Monday, March 19, 2018

Modi's India Infrastructure Program -- Starved for Cash?

[PADA: Seems to be the case. While some projects are going on here and there, other programs -- like for example large scale new sewage systems, placing many new toilets, river clean up programs etc. -- appear to have stalled, floundered, or  are simply not getting done. Smart cities, ok great, might be a good idea if everything else is up to speed to support those cities, but that is not the case. Meanwhile many farmers complain they are not getting proper support, and so on. Helping cows seems to be way down in the priority list scale. The solar power program is moving along well in some areas, and that is a good start (to reduce air pollution) but this has a long way to go to have an impact on air quality. Meanwhile, how will all this proposed new infrastructure be funded, its apparently -- not clear? ys pd] 

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