminati? Amazing, we have to stop the Illuminati, by handing them over ISKCON's children? Yes, this is what happens when a person wants to be the biggest peacock on the block, he ends up supporting the same thing he alleges to oppose, just as the GBC have done, supporting the Gaudiya Matha ideals. This is how Krishna baffles the atheists, they end up fighting their own shadow. Yes! Why does Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur etc. want ISKCON's children to be handed off to the Satanic Illuminati, unless they are among these Satans themselves? You got it! ys pd

  10. Thanks prabhu. I am glad none of the folks in your area are going for the pro-Nazi process. Who is anywhere? Good news. Right, the worship of the GBC's asuras or worship of the Nazi's asuras is basically the same thing, bogus and foolish tamasic cults. Yes, as Srila Prabhupada says, this is all garbage seeking crows, big asuras, big animals and dog consciousness and so forth. Both of these groups are modes of ignorance cults, and both the GBC and the Nazi-ites promote worship of the modes of Tamasa guna. Meanwhile! Most of the newly appointed gurus are from India, Europe and former Soviet block etc. Whatever was started in 1978 is fading all by itself, but the deviation itself, promoting oneself as a pure devotee, was started in India millions of years ago. Its not actually exclusive to one particular race. Mukunda wants to only deal with a teeny portion of one race in the problem, a portion that is failing and disappearing all by itself, he does not have any idea is a much larger issue. What happens when there are no more of one race in the GBC sabha? Well people will still be following PADA's idea, we need to go after the whole bogus guru sabha, whatever race or background they are. And we need to empower people to worship the pure devotee, not worship the biggest asuras whether GBC's or Nazi-ites. ys pd

  11. Hah hah! "There are many problems in this world, but promoting Hitler as our spiritual guidance is not going to fix any of them." I like that prabhu!


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